Bush 555 as the False Prophet, showing lying signs and wonders

You better Watch out, Hebrew/Christians, as Jeremiah 33:3 Ministries puts pen to paper about the ungodly, yet secret ceremony, that occurs every year since 1832, when the President of the USA has to traditional pay a visit to George Washington Skull and Bones Tomb 322 on every 28th of June.

Recall the scripture “God Almighty is not a man, that he should lie (Numbers 23:19) “Redeem the time for the days are evil”(Ephesians 5:16) The Word of God Almighty says unto us “For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men turning the Grace of Our Father God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God and Our Lord Jesus Christ (Jude 4).

Which leads the world to the scripture in Revelation 13:8. “And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship the beast” which we believe is a another hidden agenda of the President and both Houses of Masonic Congress after studying the “The Apotheosis of George Washington” hidden in high ceiling of the Rotunda Building. So in other words after looking at these two events, it must be clearly understood, from behind closed Hierarchy Masonic doors, the President’s from 1832 and both Houses of Masonic Congress are cleverly saying and indoctrinating that George Washington is Jesus Christ and Lucifer is god refer to Matthew 24:5-24.

Welcome to the real world Hebrews/Christians it time to wake up and get ready to do spiritual warfare. The abomination of desolation is right in front of you, but as the scripture says in 2 Corinthians 4:4 “In whom the god of this world (Lucifer/George Washington) who hath blinded the blinds of them, which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ Jesus who is in the image of God Almighty should shine unto them.

Remember you cannot mix darkness with light and you cannot serve two masters yet today the 28th of June 2008 in the secret chamber located in Yale University the President G W Bush also known as the “Yodh 8” or (G8) Leader will practice a high form of witchcraft as he traditionally, yet secretly, attends to visit George Washington’s Tomb of death and destruction 322. What in the name of Hell, is going on behind the closed doors of both Houses of Congress and the One world Government titled Yodh 8 (G8).

Yet we must understand, from behind closed doors of the Yod Government, and the order of Lucifer’s rulers of darkness the 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse of this world, known as Freemasons, they are practicing a high form of sin against the Word of God Almighty, refer to Exodus 20:4.

“Thou shall not make unto you, any graven image or any likeness of anything that is in Heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.”

“What is this Apotheosis of George Washington all about,” Why have they erected George Washington as the counterfeit “tree of life” refer to the Disney Animal Kingdom, or to the “In God we Trust” on the back of the USA $1. bill which is backed up by the Latin term Annuit Coeptis Yod 2000 (Y2K) which was official formed by the Latin term E Pluribus Unum from 1966 Rosemary’s Baby – 1969 Apollo 11.

Needless to say more confirmation is found that the Hierarchy of the Yod Government/Freemasonry have created a god and graven images before the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob Israel the Hebrews, which is to examine one of the GW quarter (25cent piece) which again says “In God we Trust” (Annuit Coeptis)(E Pluribus Unum).

Yet on the reverse side a massive tree is illustrated simply saying that GW is the tree of life dated 1788 which was when GW became the most worshipful master of the universe on the 20th of December 1788, to the bottom where they cleverly indicate to the year 1999 which was 33 years after GW/Lucifer’s spirit was rebirthed in the man child called Rosemary’s Baby who indirectly was called Tammuz (Tubalcain) on the 28th of June 1966. Three years later in 1969 the manifestation via area 51 the Apollo 11 resurrection of the beast from the bottomless pit manifested which matches up with the inscription E Pluribus Unum, “Out of many shall come one godhead or are they saying out of the bottomless pit will come GW/Lucifer is the tree of life refer to the factual evidence on the earth displayed at the Disney Animal Kingdom, Lucifer/George Washington as the Tree of life.”

Nevertheless what is George Washington’s Skull and Bones Tomb 322 all about, is it the Temple of witchcraft and doom is this temple a type and shadow of Ezekiel 8:1-18 is this Pharaoh tomb remember Freemasonry originated from Egypt, is this the seat of power that was given to Moses by Lucifer/Pharaoh in Matthew 23:1-2. Recall the Word of the Lord God of the Hebrews/Christians in Ezekiel 31:1-18 “What was Pharaoh doing in the Garden of God Almighty, it describes him Pharaoh/Lucifer/GW as a great tree (Tree of Life) that all the other trees envied.

Why has the Yod Government and the Universal Order of Freemasonry decked Washington DC city out in Egyptian linen meaning Luciferian Baphomet worship. Why is the street layout from the Capitol Building to the White House done in the image of the goat Baphomet/Lucifer who is male and female, which subliminally refers to Adam to Eve or Nimrod to Semiramis. Recall both these parties of Lucifer produced him into the flesh firstly as Cain (February) and then as Tammuz (July).

Untold, Baphomet means Lucifer the prince of darkness, also from behind closed doors of both Houses of Masonic Congress Baphomet also relates to the 5 pointed star building called the Pentagon. What about the Masonic Egyptian obelisks that are set up world wide, like in the USA, which is in every one of the 50 states and what about the Masonic cornerstones at all the City Halls erected on the North east corners. This is in aid of GW and Lucifer being the godhead of the universe, “In God we Trust” remember the obelisk is merely a phallic symbol of Lucifer/GW, a Egyptian Masonic stone image named an Obelisk refer to Leviticus 26:1 the forbidden tree of life.

Exodus 20:5 “Thou shall not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them, for I the lord thy God am a jealous God visiting the iniquity of the forefathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generations of them that hate me.

The 28th of June has many Masonic meanings to it. Undoubtedly like the Rosicrucian Masonic Film called Rosemary’s Baby, which is relating to the son of Lucifer, who was born on the 28th of June 1966 in New York City, secretly named “Tammuz” which means son of life. Amazingly Tammuz is the title to the Jewish and Muslim calendars for the month of July.

Why New York City because the Masonic Hierarchy believe it is the gateway to Heaven, and that New York City is Jerusalem, like they believe California is Judah, notice where they built the first two 11 temples or pillars of King George Washington 666 & Solomon 666 (1Kings 10:14) in 1945 the United Nations was opened by Nelson Rockefeller who acted as Vice President in California, which was then transferred 8 years later by David the Solomon Rockefeller the scarab in 1953 to New York City.

Unknown to many the world over Washington’s 666 and Solomon 666 were Lucifer’s (Shaharit the Jewish name for Lucifer) two pillars or horns known as Boaz and Jachin, of the beast that stood before the river (Daniel 8:3) (8+3 =11) and had two horns and they were high, yet one was higher then the other. In other words King Solomon was the first of Lucifer’s horns and Washington was the second horn or pillar, yet Washington rose up higher than Solomon.

Recall Solomon is broken up into three sections SOL = to the sun god rah, OM = or refers to the moon goddess “Isis” while the ON equals to the god of the underworld Aloyhim/Baphomet/Lucifer/George Washington.

Nevertheless Washington means the same yet spelt differently notice it ends with the ON the t = Tammuz, the g = G8 (God), n = nick the evil church of Nicolaitans, i = Ishmael, the bastard Egyptian/Hebrew son of Abram, h = Hiaram Abiff h also equals to 8, s = satan the son of Lucifer (2 Thessalonians 2:9) a = aloyhim – antichrist – Apollo and then comes the big one W = 23rd letter of the alphabet which is subliminally meaning Psalm 23 the w is also indicating to the mainframe computer which is known subliminally as 999 the Phoenix that rose up from the ashes as the Mythical bird confirmation is the www to be able to enter the world wide web of G 7 W 23, recall if w = 23, w = 23 & w = 23 (23+23+23 = 69) which equals to W 69 which is merely the symbol of Yod male and female also known as the yin and yang.

Lets look to the interpretation of the Jewish and Egyptian Freemasonry of the name of Israel, the Is = Isis –Moon Goddess, Ra = Rah -Sun God, & El = Star God Remphan (8 pointed Blazing star), what about the 9 letter word known as the mighty name Jerusalem which obviously hints at America being the new Israel by the three letters in the midst of JerUSAlem refer to Matthew 21:42-43.

Now refer to the late World trade centers in New York City, the two pillars were basically George Washington’s Boaz and Jachin one was higher than the other, the higher came up last which was the south tower which incidentally had the little horn of Tubalcain (Tammuz) upon it which indirectly indicates to David Solomon Rockefeller as the scarab, the antichrist, the modern day Moshiach, the 777 man, who was the author and mastermind to these Masonic pillars, like he was to the United Nations in 1953.

In all fairness it seems that the New World Order conspirators of 1776, obviously counterfeited the scripture Daniel 8:3 & 1 Kings 7:21. If you study Matthew 21:42 you will discover the biggest revelation to all the above about Lord Jesus being reinstated as the Head Cornerstone of the Universe by Father God Almighty (Matthew 3:16-17)(Isaiah 9:6) yet the Universal Freemasonry and the evil Luciferian Yod Government has refused this because they believe Lucifer is their god even after Lord Jesus destroyed him and cast him Lucifer into the midst of the earth known as Hades (Isaiah 14:15) also refer to 1 John 3:8 to why the Lord Jesus manifested to the earth to destroy Lucifer and his evil Luciferian Nimrod renown Government called Yod.

Part 2 to follow


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