The secret agenda of George Washington 1776 New World Order conspiracy plan is Boaz & Jachin

Here is wisdom, notice how the red planet Mars and the Earth images are cleverly illustrated respectively upon the old pillars of Jachin (Strength) and Boaz (Wisdom) notice the year dates like Jachin reads 1998 and Boaz pillar reads 1923.
 pillar Jachin                         pillar Boaz
In other words these two pillars of  Boaz and Jachin are clearly telling a massive story in a subliminal way….
firstly Jachin with the Red Planet Mars at the top of it dated 1998 obviously indicating to where the end of days Battle of Armageddon  (Revelation 16:13-16) has to take place meaning on the Red Planet Mars.
Unknown and or unrealized due to ignorance of the Word of Father God Almighty the battle of ancient of days known as a spiritual battle between good and evil (Ephesians 6:12), has to take place on the Red Planet Mars notice this procedure started as the unmanned NASA Space Module named The Phoenix (Rosetta Stone) Computer system numbered 999 landed on the Red Planet Mars in May 2008 which started the process of the Battle of Armageddon (Revelation 16:16)
Undoubtedly, this event has a history to it was known in Matthew 4:10 as an exceedingly High Mountain (Red Planet Mars) this was the last temptation of Lord JESUS via the Spirit of Lucifer refer to Matthew 4:11….
it was also known scripturally as being the spiritual wickedness in high places and as to where Adam was formed from the red earth of the Red Planet Mars.
Untold or unrealized due to ignorance of the Word of Father God Almighty, Adam name according to the Bible Concordance means Red Earth – meaning was formed in the very first instance by Father God Almighty via the Red Earth of the Red Planet Mars refer to Ezekiel 28:13-18….
Lucifer was operating as the King of Tyrus which means Rock simply wondering to and fro on the stones of fire which means the Red Planet Mars.
Another typical example of the Adam meaning red earth look at the Luciferian born Esau (1 John 3:10)/Core – Cain  (Jude 11)  like Esau who was the twin brother of Jacob (Hebrew/Christian Israel)(1 John 3:10)/Israel – Abel is known as the red hairy one whom Father God Almighty hated (Malachi 1:1-3).
Who transformed himself Esau as the counterfeit Cain/Core (Jude 11) Holy Land Israel….
The moral to the above facts is that these two pillars are the two outer pillars to King Solomon’s Temple.
The first meaning the wisdom and the second meaning is the strength.
Obviously there are more than one meaning to these two ungodly pillars of universal Freemasonry.Incidentally they also lead to the the three inner pillars of King Solomon’s secretly known as Jabal- Jubal and Tubalcain (Genesis 4:20-22).

The eye opener to this mystery pillars with out and within the Temple of King Solomon has been hid from the ages and generations (Colossians 1:26) for centuries of years, but now according to scripture prophecy it shall be known to the saints and believers of God Almighty.

In other words it is the dark secret, and obviously the main answer to the above structure of universal Freemasonry and it’s New World Order conspiracy plan of George Washington/Lucifer’s sons of light (Illuminati) from 1776.

General Albert Pike, born in 1809 as the blood ritual son of George Washington/Lucifer, also known as the Grand Supreme Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry, instructed the hierarchy of the 30th to the 33rd degree of Universal Freemasonry called the sons of light (Illuminati), “that their Freemason ceremonies, rituals and degrees, have more than one meaning to them, they rather conceal, than to reveal the truth.” 

In the first instance all universal Freemason’s are made to believe from behind their closed Masonic doors that George Washington was and still is as their Apotheosis of their sublime faith initiative which aspires to their god alone refer to page 321 of General Albert Pike’s 1888 Morals and Dogma.


This ungodly or Antichrist act, obviously initiated him George Washington, as their universal fatherhood of god and as their brotherhood of man.


Bear in mind, Lord Jesus prophesied according to Matthew 24:24 that the above act of witchcraft, which is practiced on a daily basis, by the false prophets and the false christ’s, and will be what will deceive Father God’s Almighty and Lord Jesus very elect.

In other words, simply unknown to many the world over, the answer to the new world over conspiracy theory is that they ave deliberately brainwashing and desensitizing the masses minds by indirectly saying that George Washington is their tittle or christ and that Lucifer is their god Yod/Jot.

                                                        Symbol of Yod – usually above the worshipful masters seat in Israeli Lodge.

Bear in mind according to the scripture prophecy of Matthew 5:18, this event had to come to past, before Heaven and the earth passed away.
The Yod (Jot) godhead is merely the spirit of Lucifer and the Tittle is the spirit of George Washington, who had to be re-birthed back to the earth by the New World Order Conspirators in the appropriate appointed time.

Unknown Lord Jesus dethroned Lucifer down into the midst of the earth nearly 2,000 years ago Matthew 4:10-11 (Isaiah 14:12-15) by saying “Get thee hence Lucifer” which incidentally was down into the pit called Hades  also known as the bottomless pit refer to Isaiah 14:12-16.

According to scripture prophecy Revelation 17:1-14 by the NASA Masonic conspiracy theory which led to the people of the world’s choice, the spirit of the unholy trinity had to be resurrected at the appropriate time, as one spirit back to the earth as the world’s Annuit Coeptis.

Unknown to many the Latin term Annuit Coeptis translates to English as “He George Washington/Lucifer that is god by the undertaking of the people.”


          Pat Robertson doing the 33rd degree Masonic sign called the Lion Paw grip

The New World Order conspirator’s main goal or mission in the appointed time, was to raise the Luciferian/George Washington spirit godhead titled Yodh to the red planet Mars, so that they can make war with the Lamb of God Almighty refer to Revelation 17:11-14 (Isaiah 14:12-16).

Needless to say, yet unknown to many the world over the Phoenix 999 unmanned space module was the new age name incidentally this unmanned 999 space module landed on the red planet Mars on the 13th of May Yodh 2008.

Undoubtedly this is what the two outer pillars of King Solomon’s Temple Boaz and Jachin is based upon refer to diagrams below

What is the significance of these two Masonic Egyptian outer pillars to King Solomon’s temple Boaz and Jachin, but high forms of deception and witchcraft.

They incidentally answer to Isaiah 14:12-15, which then relates to the rebirth of Lucifer/George Washington spirit back to the earth and then to be risen from the earth surface as the godhead Yodh unto the red planet Mars.

Recall that Adam means red earth according to the King James Bible concordience and that Esau means the red hairy one.

Undoubtedly the whole concept of the above is based on the physical King Solomon’s Quarries temple and the Dome of the Rock based in the old Holy Land Israel.


Remember King Solomon’s Quarries has been secretly located and kept under the ground, which is secretly below the Muslim Dome of the Rock which is built on the mount in the Holy Land Israel.

It is only obvious these two temples, one above and the other under, as the secret pillars known as Boaz and Jachin to the concept and answer to Egyptian/Jewish New World order conspiracy plan, of establishing the spirit of Lucifer/George Washington, once again back to the earth as their Yod or godhead.

Recall from the Holy Land Israel in 1953 it was declared as the Year of the Light refer to documentation Contemporary Freemasonry in the Holy Land Israel.

Amazingly two hundred years before that in the new Israel a ceremony was conducted in Fredericksburg Virginia on the 4th of August 1753, from Lodge # 4, when the Yod Government ordained George Washington at the young age of 21 years old, to became one with the spirit of Lucifer. This ungodly act earned him George Washington the universal title as the world’s Blue Cornerstone (Master Mason) of the universe and of the earth.

The Blue Lodge representing George Washington as the Blue Cornerstone
The major eye opener to the above Yod Government act, was that Lord Jesus nearly 2,000 years ago, scripturally prophesied the above to perfection during His sermon on the Mount refer to Matthew 5:18, it must be reconized that the term Jot equals to Yod.

Needless to say, the Yod Year arrived in AD1993 or AL5993, which was 40 years after the Jewish Rabbi’s and the Illuminati Yod Government declared from the Holy Land Israel in 1953 The Year of the Light.

Amazingly 50 years later from the Year of the Light 1953 in 2003 G8 (Yodh 8) Leader President GW Bush declared Fait Lux Day (Let there be Light) on the
14th to the 16th of November 2003 from Texas which is known as a Masonic Country.

The modern day and age two Masonic pillars known as the world trade center that were based in New York City, until the September the 11th 2001 subliminally known as 11, which indicated to when George Washington was born on the 11th of February 1732.


2 thoughts on “The secret agenda of George Washington 1776 New World Order conspiracy plan is Boaz & Jachin

  1. the government is a big cover up organization they get you by first making a prsident who in all naturality has no say in wat we do as a country(obama)…there are people above him who if they wanted to could do a hollicost scenario all over again…and that is the main reason we are in this depression state rite now..they could fix this if they really wanted to…but the higher power knows what they are doin we are jus like sheep…once we are all full of our wool they strip us down to our they can have all of our wool for them selves to distribute among the higher power,wen us stragglers are left empty handed and and hungry.obama is the front..there isnt & never will be a world without greed and suffering….and anybody in the past that has tried to interfier has gotten assasinated(martin luther king Jr)(Abraham lincoln)(John F Kennedy)
    an im sure the list goes on. Benjamin Franklin sed himself that in the future there will be problems if the government contiues to do this,he sed the money should be within the people of the united states in witch it writefully belongs…united we stand??

    • Well thank you Mychael Johnson for your comment, very few people have the knowledge, wisdom and understanding that you have just shared in this comment, one of the major reasons for that is because they have been blinded by the god of this world and they chose to believe the lie

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