Oprah’s elite meeting, CBS March 20, 2009 and the hidden agenda of David Rockefeller # 777

It was all about Uncle Sam David Solomon Rockefeller born on June 12, 1915.

David Rockefeller is undoubtedly the Antichrist leader called secretly by the new age leaders as the Jewish Moshiach, the new age as Lord Maitreya and the Freemason hierarchy call him their Mahahbon.

He is secretly known from behind their closed doors as their Yodh leader from 1993.

David Rockefeller gained this seat of power from his Vietnam nation known as South Africa refer to new age ceremony held at the Lost City Palace and Sun City Complex on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of December 1992 in South Africa.

David Solomon Rockefeller is also secretly known from behind Oprah and other elite Freemason doors as the one world leader and secretly operates under the United Nations Meditation street address number 777.

Bear in mind David the Rockefeller masterminded the United Nations in the Year of the Light in 1953 after the impressive ceremony held in the Holy Land Israel in 1953, which  obviously earned him David the number 777 which announces him as the modern day Illuminati leader.

David has caused lying signs andwonders, death and destruction from 1977 after Sir Baron De Rothschild initiated him as the one world leader which is secretly known by the elite of the new world order as David being their new world order Yodh leader.

Note this event was 200 hundred years after George Washington started the Battle of Brandy-wine in 1777 on September the 11Th, which has to be the eye opener of all time.
Recall the incident of 2001 September the 11th occurred 224 years later, a coincident or fact, was this by King David the Rock’s command you had better believe it.

Take note September 11th 2001 occurred 10 years after David Rockefellerappointed new age USA thousand point of light President GHW Bush declared his New World Order as a rule of law on the 11th of September 1991.

Incidentally 10 represents the Hebrew term titled Yod please refer to Matthew 5:18 which prophesied the rise of the Yod leader (the modern day Antichrist) to his seat of power, obviously Jot equals to Yod.

Simply refer to David Rockefeller’s hidden sign or hidden agenda which is cleverly displayed daily on his NBC/MSNBC/CNNBC channels known as his sign of power as the world’s Yodhleader via a well orchestrated logo, which is none other than the 6 colored tail feathered peacock with the white body, which unknown to many has a minute symbol of Yod illustrated above it’s head. This occult symbol obviously symbolizes him David yet secretly as the world’s Yod Illuminati leader.

Notice where NBC operates out of, but the David Rockefeller center in New York City.

You had better watch out Hebrew/Christians the CBS recent broadcast has more than one meaning to it, obviously announcing the Jewish Illuminati Freemason new age Moshiach leader King David the Rock efeller. Unknown to many he is eating at your flesh on a daily basis simply refer to chapter 13 of the 613 Jewish Torah Commandments, which obviously stipulates that  David dead or alive will be the Jewish Moshiach.

Is he ruling the whole world via the 613 Jewish Torah Commandments, you had better believe it, it is only obvious he has been operating as uncle Sam the tax collector from 1945, which has enabled him to caring the whole world open his narrow shoulders since then regards David Fisher the Lord Jesus soldier 2 Timothy 2:3-4.


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