Unknown George Washington/Lucifer as the Yod godhead is equal to Rock or Head Cornerstone

Unknown by the masses, this ancient battle of Lucifer as the worlds Yod or Rock godhead, is very old or ancient.

In the first instance, it has always been a spiritual battle, which will obviously, take its course of action, not on earth, but in the heavens refer to the scripture prophecy of Ephesians 6:12.

Secondly to get understanding to the last statement you have to refer to scripture prophecy of Isaiah 14:12;

“Hou art thou fallen from heaven O’Lucifer, son of the morning (rah), hou art thou been cut down to the ground (earth), which did weaken the nations.Needless to say the true and pure meaning to George Washington/Lucifer being as the world’s rock of salvation or Yod Leader, the answer is found within the symbol or flag known as the Jewish Star of David.



In other words the answer to the Jewish Star of David lies within the universal Freemason head cornerstone.

Take note how “The Grand Lodge of the State of Israel” mockingly places the Christian cross within the Masonic compass and side rule and the Jewish Star of David – this has been done to confuse the masses, and to make up more insignificanttheories; such as how Christianity can be mixed with a Luciferian concept

Remember the head cornerstones laid on the north east corners of all the city halls world wide read as follows to the most worshipful master.

Bear in mind that General George Washington (Lucifer) became the worshipful master of the universe on the 20th of December 1788. 
This head cornerstone is secretly based upon Freemasonry’s theory of establishing their god of light and reflections as the Macroprosposos/Microprosposos.

This ungodly term above is also known scriptually as Yod/Jot (Matthew 5:18), yet it is also known scriptually as the abomination of desolation refer to Matthew 24:15 (Daniel 12:12) 

“When you shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, (Whosoever readeth let him understand). 

In other words their rock image or cornerstone is secretly known as the Macroprosposos/Microprosposos (Yod) which has a evil ungodly dark side to it.

This ungodly gesture of the Macroprosposos/Microprosposos (Yod) obviously means honor and glory to the god of light and the god of reflections.

Undoubtedly, this ungodly gesture, has to be the fulfillment of scripture prophecy, which was brilliantly prophesied by Lord Jesus the Christ Emmanuel nearly 2,000 years ago refer to scripture prophecy Matthew 5:18
“For verily I say unto you, till Heaven and earth pass, one jot (Yod- Annuit Coeptis) or tittle (son of Lucifer namely Tammuz – George Washington) shall in no wise pass from the law (10 Commandments) till all be fulfilled.”In this modern day and age, of the new age and its new world order concept the term Yod (Jot) relates to rock which means that Lucifer as the King of Tyrus and George Washington as his prince are god and christ.


Their rock as displayed in the Meditation Room in the United Nations

Since 1776 George Washington/Lucifer’s YodGovernment belief, was for them as the sons of light (Illuminati) to establish their Apotheosis of their sublime faith initiative simply refer to Albert Pikes Morals and Dogma page 321.

It must be understood that this new world order concept was established in March of 1865 secretly titled as “The Apotheosis of George Washington (Lucifer).”

Recall the word apotheosis literally means to raise a person to the rank of a god or an icon.  

Remember the scripture prophecy Numbers 23:19 “God Almighty is not a man that He should lie.” 


4 thoughts on “Unknown George Washington/Lucifer as the Yod godhead is equal to Rock or Head Cornerstone

  1. I have been reading the information on your web site and I have been deeply humbled by FATHER GOD. Practically every passage and verse you have been quoting from the HOLY WORD in the various articles I have read are the very passages and verses I have been studying and teaching to my friends and family over the past month or so and I did not even know your site existed until tonight. I have just recently been awakened to the fact that America is Mystery Babylon spoken of in Revelation 17-18. I have repented of the idolatry of allegience to America I have committed. I did not realize I was committing idolatry until very recently. I thought I was being a patriot and a good citizen. When I saw the so-called apotheosis of George Washington in my studies I finally realized what an absolute abomination this nation is to GOD and always has been. The pagan idolatry in all the edifices and archtecture of Washington D.C. makes me sick. A few months ago I thought I was helping people see through the political mess in this nation by appealing to the words of George Washington’s Farewell Address and quoted from it many times and encouraged others to read it themselves and even renounced my party affiliation as a result of reading it. Now I renounce everything I ever believed about this country. What a blind fool I have been. I have repented of the idolatry and confessed it to ALMIGHTY GOD as sin in HIS sight. It has been so encouraging to read the material on your site I know now that I am not alone. Although I have been guilty of the sin of idolatry in regards to America and Washington I have at the same time been exposing the Great Apostasy all around us and the ridiculous traditions of men taught from practically every pulpit in this GOD forsaken land, calling others unto repentance using Romans 1:18-32 telling them that we are already under the judgement and wrath of the high and lofty ONE that inhabits eternity.
    The holocost of the 47 million + babies sacrificed to the god of this world system as well as the blantant acceptance of the sodomites in every corner of this unholy place. Even the so-called christians and conservatives seem to have no problem with it, all they want to do is tell everyone that GOD loves them no matter what. I keep telling them GOD loves those who obey HIS words that saving faith will most definitely manifest itself in the way one lives the devils believe and tremble. That if we are truly saved we have been given a repentant nature and will not practice habitual sin. We are commanded to work out our salvation for it is GOD WHO in us both to will and to do of HIS good pleasure. We will fear HIM WHO can kill both soul and body in Hell and will confess JESUS before men and that not everyone who calls HIM LORD will enter into Heaven but he who does the will of GOD the FATHER. They look at me like I’m a crazy man even though the WORD plainly states this from Genesis to Revelation. Even my wife thinks I’m a nut. This has got to be the strong delusion that has been given to them because they love not the TRUTH but have pleasure in unrighteousness. Thank you for your work in the LORD it has been and I’m sure it will continue to be a blessing to me. If there is anything I can do for you just ask. I will pray GOD will continue to give you HIS wisdom.
    If any love not the LORD JESUS CHRIST let him be Anathema Maranatha! The grace of our LORD JESUS CHRIST be with you.

    • powerful information here! just read your testimony concerning washington and it rocked me! you have done what christian pastors refuse to do in america, and that is to admit what has and is happening and repent. I have been involved with exposing baal and ishtar worship idolatry in the church for years and this is the answer to it all! this is actuallly the first website besides ours that I have seen such extensive information on washington and actually calling it out as it really is….the new world order,,,,,not something to come, but something that has already been established…….. we have been raised and brainwashed since birth, and it is the blind patriotism that has decieved us…….your testimony is powerful and I would love to share it with others as I continue on the mission……we never put america against the Word of God because we were living the lie that she was a ‘christian’ nation…..when it was just the opposite,,,,I could write for days on this but your testimony sums it alll up as to what all must do,,,thank you so so much for your stand as our Father will be with you for it,……check out some excellent videos on youtube under protestantsep you’ll be very encouraged to know that this is all coming to light and being exposed ……

      • David, thank you so much – please share this information with as many as you want. Thank you for the encouraging words and if you would like to talk further in private let me know and I will send you my info. Your words have summed it up beautifully and once again I – thank you

  2. yes jcemmanuel, I would love to speak to you anytime,,,,,,this has been a very encouraging day for me and mine, as you already know how this information goes over in our local churches,,,,,, we have at one time or another felt we are the only ones who get this and understand it fully…….it does go to show how everything will be revealed in HIS timing, and the time is now! my phone number is ….. our ministry has a lot of information that show the connections between washington and in diana pan apolis, indiana both designed by infante, and my uncle wrote a book over a decade ago called the ‘rise and fall of washington’s masonic roman empire” with the apotheosis picture as the front cover! so much to write I would rather speak in person to cover more ground so call me if u like and I also have an email …..com look forward to the time we speak

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