Wake Up – in the last days, perilous times shall come 2 Tim 3:1


In all fairness, the green “Y” symbol in the new 1994 national South African flag definitely resembles the term Yod. Obviously this “Y” of Yod is what is behind the scenes to this secret or hidden agenda of the Yod Antichrist Government new world order conspiracy scheme in 2010. 

In the first instance, the new world order Yod/Jot/Annuit Coeptis conspiracy roots stem right back to South Africa refer to the Sudwala Caves based in the Eastern Transvaal area.  

In other words, the hosting of the Illuminati based 2010 world cup soccer tournament from the Jewish/Egyptian converted Yod nation of South Africa, is merely a front or a diversion, from what the Yod Government are really doing, from behind their closed Masonic doors or their new world order Fortress known as the American Embassy based in Pretoria South Africa.  

The major question to be asked, why would the Illuminati (Sanhedrin) and both houses of US Masonic congress, build and open its doors to their 1993 King Solomon Jewish/Egyptian new world order Masonic temple in Pretoria South Africa.   

What is of a major concern, it is now 2010 the world cup soccer tournament and the Yod flags will be flying high, simply advertising victory to the antichrist Yod one world Government movement.

Needless to say seventeen years ago in 1993, amazingly the Jewish/Hebrew Yod Year was declared, from the blind or desensitized Jewish/Egyptian converted nation of South Africa.

Hello, this seems to be to much of a coincidence, yet it seems to be a perfect new world order conspiracy plan of action to exalt the Yod godhead to the world peoples.

Bear in mind Lord Jesus prophesied this event to perfection via Matthew 5:18 “For verily I say unto you till Heaven and earth pass, one Yod/Jot or one tittle (antichrist spirit) shall in no wise pass from the law (10 Commandments) till all be fulfilled.”

It must be said, that in 1993/4 period of time, it must be noticed, how all peoples of the world, came to honor Nelson Mandela as the new President of the Jewish/Egyptian Nation of South Africa. 

Obviously, yet unknown to the masses, there was a hidden agenda operating from behind the scenes, Yod godhead worship.

According to scripture prophecy of Revelation 13:8 “All shall worship the beast………..”  

In other words, all nations of people, will come and worship the NASA Masonic beast that was risen from the bottomless pit from 1969 refer to the NASA Masonic conspiracy theory.

The new age title to this resurrection from the bottomless pit is the mythical bird called the Phoenix shall rise from  the ashes.

The other Masonic version is classed as the rise of the E Pluribus Unum.

In simply plain words this means “Out of many Luciferian sons, shall come one who will rule with a rod of iron” namely Tammuz/George Washington.

So in other words, from behind the scenes of Nelson Mandela, becoming the first Yod President of South Africa in 1994, the true event, from behind the scenes was of beast antichrist worship.

Recall what G7 (Yod 7) USA President Bill Clinton said nationally in 1998, from the steps of the Cape Town City Hall steps of South Africa “I saw you come from darkness to light.”

The first question had to be asked who the hell was Bill Clinton talking about but his Yod godhead namely George Washington/Lucifer refer to Revelation 17:8-13. 

So in other words what was happening within the 1993 New World Order American Embassy in Pretoria South Africa from 1993 to 1994 was the practice of the abomination of desolation spoken of Daniel the prophet in Daniel 12:10-12.

Needless to say, the scripture prophecy warns us consistently, not to go by the things that are seen, because they temporal, but all Hebrew/Christians, need to go by the things that are not seen….

Another important fact concerning 1993 the Yod year, it must be noticed that from the 1993/4, the borders of South Africa were removed. Simply meaning any body could come and go as they liked.

In other words, no visas needed to enter the new Yod South Africa, which obviously   allowed all the peoples of the world, to came and worship the Yod/Annuit Coeptis godhead or beast freely. 

The catch 22 to the above new world order conspiracy plan was that this beast Yod godhead was well hidden in the new world fortress titled The American Embassy within the Yod Nation of South Africa.

Another part to the catch 22, of the new world order conspiracy plan of action, was that the above concept, was that all peoples were ignorant to their movement, yet were simply made to believe, that they were coming to celebrate or to worship Nelson Mandela as the new Yod President of South Africa.

But from behind the scenes, they were worshipping the risen Phoenix known as the Mythical Bird, who would rise from the ashes.  

In other words, this new age trick of 2010, has always had some old roots to it, which  stemmed right back to 2003. 

Unknown or unrealized 7 years ago in 2003, the new world order conspirators, right under the world peoples noses, they merely conned the masses into their “Olam Ha Ba messianic age concept.”
Obviously from behind their closed universal Masonic doors, the Olam Ha Ba messianic age had another standard or meaning to it, the indoctrinating of the people to worship indirectly to their serpent/beast godhead secretly titled as “Ouroboros.”

It must be noticed how the Jews address their god as G-D.

Why because they believe their messiah will come in the end of days so they obviously leave out the letter “O.”

When will he appear in the Olam Ha ba messianic age which was in 2003.

It is then only obvious that once this occurs the letter “O” will be placed between the G-D.

Unknown to the masses the world over, this letter “O” is simply relating to the arrival of the Jewish (Egyptian) Masonic messiah named “Ouroboros.”

Ouroboros is the old name for Lucifer while being in the Garden of God Almighty called Eden.  

In other words this concept was of old standards, recall Lucifer as the serpent Ouroboros beguiled Adam and Eve into a similar concept of sin, making them believe his great lie that he was equal or god.  

The catch 22, to this 2003 Olam Ha Ba worship, which obviously had a massive subliminal message and meaning to it,  

In the first instance, it was given a clever Jewish title known as “The Olam Ha Ba Messianic age” but that was merely the front part to the Masonic meaning of Ouroboros.   

Recall the spaceship called “Columbia” with the 7 astronauts on board, circled the earth for 15 days, which is known as to the serpent-god called Ouroboros biting his tail.

Unknown to many the world over circle of life or ouroboros simply means or relates to the dangerous term of “reincarnation.”  

Bear in mind George Washington in 1793, which was two hundred years before 1993, which incidentally became the Year of the Yod, the 1st President of America namely George Washington secretly practiced reincarnation to the 10th degree. 

In other words George Washington playing the part as the human Ouroboros, by becoming a point within a circle of life of his 12 red lodge Masons and then chanted the awful, yet sacred name of Lucifer thrice as “Mahahbon.” 

In other words, after laying the Masonic Luciferian time capsule and the cornerstone in 1793, he GW as the Dung Beetle (reincarnation) became a point within a circle of his twelve Illuminati red lodge Masons and chanted the awful yet sacred name thrice “Mahahbon.”

Going back to the spaceship Columbia it must be remembered that one of astronaut’s was a Jewish Rabbi, who incidentally had an ancient old type of Jewish Torah aboard, recall they within the spaceship Columbia circled the earth for 15 days.

In other words in January of 2003 from the 16th, the new age NASA Masonic spaceship Columbia circled the earth, practicing reincarnation which evidentially was baptizing the masses into the Olam Ha Ba messianic age, secretly known as The Year of the Masonic term called “Ouroboros.”  

Take note in that same year of 2003 from the 14th to the 16th of November, the G8 (Yodh 8) USA President GW Bush from his Masonic Texas state declared the dangerous  French term “Fait (Fiat) Lux.”

Unknown this dangerous term Fait Lux, was once again indicating to the year of the light which was declared in 1953 from the Holy Land Israel, but in  this instance it was declared from the new Israel being the USA. 

In other words the declaration of Fait (Fiat) Lux in the USA was basically declaring America as the new Israel.

Obviously President GW Bush declaring the term Fait Lux from Texas was simply saying “Let there be Light” from the new Israel.

Why do you think the United Nations, known scriptually as the temple of sin, was transferred by Jewish/Egyptian Scarab Masonic Illuminati leader David Solomon Rockefeller in 1953 to New York City, from the west coast of California.

Obviously this move of the Rock Temple, was, to declare the USA as the new Israel.

Once again simply refer to the mighty name of JerUSAlem, recall Lord JESUS prophesied in Matthew 21:43….

“that He would rend the kingdom of God Almighty away from the old Israel, and give it unto a new nation who would bear good fruit.”

We obviously have to go back to the roots of the tree called Masonic Pharoah, which led the forefathers to the term called rebellion.

This theory of rebellion led the world system to the conspiracy theory (Jeremiah 11:9) called today as the new world order.    

To get understanding to the above, we must relate to what General Albert Pike, also known as the grand supreme pontiff of universal Freemasonry, prophesied to all his one world Masonic government leaders and fernity,

“Our rituals, ceremonies and degrees, have more than one meaning to them, they rather conceal, than to reveal the truth.”

Obviously, these Luciferian men of valour or workers of darkness, have sinned against the 10 Commandments of the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob (Israel).

It is called, conning of the masses into their Annuit Coeptis new age web or trap, their method by using phenomenal subliminal messages. 

In other words, there is more to the world cup soccer tournament, to be held in the Jewish converted Yod/Jot nation of South Africa.

Recall the scripture prophecy of Revelation 13:8 “And all shall come to worship the risen Masonic beast numbered 888.”

Nevertheless it must be understood, that the name and the number of the Masonic Luciferian beast is 888.

To confirm that beast number of 888, it is important to recognize that there is 8 letters to the beast, three modern-day risen names of Mahahbon/Moshiach/Maitreya, equaling to 888 in the first instance.

Secondly, if the beast number of 888 is doubled (888 + 888) it amazingly adds up to when the new world order conspirators established their order of chaos which was in 1776.

To grasp the above facts, it must be realized that the nation of South Africa became the Yod people or nation from 1993. 

Unrealized or unknown to many South Africans or others, this procedure occurred secretly, after the South African Government gathered secretly, in the Holy Land Israel, in the month of September of 1992, and by their power gave over the nation of South Africa to Jewish Israeli Government.

Unknown to many, directly after this event in 1992 the Yod Year arrived at the start of 1993, it simply appeared as head lines in the Johannesburg South African newspaper called “The Star” as “The Yod Year has arrived.”

Undoubtedly this high form of new age witchcraft, appeared without recognition. 

To be noticed that from 1993 the Yod Year to Y2K (Yod 2000) was a 7 year difference, which obviously was running a parallel to Daniel 9:27.  

The scripture prophecy meaning to Daniel 9:27 is simply explaining to the 7 year rule of the antichrist or as the man of sin, the modern-day Scarab or son of perdition known as Lucifer/George Washington son.

As seen as vital evidence of Daniel 9:27, it prophesied, the rise of the man of sin meaning the modern-day antichrist or could we call him the Jewish Moshaich named David dead or alive (Chapter 13 of the 613 Jewish Torah Commandments).

Obviously, yet misunderstood, this man of sin would reign, for 1 week the world over, which intern means 1 week equals to 7 years, according to Bible prophecy……..

“And he (Jewish antichrist/Egyptian scarab – David the Rock) shall confirm the covenant (George Washington/Illuminati 1776 New World Order), with many for one week (7 years) and in the midst of the week (7 years), he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease……………” 

Another important fact concerning 1993 the Yod Year is that the new world order conspirators rebuilt and opened its doors, to its new age King Solomon temple known as the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple in Pretoria South Africa.

This 18 floor (6+6+6) under the ground fortress obviously relates to the 1776 Jewish/Egyptian Freemason new world order pyramid structure located on the riverside of the George Washington In God do we trust Illuminati “Annuit Coeptis $1 bill.   

Unrealized there is always more to the Luciferian Jewish/Egyptian Freemasonry, than to what the human eye can see or to the human mind and its understanding.  

The catch 22, to the term 2010 year, is the number 10 or tenth year from the dangerous term of Y2K which also means Yod 2000.

Pay attention to the mere fact, that the questionable term Yod, has more than one meaning to it.

Incidentally the term Yod, is regarded as the 10th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

It must be understood by all Hebrew/Christians, that the prophecies of the scriptures are being fulfilled, on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.

It must also be said, that the great and notable day of the Lord God Almighty of Israel (Jacob), is hasting at a tremendous pace, due to the men sinning against the 10 Commandments of God Almighty simply refer to Zephaniah 1:14-18.

The major question to be asked, why has the men of valour sinned against the Lord God of Israel, because they have gone after the ways of Cain refer to Jude 11.

In other words,  these ungodly men of the new age, have followed into the footsteps of their forefathers (Jeremiah 11:9-10). 

Today this walk of these men is recognized as the 1776 Luciferian new world order concept.

This enabled them the new age conspirators to rebirth the spirit of Lucifer known as the prince of darkness as their god and George Washington as their Masonic christ “E Pluribus Unum.”

Unknown to many the world over, this sin of witchcraft (1 Samuel 15:23), has led them the Yod Government to create Lucifer/George Washington as their godhead titled Macroprosposos/Microprosposos.

This Jewish Star of David Macroprosposos/Microprosposos concept known secretly as being to their god of light and reflections.  

Obviously they have camouflaged this high form of Masonic witchcraft, known as the Macroprosposos/Microprosposos by making the people of the world to believe, their great lie, that this symbol is merely the Jewish Star of David.
Needless to say, this dangerous symbol has another detrimental meaning to it, titled as the King Solomon seal known from behind closed Masonic doors as the 28th degree of the Knight of the Sun symbol.

It must be remembered another ceremony which relates to their god of light and reflections symbol of the Macroprosposos/Microprosposos was well orchestrated from the Holy Land Israel in 1953.

All the Jewish rabbi’s and new age Egyptian new age Freemasons of all countries were gathered in the Holy Land Israel in 1953 to declared it as the Year of the Light refer to vital information titled Contemporary Freemasonry in the Holy Land Israel.  

In other words the rebellious 70 ancient houses of Israel were acknowledging Lucifer/George Washington as their light bearers or bringers of light.

Today they call Lucifer/George Washington as their Yod/Annuit Coeptis. 

Needless to say, this term of Yod, is not new, it is an ancient term to be used in the end of days by the antichrist Yod government.

All Hebrew/Christians need to wake up, by simply pay attention to scripture prophecy like Matthew 5:18.

Undoubtedly, the Lord Jesus prophesied, this Yod event to perfection, via His awesome Word, nearly 2,000 years ago. Unknown or unrealized, this teaching occurred, while He delivered His Sermon on the Mount, simply refer to Matthew 5:18……. 

“For verily I say unto you till Heaven and earth pass, one jot (Yod) or one tittle (antichrist leader E Pluribus Unum – George Washington) shall no wise pass from the law (10 Commandments) till all be fulfilled.”  

In other words Lord Jesus prophesied, nearly 2,000 years ago as the HEAD CORNERSTONE of FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY (Matthew 21:42), prophesied to the rise of the Yod godhead.

It must be understood, this event of Yod/Jot year, had to take it course, according to scripture prophecy. 

To confirm the above, it was said to Daniel, the vision shown to him, which was true, was for many days refer to the Book of Daniel chapter 8 verse 26…..

“And the vision of the evening and the morning, which was told and was true, wherefore shall be for many days, simply meaning to the end of days.”  

Take cognizance to the fact, that one day of God Almighty is equivalent to a 1,000 years (2 Peter 3:8), so 6 days is equal to the 6,000. 

It must be noticed that the George Washington Alexandria Lodge # 22 based in Virginia stipulate that they are travelling in the year AL6010/AD2010.  

Nevertheless, Daniel 8:23 corresponds with the scripture prophecy of Matthew 5:18 in many ways, as it prophesied very clearly

“And in the latter times of their Masonic Luciferian kingdom, when the transgressors (new age movement) are come to their full, a king of fierce countenance (George Washington/Lucifer) and understanding dark sentences shall stand up.”

“And his power shall be mighty (George Washington believed to have fulfilled the scripture prophecy of Isaiah 9:6) but not by his own power (obviously by the father of lies named Lucifer) and he shall destroy wonderfully and shall prosper and practice (Luciferian jewish/Egyptian Masonic law) and shall destroy the mighty and the Holy people of God Almighty Mighty.”

Pay attention to verse 25 of Chapter 8 of Daniel “And through his (George Washington/Lucifer new world order) policy, also he shall cause the Jewish/Egyptian Masonic craft to prosper in his hand: and he shall magnify himself in his Luciferian heart, and by peace shall he destroy many……………….” 

Bear in mind George Washington became one with the spirit of Lucifer on the 4th of August, via lodge # 4 Fredericksburg Virginia in 1753.

which would appear at the time of the end of days.  who will do battle against Him titled “The battle of Armageddon” (Revelation 16:13-16).

which would be raised to power in the end of days.  

who are cleverly hosting the world cup soccer tournament which is to be played in the Yod nation of South Africa from the 11th of June to the 11th of July (Tammuz) 2010. since 1832 to the 28th of June.

Unknown or realized by the masses, the 28th of June has become a time, when all the hierarchy of universal Freemasonry and new agers who secretly pay tribute to worship their Masonic beast godhead secretly titled Yod/Annuit Coeptis/Apotheosis of George Washington.

Yod is merely another title name for the Luciferian godhead Annuit Coeptis.

Recall Annuit Coeptis translates from Latin to English as “He (George Washington/Lucifer) that is god by the undertaking of the people of the world.”

While the dangerous term of the Apotheosis of George Washington (Lucifer) secretly means that by the conning of the people they the conspirators of the new world order have created the spirit of George Washington/Lucifer as god and christ.  Needless to say, this term of Yod, is not new, it is an ancient term for the antichrist government, which would be raised to power in the end of days.

It was once again, prophesied by the Lord Jesus, nearly 2,000 years ago, while He preached His sermon on the mount, refer to the scripture prophecy of Matthew 5:18.

It must be understood, the antichrist system, who control the printing industry worldwide, simply yet cleverly changed the term Yod to Jot.  in all versions of the Bibles.Recall George Washington has earned the title of being the fatherhood of god and as the brotherhood of mankind.

As stated on GW owlgod Molech Illuminati/Freemasonry USA $1 bill “In God do we trust.”

Bear in mind the Latin term Annuit Coeptis simply means in English “He George Washington (Lucifer) that is god by the undertaking of the people, like the Apotheosis of George Washington means that by the people’s choice GW has become their godhead.

What is special about the 28th of June each year,  unknown or unrealized the 28th of June since 1832, both houses of Masonic congress has made it a rule of law for all the residing President’s of the USA on the 28th of June to pay a secret visit to George Washington’s Skull and Bones Tomb numbered 322.

Where is this monstrosity of witchcraft located but at the new age Scarab leader known as David Rockefeller’s location titled Yale University. 

Needless to say this Luciferian tradition was established a hundred years after George Washington was born as the Masonic christ (Isaiah 9:6) on the 11th of February 1732. 

Obviously GW,  Illuminati (Jewish/Egyptian Masonic Sanhedrin) members made it a rule of law from 1832, which was after his death on the 14th of December 1799.



4 thoughts on “Wake Up – in the last days, perilous times shall come 2 Tim 3:1

  1. Most people who look at the signs of the end times tend to focus on Matthew 24 where Jesus gives a number of signs for the end. Now the problem with only focusing on this chapter is the fact that the signs given in Matthew 24 have been happening for a long time. Ok, the intensity and frequency of the signs are increasing, there is no doubt about that. But taken on their own, the scoffers will just continue to ridicule the signs, saying that these things have been happening for thousands of years. And in a way they are right.

    • I understand what your saying, but they did the same to Jesus, they mocked, spat, cursed at him before HE achieved the GREATEST achievement of all times, which was to set each one of us free from our sins (Salvation). When he became the curse upon the tree, they still mocked, spat and cursed at HIM, for one they never realized that Jesus was talking first of a spiritual concept, because God is a Spirit and they worship HIM must do so in Spirit and in truth! Secondly the god of this world (Lucifer) had blinded their minds, and in a sense the gospel that JESUS was preaching had been hidden from them! Thirdly in Daniel 12:10-11 it says the the wise will understand but the wicked will not, in Daniel 8:26 it says that it will be for many days, now keep in mind 1 day to the Lord is as a 1000 years and a 1000 years as 1 day. All I can say is let them be the ones who mock and go to hell, but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord!

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