The New World Order conspirators are ready to make war with the Lamb of God from AD2009/AL6009

Peoples have been bewitched into the new world order concept and have become the enemy of God Almighty.

Recall Lord Jesus, came to set the captives free, to heal the broken hearted from the Luciferian religion of Yod/Annuit Coeptis. Its a rule of law which has led the world into George Washington/Luciferian bondage, which obviously has bound them into the sin of witchcraft.

Nevertheless it must be understood that “There are only three, that can bear witness in Heaven, The Father (The I Am that I Am), The Word (Lord Jesus) and The Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit) and these three are One (1 John 5:7 King James version only).”

Recall the scripture prophecy of Matthew 24:24 “If possible the very elect shall be deceived by the new world order concept of the false prophets and the false christ.”

In other words the antichrist system (1 John 2:18), to accomplish the start of the AD2009/AL6009 war against the Lamb of God Almighty, they merely had to play according to scripture prophecy.

According to Revelation 13:5-7 the beast, known scriptually as the dragon, will give two forms of power, unto the modern day son of perdition “David the Rock efeller” so that he may teach the world to blaspheme against God Almighty and His Word refer to Jude 4 & 11.

What are these two powers, that the beast will give unto the son of perdition who is the Jewish Mashiach/Moshiach = “David” the Rock efeller, these two powers are -the television 666 and the main frame computer system refered to as 999, this has recently been called the GW/Lucifer Pheonix Rosetta Stone language learning system.

Remember the scripture prophecy found in Revelation 13:11 “The beast that rose by the people’s power titled “Annuit Coeptis/Yod” from the bottomless pit, had two horns like a Lamb….. 

The scripture prophecy of Revelation 13:8 explicitly informs all in the last days that “And all shall worship the beast…………..”

Then will it allow the unholy trinity being the red dragon, the beast and the false prophet to set the three unclean spirits like frogs free to lead the world into perdition, which is merely the sin of witchcraft known as Luciferian/GW worship (Revelation 16:13-16). 

In other words, the beast known scriptually as the red dragon and the false prophet, must release his three unclean spirits known scriptually as frogs. Undoubtedly these frogs are the three latest – USA President’s. 

Notice how the American society were forced to accept the 9th son of light scriptually known as the Jewish/Egyptian Ishmael the bastard son of Abram, which merely is the African conceived yet American born Barack Hussein (Ishmael) Obama.

This 9th son of light, was incidentally born on the 4th of August 1963, bear in mind 210 years ago George Washington became one with the spirit of Lucifer on the 4th of August 1753 from lodge # 4 Fredericksburg Virginia.

Bear in mind the 8th son of light namely GW Bush was born on the 6th of Tammuz (July) 1946, like the 7th son of light Bill Clinton was born on the 20th of August 1946 in Little Rock Arkansas. 
Is this the clue to the modern day man of sin, David the little Rockefeller who was born in 1915 the 12th of June, we sincerely believe so! 

Recall the scripture prophecy found in Deuteronomy 32:38 Thus saith the Lord God Almighty “Where are your gods and rock in whom you trusted in.”  It must be understood that David Rockefeller is this “rock” that they have trusted in. 

This war is a spiritual, yet ancient one, it started way back after Adam and Eve were beguiled, in the Garden of God Almighty known as Eden, by Lucifer/Shaharit the spirit god.

Unknown Lucifer/Shaharit the angel of light, simply transformed himself, as the serpent god Ouroboros, in the Garden of Eden. 
Recall in the year AL6003/AD2003 the new world order conspirators finally acknowledged Lucifer/Shaharit/George Washington as the serpent god Ouroboros by declaring it as the Year of Ouroboros at the start of AD2003/AL6003.

Unknown to many the world over, Ouroboros is merely known by the hierarchy of the universal order of Freemasonry as the god of light and as the god of reflections simply refer to their emblem titled the 28th degree Knight of the Sun (Jewish Star of David – King Solomon’s seal). 
                Ouroboros = the snake biting it’s tail

Untold this ungodly Ouroboros symbol is secretly known from behind closed Jewish/Egyptian Masonic doors as being the Macroprosposos/Microprosposos.  

He, Lucifer is also, or was known at the time, meaning while trapped in the Garden of God Almighty called Eden, as Pharoah the tree of knowledge refer to Ezekiel 31:8.  

Thus saith the Lord God, the I Am that I Am “What was Pharoah (Lucifer as the serpent god Ouroboros) doing in the Garden of God Almighty known as Eden.

“The Cedars in the garden of God Almighty could not hide him (Lucifer)……………”

Just a reminder, the term AD (2009) means ano domini like AL (6009) means ano lucis. Yet from behind closed Masonic doors AD equals to after the death like AL equals to Adam to Lucifer.

To accomplish this battle of the ancient house of Israel, Lucifer/Shaharit obviously will and has transformed his disciples as the disciples of Lord Jesus the Christ Emmanuel.

Nevertheless, this concept of the world peoples, making war against the Lamb, was and still is based upon the scripture prophecy found in Revelation 17:8-14….

“The beast that thou sawest was, and is not, and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and goeth into perdition (destruction)……………………………”
According to the scripture prophecy of Matthew 23:35, which has gone for many a year unpreached or untold Lord Jesus prophesied nearly 2,000 years ago

“That upon you cursed Luciferian “Yod” world, and its government system, may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel, unto the blood of prophet Zechariah, son of Barachias, whom you slew between the temple and altar.”        


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