Thanksgiving Day 23 days after November 4th, the day the masons celebrate GW masonic birthday


Needless to say Lord Jesus the Christ Emmanuel is the Spirit of Prophecy (Revelation 19:10).

“When you shall see the abomination of desolation spoken of Daniel the Prophet stand in the holy place whoso readeth let him understand” refer to Matthew 24:15. 

The tradition and religion of Thanks Giving Day seems to fit the bill above. Yet as Jeremiah 5:31 Prophesies The prophets prophesy falsely the priest rabbi’s and clergymen bear rule by their means and My people love to have it so, what will you do in the end there of Hebrews/Christians.

Due to the hidden agenda of both Houses of Masonic Congress titled The Apotheosis of George Washington all are made to believe they are giving thanks unto the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob but that is a great lie. 

It must be accepted that on this day the Masonic order have desensitized the minds of the masses to give thanks unto their god being George Washington/ Lucifer.

Another fact to prove our point is that the hierarchy of Freemasonry deliberately erected the Tree of life at the Disney Animal Kingdom with a clear message that George Washington is their Tree of life and their christ.


Recall Senator Harry Reid statement in 2007 that he became a Luciferian which obviously links the residing President of the USA GW Bush, Bill Clinton and the feature President Barack Hussein Obama and all other government officials that they are all Luciferians.

Senator Harry Reid not only sells soul to Lucifer but also claims that whatever Bush says he will do – click here and read the articles

To prove the point Bill Clinton was the G7 leader which is merely the Yod 7 leader. GW Bush is the G8 (Yodh 8) recall the Americans Lodges subsitute the letter G for the dangerous Jewish term Yod. Yod is a another title name for Lucifer/George Washington.

They make many believe that they are christians but that is a falasy or a great lie. What about September the 11th 2001 was it done in the name of George Washington we sincerely believe so!

All the evidence points to that remember the trilateral September the 11th issues George Washington started the battle of Brandywine on the September the 11th 1777.

Unknown to many this obviously lead to the building of the Pentagon in DC on  September the 11th 1941, 50 years later President GHW Bush the thousand points of light guru declared GW 1776 New World Order as a rule of Law on September the 11th 1991. 

How does the world explain US General Albert Pike the grand supreme pontiff of universal Freemasonry letter written in 1889 to the hierarchy of the Yod Governemnt gathered in Paris France.

The doctrine of Satanism is a heresy, the true and pure religion of universal Freemasonry is of a Luciferian doctrine “Yes Lucifer is god.” 

In other words General Albert Pike who was a blood ritual son of General George Washington born in 1809 in Boston Ma. Masonically named as the red heifer orchestrated with both Houses of Masonic Congress in 1865 the devastating Apotheosis of George Washington.

Automatically this supported the term “In God George Washington do we trust.” To support the last fact what about the Latin term Annuit Coeptis translated to English. 

“He that is god George Washington/Lucifer by the undertaking of the people” not forgetting the Latin term E Pluribus Unum “Out of many Luciferian sons shall come one George Washington.

Unknown to many the world over George Washington is Masonically known as the Owlgod Molech refer to the Bohemain Grove in California who is that great image called the Owlgod Molech but GW.


Another important confirmation is to examine the front of the USA $1 bill and you will discover more proof that GW is the Apotheosis of the Masonic sublime faith innitiative.

Undoubtedly there are three minute images of the owlgod Molech then refer to scripture Acts 7:43 to confirm.

So in words by the President and others getting the peoples into a freenzy, about giving thanks on Thanks Giving Day to god we have to ask the question which god are they promoting but the Masonic god and christ.

This has to be the vital evidence that was spoken of by Daniel the prophet refer to Daniel 12:11

“And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away (Lord Jesus Blood sacrifice, His Holy Spirit conception and birth, His water baptism, the acknowledgement of Lord Jesus as the head cornerstone, his death and ressurrection) and the abomination that maketh desolate set up George Washington as christ and god……. 

This obviously has to be regarded as the highest form of deception ever in the History of the Word of God Almighty but remember the scriptures have to be fulfilled. This event obviously has lead the world to the sin of witchcraft (1 Samuel 15:23).

The iniquity or sin of witchcraft is how they the Yod Government are counterfeiting the scripture Psalm 23 making people believe that GW is their sheppard………… T

The answer to the above is found in Colosians 1:26 “For the mystery of Freemasonry and their Luciferian worship has been hid from the ages and generations but now it shall be made manifest unto the Lord God Saints and believers…….”

According to the prophecy in Colosians 1:27 Lord Jesus within you is the way truth and the Life back unto the Father of Light the I Am that I Am, not George Washington Hebrews/Christians.

It must be remember or the warning in Titus 1:10-14 that the men of circumsizion (Luciferian Freemason Jews)  have ruined whole households by promoting Jewish fables like Public Law 102-14 (7 Noahide Laws of Noah  – Thanks Giving Day) and commandments of men which is the 613 Jewish Luciferian Torah Commandments.

Incidentally chapter 4 of the 613 Jewish Luciferian Torah commandments promotes reincarnation, like chapter 13 promotes the antichrist as the Jewish Moshiach namely David dead or alive. 

Notice how Thanks Giving Day fell this year 2008 on Thursday the 27th of November. Recall how this ministry warned all about the 08/08/08 Greek Olympic Games held in communist China which started 4 days after 4th of August 2008 remember GW and the spirit of Lucifer became one in 1753 and President elect Obama was born on the 4th of August 1961.

Unknown to many the above and the future Thanks Giving Day on the 27th of November was well prepared or organized years ago, in actual fact it stems way back to George Washington’s New World Order conspiracy plan formed in 1776 recall 888 + 888 = 1776.

So in other words GW New Age conspirators knew this way back, what about in 1954 when the world experienced the solar eclipse on X Mass Day the 25th of December did they not book this event to George Wasshington as the son of the morning we sincerely believe so!

Notice that the pledge of illegiance to the GW flag surfaced directly after that sun and moon experience.

The wording of the pledge tells the true story of Thanks giving Day “one nation under god.” In the first instance which god were they the Yod Government refering to but George Washington/Lucifer.

Needless to say the answer lies in Isaiah 14:12 Hou art thou fallen from Heaven O Lucifer son of the morning how art thou cut down to the ground, which did weaken the nations   

So in all reality it cannot be a coincidence that there was exactly 23 days from the 4th of November 2008 to the 27th of November 2008 Thanks Giving Day, it was a deliberate conspired action to promote GW as the Pheonix Computer system numbered 999 that landed on the red planet Mars on the 13th of May 2008.

That is the main reason for this years Thanks Giving Day recall how NASA reacted when the Pheonix landed on the red planet Mars on the 13th of May 2008 in victory.

There is more to thanks giving day than to what the human eye can see or mind to understand. Bear in mind to the prophecy of Jeremiah 11:9-10 “A conspiracy is found amaong the men of Judah and among the inhabitants of Jerusalem” which incidentally became the USA (Matthew 21:42-43).

Another important scripture prophecy is Isaiah 14:13-14 that backs up Jeremiah 11:10.

“For thy has said from in the heart Lucifer” (bear in mind Lucifer has no heart he was created as a spirit – in other words Lucifer was in the heart of Adam).

“I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will also sit upon the mount of congregation (Red Planet Mars), in the sides of the north (north America).”

“I will ascend above the heights of the clouds (International Space Station Alpha Lucifer/GW), I will become like the Most High.” Well lets examine that saying are the Freemasons and NASA saying they have accomplished their goal of exalting the spirits of Lucifer/GW to the red planet Mars.

So AD 2008 or Adam to Lucifer AL 6008 it is time to give Thanks on the 27th of November 2008 to god and christ Lucifer/George Washington. 

Of great importance there accomplishment of exalting Lucifer/GW spirit to the red planet Mars was 12 days after the Illuminati was formed on the 1st of May 1776. It was incidenatlly called May Day.

Secondly the reason for the Pheonix 999 space module to land upon the red planet Mars was because inthe first instance God Almighty formed Adam from the red soil of Mars. Refer to the name of Adam in the concordiance and it equals out to red earth.

Thirdly before Lucifer fell to the earth his first stop was the stones of fire the red planet Mars refer to Ezekiel 28:13, Incidenatlly Lucifer was called by God Almighty while on the red planet Mars as King of Tyrus which means Rock refer to Deuteronomy 32:37.

 Recall GW and Lucifer became one in 1753 so from GW Masonic Birthday the 4th of November to GW Thanks Giving Day on the 27th of November 2008 it amounts to 23 days which once again the subliminal message is refering to Psalm 23 what blasphemy!

The highlight of this saga is how many birthdays has George Washington be given. According to the records GW, was originally born on the 11th of February 1732 then due to certain circumstances, they then changed GW birthday to the 22nd of February 1732.

The Masonic Order from behind their closed doors have given him GW a birthday on the 4th of November since 1920.

The second thought is that many hierarchy of universal order of Freemasonry believe that Thanks Giving Day is another time to celebrate GW birthday.

The big catch is held on the on the 25th of December each year, when  they the Masonic Order and their new age counterparts believe GW was bornagain as the man christ child.

Recall George Washington died on the 14th of December 1799, amazingly 11 days later it was the 25th of December. Bear in mind the number 11 indicates to GW first or original birthday the 11th of February 1732.

Why did George Washington request on his death bed not to be buried until three days have past, because he was antichrist, or could we say Luciferian.

Incidentally GW request was contary to the death and ressurrection of Our Lord Jesus. Note our Lord Jesus became the Blood sacrifice and died on the same day that He was buried, and rose after the third day to glory.

In Revelation 1:11 it says Lord Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega…. inverse 7 of Revelation Chapter two to him that overcometh what the New World Order conspiracy theory that GW/Lucifer is god and christ I will saith the I Am that I Am give to them to eat of the Tree of Life which is nin the paradise of God Almighty.

Notice how they the Iluminati/Freemasons erect the X Mass Trees world wide in Cities and in homes of all peoples and decorate them with the thousand points of light before the 25th of December simply to honor GW/Lucifer as their alpha and omega or god and christ what blashemy! 

Amazingly this year 2008 X Mass Day will occur 28 days after Thanks Giving Day which falls on Thursday the 27th of November 2008. Unknown to many the world over the above 28 days has more than one meaning to it, but what is important is the evil Masonic meaning to it.

Obviously it is regarded as an hidden one. Nevertheless it is the 28th degree of the Knights of the Sun symbol which is translated as the microprosposos/ macroprosposos which means to the god of light and reflections. This is also the true meaning to the Jewish flag which is regarded by many as the Star of David or King Solomon’s Seal.


Amazingly the same 13, six pointed star or Jewish Star of David is shown above the mythical birds head known as the Pheonix which is on the reverse side of the owlgod Molech George Washington USA $1 bill.


Yet he GW, was originally born on the 11th of February 1732 then due to certain circumstances, they then changed GW birthday to the 22nd of February 1732.

Pike said to the hierarchy of the Yod Governemnt and to the Masonic masses our degrees, rituals, ceremonies and religion of universal freemasonry, have more than one meaning to them, they rather conceal than to reveal the truth.

Why do you think the New World Order Conspirators this year of 2008 elected Obama to the throne of GW on the 4th of November 2008, so that they could counterfeit the scripture Psalm 23.

In other words they believe via their 1888 Morals and Dogma and their tarrot cards their Apotheosis of their sublime faith which aspires to their god alone George Washington elected his 4th of August 1961 blood ritual African conceived yet American born son Barack Hussein Ishmael/Obama to his throne. 

Unknown to many the world over the same occurred with Bill Clinton and GW Bush amazingly both the above Presidents and their wives were born in 1946 and all parties belonged to the First United Methodist Church coincidence or fact.

Undoubtedly they the MasonicWorld regard George Washington as their Lord and their sheppard, they shall not want,  for he GW maketh them to lie down in green pastures……  Why do you think the hierarchy of the Illuminati in 1799 before GW died removed over 6 pints of blood from his body because they believed there was life in his blood.

Recall GW died of loss of blood in 1799 the above does not make sense unless the hierarchy of Masonry were going to put pen to paper and practice cloning or could we call it “reincarnation” which was GW Egyptian nickname for being the  Dung beetle.

Nevertheless, this day of Thanks Giving 2008, has a dark side to it, being on the 27th of November 2008.

It obviously relates to the number of the Pheonix Computer sytem which is 999. Nevertheless 9+9+9 = 27 remember the unmaned Pheonix space project that landed on the red Planet Mars on the 13th of May 2008, was secretly numbered by the NASA Masonic conspiracy as 999.

Bear in mind like September the11th 2001 was secretly numbered by the hierarchy of the Yod Government as 111, recall the Jews celebrate their new year always in September so the 11th of September becomes 111.

Amazingly the students are now being taught that GW died on the 14th of September 1799, are they saying GW was Jewish remember the term Jew was only established in the 1800.

Nevertheless Lord Jesus prophesied in Revelation 2:9 the blasphemy of those who call themselves Jews yet are not but are of the synagogue of Lucifer/Satan/ the devil. 

In Revelation 3:9 Lord Jesus prophesied that they are liars about who they are they are merely masqurading as Jews yet they Luciferian dressed in sheeps clothing. 

To confirm that notice how the rabbi’s and the Yod Government in 1953 from the Holy Land Israel declared Lucifer (George Washington) as their light bearer or bringer yet they gave it a front name or title the Year of the Light refer to the documentation Contemporary Freemasonry in the Holy Land Israel. 

Bear in mind at the end of the old millinium it was the year 1999, yet if you look to the rear of GW “In God we Trust” – Tree of Life – E Pluribus Unum quarter at the top of the tree it is dated 1788 yet at the bottom it is dated 1999.


In othe words from the year date of 1999, two hundred and 11 years ago in 1788 GW became the most worshipful master of the Universe on the 20th of December.

What is significant of the year date of 1999 recall GW died in 1799 it obviously relates to the Illuminati film End of Days which predicted a possible failure of the Pheonix Computer system numbered 999 at the start of the new millinium.

The antichrist system knowing fullwell that the great and notable day of the Lord could have happened at the start of Y2K. 

Untold the Freemasons universally have downgraded Lord Jesus the Christ Emmanuel and have created their own christ namely George Washington refer to Jude 4.  

Recall the prophecy in Revelation 13:8 And all shall worship the beast who names have not been written in the Book of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

Is this what Thanks Giving Day is all about, the worship of a god before the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, not forgetting the hidden agenda of both Houses of Masonic Congress titled The Apotheosis of George Washington. 

The word Apotheosis literally means to raise a person to the rank of god or an  icon.

So this worship of Thanks Giving then places the whole world in a form of rebellion which leads to the sin of witchcraft. In a nut shell the world has broken  the 1st Commandment refer to Exodus 20:1-2.  

According to the prophecy of Zephaniah 1:17 the men have sinned against the Lord God and His Blood Covenant He made with Father Abraham refer to Jeremiah 11:10. They have created a god before the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

 Jeremiah 5:26 “For among My people are found wicked men (Freemasons Lucifer’s secret army or rulers of darkness of this world) they lay await, they set a trap and catch men.”

In other words once they catch the men they gain the women and children into their trap of witchcraft, refer to Galatians 3:1 O foolish America who has bewitched you from the Gospils of the Lord Jesus Emmanuel the Christ.

Recall the prophecy found in Jeremiah 5:30 “A wonderful and terrible thing has happened in the land of the USA.

It must be understood that America is known scriptually as Lord Jesus promise land or could we call it the land of milk and honey meaning the new Israel refer to Matthew 21:43.

In simply plain words Lord Jesus by the anointing of Father God as the Head Cornerstone (Matthew 21:42) nearly 2,000 years ago said to the defeated Luciferian worshippers known then as the Sanhedrin or Yod Government.

“I will rend the Kingdom of God away from you old and corrupted Luciferian Israel and I will give Israel unto a nation that will bear good fruit.

Undoubtedly this nation was and still is the USA refer to the all important name of JerUSAlem.

Why do you think the One World Yod Government built the George Washington/Lucifer’s Blue Cornerstone Temple namely the United Nations in the USA in 1945. Surely they should have built it in the old Israel.

The amazing fact was when they eight years later, transfered the UN from the westcoast California to the eastcoast New York City in 1953.

This was done according to worshipful Master George Washington rule of law “When the widows son is in need, he will travel from the east to the west and then return to the east successfully.”  

Many the world over do not realize the true meaning to the manifestation of our Lord Jesus to the earth. Which was not to please mankind but to set them free from tradition, bondage and religion of Luciferian worship. 

Refer to 1 John 3:8 for clarification, in other words Lord Jesus manifested to the earth to destroy the works of Lucifer and his self appointed One World Yod Government then called the Sanhedrin.

Undoubtedly the Hebrews nearly 2,000 years ago were once again into Luciferian bondage, tradition and religion, which placed them in the sin of witchcraft (1 Samuel 15:23).

Undoubtedly this is where the world is today back into the sin of witchcraft Luciferian worship. Notice how this transfer from the westcoast to the eastcoast was cleverly done three years after the new Israel (USA) was given it’s Independance in 1948.

Nevertheless unknown to many the world over, a secret event took it’s course from the old Israel via King Solomon’s Quarries.

The hierarchy of all rabbi’s from the 4 corners of the earth and the Yod Government cleverly declared from the Holy Land Israel in 1953 The Year of the Light.  

The meaning to the year of the light is that they believed sincerely that Lucifer/George Washington was their bringer of light or light bearer.This idea originated back 200 years to 1753, when the spirit of Lucifer and GW became one. 

Bear in mind the hierarchy of universal Freemasonry since 1920 honor and worship George Washington Masonic birthday on the 4th of November, so Obama/Ishmael the 44th President of the USA was basically preplanned way back to when Obama was born on the all important day of the 4th of August 1961.

Notice how the 4th of August goes back to 1753 when via Lodge 4 Fredericksburg Virginia George Washington the Father of America became one with the spirit of Lucifer. 

Untold GW on the 4th of August 1753 was initiated at the young age of 21 (7+7+7=21) as the Blue Cornerstone of the Universe aswell. 

The American society have been brainwashed or their minds have been desensitized into the Thanks Giving celebration, not realizing it has nothing to do with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob but all to do with The Apotheosis of George Washington which was established in 1865.

In other words Thanks Giving Day is merely to worship or celebrate the ordained Father of America George Washington as god and christ.

Bear in mind nearly 2,000 years ago Lord Jesus prophesied this event to perfection at the sermon on the mount refer to Matthew 5:18. 

“For verily I say unto you till heaven and earth pass, one Yod (Jot) or one tittle (Annuit Coeptis) shall in no wise pass from the law (10 Commandments) till all be fulfilled.

Unknown to many the term Yod is the 10th letter of the Hebrew alphabet yet it has a dangerous meaning to it.

Firstly the term Yod can be found in King Solomon Quarries or Temple located in the Holy Land Israel, elevated over the worshipful Masters seat of power within a inverted pyramid.

In all reality the Jews call Lucifer “Shaharit” which means son of the morning or morning star god .

So Yod/Jot is another name for Lucifer, like tittle is another name for his son E Pluribus Unum/George Washington.

The catch 22 is that the American and Brittish Lodges subsitute the Jewish or Hebrew term Yod with the letter “G” as the French use the term Die U. In all fairness Yod means that the god of this world will rule with his iron Tubalcain finger.  

Wake up world Lord Jesus the Christ Emmanuel is God of the Hebrews/ Christians 24×7.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Day 23 days after November 4th, the day the masons celebrate GW masonic birthday

  1. I have a picture on my site and I am wondering if you know what the numbers mean…. it says:

    This stone was laid july 22nd A.L. 5926
    by M.W. Bro W.J.Smith G.M.
    Who Dream Shall Live

    ( This stone is on the Freemasons Building in Regina SK.

    • A (anno) L (luis) but the real meaning is A (Adam) to L (Lucifer) and the masons run in the year 5900 so that means the year is July 22, 1926. The M.W. stands for Most Worshipful master and the G.M stands for Grand Master

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