September the 11th has a darkside to it with multiple ungodly meanings

It must be recognized that September the 11th, has been used to con the masses into high forms of the sin of witchcraft.

According to the scripture prophecy of Deuteronomy 32:30 “How should one chase a thousand and put ten thousand to flight except their rock (George Washington/Lucifer) had sold them and the Lord God of Israel had shut them up.”

Needless to say in Deuteronomy 32:31 it prophesied that their “rock” George Washington/Lucifer), is not as our “Rock” Lord Jesus the Christ Emmanuel.”

Bear in mind Lord Jesus prophesied in Matthew 24:24 “That if possible the very elect shall be deceived by the false prophets and the false christ.”

HELLO HEBREW/CHRISTIANS IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP, recall strongmeat belongeth to those who shall determine or discern between good and evil (Hebrews 5:14).

The sin of witchcraft is merely scriptually discerned as Luciferian/George Washington worship in these modern day and times refer to 1 Samuel 15:23.

Obviously rebellion against God Almighty’s Word will lead all to the sin of witchcraft “Rebellion against the Word of God Almighty will always lead to the sin of witchcraft as will stubbornness lead to idolatry and iniquity.”

Needless to say as prophesied in Titus 1:10-14 “For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, specially they of circumcision.”

“Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole households, teaching things (Jewish Fables – Public Law 102-14 & commandments of men – 613 Jewish Torah commandments) which they ought not too, for filthy lucre’s (money) sake, because they have turned from the truth of the scripture prophecies” refer to Titus 1:11-14.

Recall Lord Jesus prophesied in Galatians 3:1-3 “O Foolish Galatians who hath bewitched you, that you should not obey the truth, simply meaning from the Gospels of Lord Jesus the Christ and the 10 Commandments that were given unto Moses the Hebrew………..” 

September the 11th became a renown Luciferian act of worship, yet it was well disguised for many years by the hierarchy of Freemasonry who are known scriptually as the rulers of darkness of this world (Ephesians 6:12).

Bear in mind, this concept of Luciferian worship, started, after the start of the battle of Brandywine, which was on the 11th of September 1777. 

Unknown to many the world over, this well orchestrated plan of a new world order action, was well ordered by General George Washington, and his sons of light (Illuminati), from September the 11th 1777 – the start of the Battle of Brandywine.

Directly after the September the 11th 2001 tragedy, while the world was brought to its knees, the hierarchy of the George Washington/Luciferian new world order conspiracy plan, known as the order of universal Freemasonry, secretly did a reenactment of the battle of Brandywine on the 23rd of September 2001. 

The catch 22 to the above September the 11th issues, is that it occurred in the questionable area where George Washington became the first President of the USA namely New York City.

Secondly the next attack happened on the 5 pointed star called the Pentagon based in Washington DC.

Bear in mind the hierarchy of the new age Freemasonry, teach that New York City is the gateway to George Washington’s heaven or celestial lodge.

It must be noted that the world trade center which was based in New York City, was specifically built in the number form of 11, recall the birth date of George Washington, was on the 11th of February 1732.

Unknown the south tower of the 11 world trade center pillars, obtained the red color symbol at night of the dangerous Freemasonry term called Tubalcain.

Another secret 33rd degree nickname for George Washington, like Tammuz.  

In other words these two 11 pillars of Freemasonry were secretly classed as George Washington’s pillars titled as his Boaz (Wisdom) & Jachin (Strength).

Unknown these two powerful towers were also regarded as George Washington two outer pillars to his New York City Temple or city called Babylon. 

Recall as Acts 7:43 prophesied“Yea, you took up the tabernacle of Molech and the star of your god Remphan/Baphomet figures which you made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon.”

Needless to say as prophesied in Acts 7:47 “But Solomon built Me a house.” “Howbeit the Most High dwelleth not in Freemason Temples or churches which are made with mans hands……”

“Heaven is My Throne the earth is My footstool: what house will you build Me? saith the Lord God of Israel…………….”

In other words these two pillars of known as the world trade center were merely two Masonic temples honoring George Washington as their fatherhood of god and as their brotherhood of man.


The amazingly fact of the September the 11th 2001 attack upon these two pillars, were the two aircraft that hit these two pillars, the first was numbered flight 11 and second was flight 93.

Recall 1993 became the year of the Yod from the Jewish converted nation of South Africa, yet in 1793 1st President of the USA George Washington layed the Masonic Luciferian cornerstone at the Capitol Building in Washington DC.


Interesting they the two world trade center pillars were built in the number 11 form, recall the birth date of George Washington, was on the 11th of February 1732.

Obviously the second attack was in Washington DC, the area where General George Washington’s 5 pointed Freemasonry stargod titled Remphan/Baphomet was birthed from September the 11th 1941.

Undoubtedly another clue to the September the 11th, 1777 battle of Brandywine saga. 

Unknown or unrealized, this Luciferian monstrosity, is secretly known by the hierarchy of universal Freemasonry, as the 5 pointed Star symbol of Baphomet/Lucifer, which they have cleverly disguised, by using the title name of “The Pentagon.”

The clue to this, is to examine the words or title names like pentagon etc, that end with the two letters “On.”

A typical example, to get clarification to this Luciferian term called On, is to examine the 1753 master mason or the blue cornerstone of the universe title name of Washington (George). 

Not forgetting the term Mason which end with On, to King Solomon & Washington modern day temple of sin called the city of Babylon, to the awful yet sacred name of Mahahbon, to the 15th degree of the three head serpent candidate chant of Jahbulon, to the sex demon called “Dagon“, to Lucifer’s title name as the red Dragon, and the list goes on and on. 

Needless to say, we discover in Genesis 41:45, that Pharoah/Lucifer gave Joseph to wife Asenath the daughter of Poti-pherah, the high priest of the city called “On.”

In the first instance according to scripture interpretation the term “Onmeans to the god of the underworld namely Lucifer, like Rah means in Egyptian to Lucifer as the sun-god or son of the morning (Isaiah 14:12).

Notice in the second instance Asenath the daughter of Poti-pherah ends with the three letters of rah, like Torah, yet not forgetting the Jewish 9 candel stick titled Menorah all end with rah.

Once again rah in Egyptian relates to Lucifer as its son of the morning Shaharit. Unknown Shaharit is the Jewish term for Lucifer as their son of the morning.

The Egyptian Freemasonry also address Lucifer as their ben ben stone (Bennu).  

Why do you think Father God Almighty prophesied in Deuteronomy 32:38 “WHERE IS YOUR GODS AND ROCK IN WHOM TRUSTED IN.”


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