Thanksgiving Day is 23 days after GW masonic birthday on November 4

And all shall worship the Beast who names have not been written in the Book of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world refer to Revelation 13:8.

Thanks Giving Day is merely celebrated in the name of George Washington as god and christ, due to the Yod Government secret or hidden agenda titled The Apotheosis of George Washington.

Notice 23 days before Thanks Giving Day on the 4th of November 2008 Obama was appointed to George Washington’s throne, unknown to many the subliminal message is that this Thanks Giving Day is numbered 999 due to it being on the 27th of November 2008.

Recall 27 is equal to 9+9+9 which evident ally is the secret clue to the mystery number of George Washington risen as the E Pluribus Unum.

Needless to say as prophesied in Matthew 24:24 “If possible in the last days Father God Almighty elect shall be deceived by the false christ and by the false prophets.”

According to the prophecy of 2 Corinthians 4:4 “In whom the god of this world which is Lucifer/George Washington who hath and still is blinding the masses from the Gospels of Jesus the Christ Emmanuel……….”

In the last days perils times shall come refer to 2 Timothy 3:1. Obviously when they shall call peace, sudden destruction shall come.

Bear in mind the scriptures are being fulfilled the mystery of iniquity is being revealed unto the Lord God saints refer to Colossians 1:26.

Unknown to many George Washington has been created as the Masonic christ this all started from the 4thof August 1753 when he became one with the spirit of Lucifer via Lodge 4 in Fredericksburg Virginia.

George Washington is also known secretly by the hierarchy of the Illuminati as the mythical bird who shall rise from the ashes known secretly as Pheonix.

The subliminal meaning or significance to this term Phoenix is the number 999 which if reversed is 666 which indicates to the number of a man and is regarded as the mark of the beast.

These two numbers relate to the spirit of George Washington/Lucifer’s rise from the bottomless pit as the Main Frame Computer System and the Television system that will speak blasphemies and great things against the Word of God Almighty refer to Revelation 13:5-6.

Recall General Albert Pikes also known as the Grand Supreme Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry declaration in letter form to the Yod Government gathered in Paris France on the 14th of July (Tammuz) 1889.

“Yes Lucifer (George Washington) is god, yet Pike also admitted that Adonay is also God, but that Lucifer the god of Freemasonry is fighting against Adonay for the freedom of humanity from the blood sacrifice of Lord Jesus the Christ Emmanuel.

Bear in mind John 14:6 no man cometh unto the Father unless he goeth through the blood sacrifice of Lord Jesus the Christ.

Nevertheless as prophesied in Jude 4 the universal order of Freemasonry has downgraded the Grace of Father God Almighty and Our Lord Jesus the Christ Emmanuel and turn it into lasciviousness by simply creating George Washington as their christ and accepting Lucifer as their god.

This conspiracy act was prophesied way back in the book of Jeremiah 11:9-10, as recorded the forefathers were practicing a high form of iniquity or sin, basically to worship a strange god before the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

They incidentally broke the blood covenant Father God Almighty made with Abraham.

The scripture to consider is Isaiah 14:12-14, Lucifer the spirit god of this world said from the heart of mankind, that if they would exalt him, he would raise himself within them, above the heights of the clouds of the Most High and would sit once again in the mount of the congregation and would become like the Most High.

Unknown to many the hierarchy of universal freemasonry secretly have believed this great lie and have raised the spirit of Lucifer/GW above the heights of the clouds of the Most High namely International Space Station Alpha Lucifer/GW. Nevertheless ISS is as a blazing star in the night sky and is regarded as the star god Remphan refer to the scripture Acts 7:43.

Yet the hierarchy of Lucifer/GW Yod Government regard this blazing star as George Washington’s celestrial Lodge or as his promised heaven.

This mysterious star god Remphan became inhabit on the 2nd of November Y2K or Yod 2000. Exactly two days before the GW Bush and Al Gore mickey mouse battle for the George Washington throne which occurred on the 4th of November Yod 2000.

Once again on the 4th of November, is when the hierarchy of Freemasonry celebrate George Washington Masonic birthday which was secretly esatblished from 1920.

The catch 22 is the hidden agenda of the universal order Freemasonry titled The Apotheosis of George Washington that was established in 1865.

The word Apotheosis literally means to raise a person to the rank of a god or an icon recall Numbers 23:19 God Almighty is not a man that He should lie….. In other words the universal order of Freemasonry has raised George Washington as christ and god.

There main intention is to spiritually raise George Washington/Lucifer spirit within the man of sin, scriptural known as the antichrist into a high place or temple of sin (2 Thessalonians 2:3-5).

This man will sit in a high place and rule the world, acting as god and he will exact himself as god and christ to con the masses.

In the end of days he will be regarded  as the Jewish messiah named Moshaich whose name has to be “David” dead or alive refer to chapter 13 of the 613 Jewish Torah Commandments.

He is the grandfather of the 1966 born Tammuz/Tubalcain known secretly as Rosemary baby, who was evident ally born on the 28th of June 1966 also refer to the Illuminati film called Lost Souls.

Why do you think all President’s have to secretly visit George Washington  Tomb known as his Skull and Bones Tomb numbered 322 on the 28th of June each year since 1832.

This religious day has become a rule of law so that places the new President of the USA Barack Hussein Obama nicknamed Ishmael into that category of a secret Skull and Bones man numbered 322 yet a worker of darkness.

Please note that Rosemary’s Baby (Tammuz) was born on the 28th of June 1966, a coincidence or fact that since 1832 that all residing USA Presidents must honor this rule of law by visiting GW Tomb 322 on the 28th of June each year.

Obviously there was and still is a hidden agenda or message to this above religious Presidential visit of GWTomb, we believe the answer is found in Chapter 4 of the 613 Jewish Torah Commandments under the title of reincarnation.

In other words all Jews and certain gentiles must practice reincarnation on a daily basis or as many times as possible.

Why do you think the scripture Ephesians 5:11 prophesies “Redeem the time for the days are evil” “Love not the world nor the things of the world for the love of the Father will not be within you” refer to 1 John 2:15.

Notice 6 days later after the American President practices reincarnation in the Tomb of GW on the 28th of June each year, amazingly America celebrates it’s Independence Day which is on the 4th of July (Tammuz).

Unknown George Washington’s nickname and password to the 33rd degree of universal freemasonry is Tammuz like Nimrod is to the 30th degree of all universal Freemasons.

Yet Tubalcain is the password to the Master mason which enters the candidate to the 4th degree.

Here comes the straw that will ultimately break the Jewish/Egyptian Camels Freemason back, how the Jewish and Muslim calendars read Tammuz for the month of July.

Which once again Tammuz is secretly regarded as GW nick name from behind closed Masonic doors. Tammuz means son of life.

This occurred after GW was risen from the from the bottomless pit. Recall GW said to his Illuminati Freemason before he died on the 14th of December 1799 “Do not bury me until three days have past” which was totally antichrist.

Undoubtedly GW demand was deliberate due to him being Luciferian and GW had to contradict the blood sacrifice, the birth, the anointing of Lord Jesus as the head cornerstone (Matthew 21:42) His death and resurrection.

Why do you think the hierarchy of universal Freemasons drew over 6 pints of blood from GW body before he died on the 14th of November 1799 because they believed sincerely that there was life in GW blood.

Notice as recorded GW died of loss of blood.

Today the hierarchy of universal Freemasonry via it’s NASA Masonic conspiracy was always to raise GW spirit back to the earth.

They regard this event as indicated on the rear of the GW owl god Molech “In God we Trust” USA $1 Illuminati Freemason bill as GW being as the E Pluribus Unum.

This Latin term simply means in English “Out of many Luciferian sons shall come one god or christ.”  In all reality GWspiritual rebirth back to the earth as the mythical bird from the ashes was upgraded to Annuit Coeptis. “He that is god by the undertaking of the people.”

Another term they use for GW the rebirth to the earth is as the Phoenix which is numbered secretly as 999. The subliminally meaning to this Egyptian term is that GW is the word Logos which is translated in this modern day and age as the modern day computer system secretly numbered as 999.

Recall in the first Illuminati computerized film called The Lawnmower Man  launched in the all important year of 1993, which was secretly declared from South Africa as the Year of the Yod, the main character called Joab said “I saw god” in the main frame computer, “I touched the finger of god” in this main frame computer. The man Joab once transformed into the main frame computer said to the scientist Dr. Angelo “I am god in here.”

Nevertheless as the scriptures are being fulfilled, all must understand it is a spiritual battle in the first instance refer to Ephesians 6:12.

Undoubtedly prophesying that the battle is against the principalities powers workers of darkness of this world namely Lucifer’s Freemason army and spiritual wickedness in high places.

In other words the main principality is Lucifer/GW known today as the beast  “Annuit Coeptis.” By the peoples demand he will be risen risen from the bottomless pit and then he will go into perdition and do war against the Lamb of God Almighty refer to Revelation 17:8-14.

He will use his power of the Illuminati known scriptural as the red horse and rider who will obviously trick and con the masses into the realm of witchcraft (1 Samuel 15:23) then force the world system to worship this beast numbered 888.

In other words all the world will be conned into this evil ungodly concept of a new world order conspiracy refer to Jeremiah 11″9-10, so that they the Antichrist system can allow the beast to make war with the Lamb (Revelation 17:11-14).

In other words the Illuminati shall force all the world into a form of rebellion against the Word of God Almighty by making them the world peoples to believe in a false god and christ.

They the Illuminati will ultimately disguise this situation, like a typical example of  their hidden agenda titled “The Apotheosis of George Washington.”

Needless to say the above will in the first instance force people to worship the beast, for they have been deceived (2 Timothy 3:13), in other words they have no other choice because they have been brainwashed into this concept.

A typical example is the Thanks Giving Day held on the last Thursday of November, all are made to believe they are giving thanks unto God Almighty but that is the greatest lie of all time.

Due to circumstances of deceit all Americans are merely giving thanks unto a strange god which has been secretly created before the Lord Our God Emmanuel.

Nevertheless the con continues 28 days later which relates to the evil term of the 28th degree known Knights of the Sun symbol also known as King Solomon’s seal or as the Jewish star of David which obviously leads all the world to pledge allegiance to worship the beast or man child called the Masonic christ Tammuz on the 25th of December each year.

Needless to say in the year 1991 David Spangler’s declared in Evian’s France “Before the world can enter into the New World Order they have to pledge allegiance to worship Lucifer/George Washington.”

Unknown to many David Spangler is merely the puppet for the puppet master David Solomon Rockefeller.

Unknown to many David the Rock efeller the anointed scarab master minded and transferer the United Nations numbered 777 from the west coast to the east coast of the USA in the all important year of light which was declared in 1953from the Holy Land Israel.

David Spangler is incidentally the initiative Planetary Director of the United Nations and is regarded by all new agers as their new age guru.

Undoubtedly since 1920 all the Masonic Jewish/Egyptian world of Freemasonry which is secretly based on the mere fact that Lucifer/George Washington is god and christ since March 1865, have been celebrating George Washington Masonic birthday on the 4th of November.

Obviously this should clearly reveal why they host the President election on this ungodly yet all important day. The major catch to this 4th of November is basically to con the masses every 4 years into Luciferian/George Washington worship.

Recall the USA $1 dollar GW bill clearly states “In God we Trust.” We ask you which god are they refering to but to the god of this world Lucifer/ GW.

As prophesied the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the Hebrews known as Christian today must understand that God Almighty is not the god of mammon, but the God of Blood Covenant and His Word.

The scripture that comes to mind is Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed because they have rejected My Knowledge, they shall be no priest of mine and I will not bless their children.

It is only obvious that this 4th of November Presidential Election has a subliminal message to it. In all reality it has all to do with the George Washington spirit to be rebirthed within the well prepared candidate like Obama.

Why would the Masonic order worship GW birthday on the 4th of November when they know GW was  originally born on the 11th of February 1732.

The answer is found in  Jeremiah 4:22

The hierarchy of Freemasonry cleverly in the first instance changed GW birthday to the 22nd of February which relates to his Alexandria Lodge in Virginia which is numbered 22.

Unknown to many the world over the Hierarchy of universal Freemasonry, since the death of GW on the 14th of December 1799,  have created since 1865 The Apotheosis of George Washington which is merely declaring GWas their Apotheosis of their sublime faith which aspires to their god alone.

Another important fact is that the last statement has led all peoples of America to worship their 1st Luciferian 1789 President George Washington’s as their Father and godhood.

They have given it a fancy name to this day as Thanks Giving Day, needless to say this event is always held on the last Thursday of November.  Unknown to many this relates to when George Washington died which was on a Thursday dated on the 14th of December 1799.

Needless to say GW disciples or rulers of darkness of this world known as Freemasons have been secretly worshipping George Washington as their christ  officially since March of 1865 refer to the Apotheosis of George Washington.

Nevertheless the Apotheosis of GW was established from the time time Lucifer as the spirit god of this world and his son namely George Washington became one on the 4th of August 1753, from Lodge 4 Fredericksburg Virginia.

The process of downgrading the Word of God Almighty started refer to Jude 4. The war of the heavenlies began refer to the prophecy of Ephesians 6:12.

It must be reconized how the Jewish and Muslim calendars read Tammuz for the month of July which secretly is GW name after he rose from the bottomless pit yet GW is secretly known as the mythical bird who rose from the ashes known as the Phoenix, which is subliminally known in Latin as the E Pluribus Unum.

E Pluribus Unum  is known in English as out of many shall come one Luciferian son who shall rule the world with iron fist. This would be a type and shadow of Nimrod known as the mighty warrior the builder of the tower of Babylon or Babel.

When did they the antichrist Tammuz system originally celebrate Christmas day (X Mass day) but in the month of July/Tammuz. When was the New World Order established but in July/Tammuz 1776, when was the Luciferian Illuminati formed May 1776 and when did America become in dependant but in the month of July/Tammuz 1776.

Needless to say Tammuz was the son of Nimrod the evil prince and warrior of darkness who married his own mother Semiramis. Recall Semiramis gave birth unto her bastard son called Tammuz, unknown to many Tammuz in turn means son of life refer to Ezekiel 8:12.

Unknown to many but the hierarchy of the Masonic world, the dangerous term of “Tammuz (George Washungton)” is the password to the 33rd degree of universal Freemasonry.

Notice how the Freemasons secretly celebrate George Washington (Tammuz) with another birthday on the 4th of November since 1920 recall the name of their game is subliminal messages.

The question must be asked why do they America elect their President elect on the 4th of November every 4 years like this year of 2008 which is known according to the Chinese calendar as the year of the rat.

Bear in mind that Barack Hussein Obama the born again Ishmael was elected to GW seat of power on the 4th of November 2008.

The catch 22 to the 4th is that spirit of Lucifer and GW became one on the 4th of August 1753 and that Barck Hussein Obama was born on the 4th of August 1961.

Here comes the mind boggler Obama the half white and half black President elect of 2008 or could we say half American and half African was basically born on the 4th of August 1961 which was + – five years before Rosemary’s Baby which was born on the 28th of June 1966.According to the Illuminati based film Rosemary’s Baby Tammuz/George Washington was basically conceived on 2nd of November 1965.

Unknown to many this day was classed as blood day by the hierarchy of the Egyptian Illuminati called the sons of light.

A quick thought or a absolute fact when did International Space Station Alpha become inhabit by Magog as USA(America) and Gog as USSR (Russia) but the 2nd of November Y2K or Yod 2000.

Undoubtedly this was not a coincidence but a true fact yet the world missed this because they were bombarded with miss information and blinded from the concept of the new world order conspirators which was secretly called Tammuz (George Washington – Phoenix 999) Main Frame Computer age.

The missing link was the workings of the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse notice how the Obama family on victory night the 4th of November 2008 displayed the colors of the four horsemen of red and black.

Why would any mother dress her little girl in a plain black dress and then the eldest in a red dress once again a 4 hordemen of the Apocalypse subliminal message.

What about the feature first Lady dress being a deliberately act of displaying the colors of antichrist of half red and half black.

Remembering that it also has a taste of Muslim and  Buddhist to it. Just to add more salt or pepper to the antichrist GW wound (Revelation 13:3-4) notice how the 4th of November 2008 African conceived yet American born President Elect Obama/Ishmael wore a pure Black suit.

Amazingly it is the same colors Tiger Woods the wonder boy golfer uses during his victories or last day golfing events red and black recall Tiger Woods is a American  Buddhist, is this a coincidence or fact Hedbrew/Christians.

Or could we cast the first stone by us asking you the question is this an Illuminati or 4 horsemen subliminal message of victory or progress, this Ministry sincerely believes so.

We believe it is conveying a message of new age on how the masses have been conned into being ready to make war with the Lamb of God Almighty Lord Jesus the Christ Emmanuel refer to Revelation 17:1-14.

Once again it was simply, what our Lord Jesus prophesied in Matthew 24:24, “if possible My very elect shall be deceived by the false prophets and the false christ.

Refer to the Illuminati/Freemasons hidden agenda The Apotheosis of GW or could we call it the universal Luciferian order of their sublime faith which aspires to their god alone or is it the rule of law of what George Washington established in 1776 as his new world order concept that Lucifer is god alone.

This is obviously was backed up by GW blood ritual son General Albert Pike which was 9 years after GW died in 1799 by saying on the 14th of July (Tammuz) 1889 to all the Yod Government gathered in the p2 Murder Lodge country France Yes Lucifer is God ……..

There is nothing new about this antichrist movement in all reality it is all old conspiracy refer to the movement of the elders of the ancient or old house of Israel that were gathered in a secret chamber yet in the dark who were practicing great forms of abomination of desolation way back refer to Ezekiel 8:9-12 (Jeremiah 11:9-10 or Exodus 20:5) .

The straw that ultimately should break the Jewish/Egyptian Universal Freemason camels back is how the scripture prophesies in verse 12 how the Jewish and Egyptian women were sitting on the outer steps of the temple of King Solomon weeping for Tammuz.

In other words they were weeping and crying for the rebirth of the evil birth of the son of life called Tammuz the son of Nimrod/Lucifer. The major factor was what the 25 high priests were doing within the Temple of the god of this world Lucifer.

Bear in mind according to the prophecy of Acts 7:48-49 the God of Abraham Isaac andJacob the Christian God does not dwell in temples made with mans hands Freemasons which simply included King Solomons Luciferian temples. had their backs unto the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob the Hebrews and they obviously were worshipping Lucifer as the sun god Rah.

They also believed that he Lucifer was their god, who sinply rose from the east daily refer to Ezekiel 8:16.

Unknown to many this sun worship is a major new age event even unto this very day and age which is obviously a practice of witchcraft, which incidentally is the main concept or feature of this modern day generations recall 1996 Washington DC city was decorated with the sunburst or the sun god Rah for almost a year.

According to the prophesy of 2 Corinthians 4:4 Lucifer as the sun god Rah has blinded the masses into his concept of being god or christ. Why do you think the hierarchy of Freemasonry regard George Washington as Osiris which means sun god rah refer to Isaiah 14:12.

All the evidence points to the Washington Monument in DC which measures 555ft in height and GWAlexandria Temple in Virginia which measures 333ft in height incidentally they add up to 888 in the physical but in secret or unknown to many the secret chamber underground measures 111ft which them adds up to the Phoenix computer sytem of 999.

Obviously all must refer to 2 Corinthians 4:4 “In whom the god of this world Lucifer/George Washington as Tammuz or could we call them Annuit Coeptis a Latin term for Tammuz/Tubalcain has blinded the minds (souls) of the Royal Priesthood of God Almighty (Lord Jesus the Chrsit Emmanuel) from the Gospels simply to believe their great lie of their new world order.

The obvious fact is to read Isaiah 14:12-14, in other words Lucifer/Nimrod/Tammuz (GW) has from the beginning of time turned Adam and Eve to Cain (Jude 11) hearts from the truth of the scriptures and it’s prophesies………….. ”

In other words Matthew 24:24 was activated way back after Adam and Eve submitted themselves to the spirit god of this world known as the Lucifer the old serpent or as the tree called Pharaoh.

They Adam (Eve) to Cain via Lucifer’s beguiling became the first spirit of antichrist refer to 1 John 2:18. In other words according to Revelation 16:13 Obama is the third unclean spirit released Bill Clinton was the first and GWor George Washington Bush was the second.

Recall the scripture prophesy of Jeremiah 4:22 “For My people are foolish, they are sottish children, they no understanding of My Word, they love to do evil but to do good they have no knowledge…..”

Notice how America celebrates Thanks Giving Day on the last Thursday of November and then on the 25th of December X-Mass (Christmas Day)


It is all about George Washington/Lucifer remember the Apotheosis of George Washington hidden in the high ceiling of the Rotunda Building the picture always tells the true story.

Jeremiah 5:26 “For among My people are found wicked men they lay await they set a snare a trap and they catch the men into a Luciferian/George Washington concept of them being god and christ.

Undoubtedly this then entrap the women andchildren into their belief to give Thanks to George Washington/Lucifer as god, refer to the last Thursday of every November since the death of GW in 1799.

The question must be asked to the blinded Royal Priesthood of Emmanuel the awesome Christ, Lord Jesus why has America decked it’s land out in Egyptian linen?

Notice how the Freemason bound church of religion of the spirit of Lucifer/George Washington known as Nicolatians which the Holy Trinity hates (Revelation 2:6-7) has created Lucifer/George Washington as the tree of false life which is merely called Pharoah.

According to the scripture Ezekiel 31:1-8 Thus saith the Lord Our God of the Hebrews/Christians “what was Pharoah/Lucifer as this massive tree image or could we call it as a graven image doing in the Garden of Eden or the Garden of God Almighty.”

Why do you think directly after Thanks Giving Day, they the Illuminati the sons of George Washington/Lucifer get the whole world into a form of rebellion, which we could call a frenzy to cleverly erect what they call X Mass trees into their houses and cities like the Rockefeller center and the White House.

Bear in  mind the Freemasons universally have downgraded Lord Jesus Emmanuel as Christ refer to Jude 4 and have disgustingly created their own christ namely George Washington refer to their hidden agenda titled the Apotheosis of GW.

Needless to say the word Apothesosis literally means to raise a person to the rank of a god or an icon.

Yet unknown to many George Washington has been raised or honored as the the tree of life refer to the Jewish/Egyptian Freemasonry Disney Animal Kingdom feature.

Why do you think Father God Almighty says in Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed through the term of them rejecting God Almighty’s knowledge which is His Word, notice He says they shall be no priests of Mine, neither will I bless their children…”

Unknown to many the Freemasons since 1920 celebrate George Washington with another birth day which is secretly celebrated by the workers of darkness or rulers of this world on the 4th of November.

Notice this year of 888 or 2008 it is exactly 23 days to the Thanks Giving Day of George Washington/Lucifer which is the 27th of November 2008. Incidenatlly this preplanned day of ungdoliness has a massive subliminal meaning to it, which is to the Phoenix computer system 999, which is presently on the red planet called Mars.

Bear in mind that the number 27 equals to 9+9+9 recall George Washington’s hidden agenda of the In God we Trust (E Pluribus Unum) USA quater displays a masivetree of the rear side of it which has been carefully dated at the top with the year date of 1788.

Incidenatlly this was when GW became the worship master of Lucifer’s Universe which was on the 20th of December 1788.Secondly at the bottom of this Luciferian tree we dsicover the mystery year date of 1999 a major clue to the Computer beast numbered 999.


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