Watch out for subliminal message as the 33 miners in Chile are taken from darkness to light

Pay attention to the movement of the antichrist one world Yod/Annuit Coeptis government leaders, as they have a hidden agenda or new age/masonic message to the 33 trapped Chilean miners. 
           In the first instance, it must be understood that Freemasonry                          secretly indoctrinates  “Yes Lucifer is God.”

Yet they declared from behind their closed Masonic doors that George Washington is their Fatherhood of God……

It must be also be understood, it is once again time for the Thanks Giving Day period which is the last Thursday of November.

The catch 22 to this day of Thanks Giving each year since 1799, is that it is based upon when George Washington died as the Masonic christ, which was on Thursday the 14th of December 1799.

In other words, all America as the new Israel, are brainwashed or minds desensitized into the ungoldy manner, to cleverly worship the Masonic NASA beast refer to the scripture prophecy of Revelation 13:8

“And all shall worship the beast and his image……” 

Unknown to many the world over, there is more to this concept of the 33 miners being trapped for 67 days, in the underground of the Chilean mine, than to what the human eye can see or the human intellect can understand.
 All must pay attention to the subliminal message of the new age/masonic movement, which is based upon the George Washington number of 67 years!
Recall Jewish/Egyptian/Luciferian Freemasonry teaches…… there is more than one meaning, to all their rituals, ceremonies and their degrees, they rather conceal, than to reveal the truth. 

It must be also understood, that the Word of God Almighty, prophesied according to Jeremiah 11:9…..

“that there was and there still is a Masonic conspiracy that comes out of the house of Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem – USA is the new Israel.

What is this conspiracy based upon but to worship a strange god before the Lord God Almighty of Isreal.   

Needless to say Lord JESUS brilliantly prophesied nearly 2,000 years ago according to Matthew 24:24…. 

“That if possible, His very elect (Royal Priesthood – Bride/Church) in the end of days, shall be deceived, by the false prophets and the false christ’s.” 
       Nevertheless, perilous times have come refer to 2 Timothy 3:1…….. 
The main concern, within these perilous times, is that these evil men, known as Lucifer’s rulers of darkness of this world, have waxed worse and worse. This came due to them being deceived/beguiled or seduced by the spirit of Lucifer/George Washington as their Annuit Coeptis/Yod godhead. 
 It must be understood, that their spirit god named Lucifer, has made all of them to believe, that he Lucifer was and still is their god and christ titled in Latin as Annuit Coeptis (Yod). 

In other words, these ungodly men, have become lovers of themselves and their new god of the underworld, more than lovers of Father God Almighty and His Word (2 Timothy 3:1-5). 

To add more fuel to their Masonic/new age Luciferian fire, is that these men have secretly created a god before the Lord Our God, secretly titled in Latin as Annuit Coeptis. 

All Hebrews/Christians must pay attention to the mere fact that the Latin term of Annuit Coeptis in English means….

“He (Lucifer/George Washington) that is god by the undertaking of the people of the world system.” 

Needless to say, Father God Almighty simply prophesied, according to Jeremiah 11:10, that this ungodliness of Annuit Coeptis is scriptually known as the sin of witchcraft.

This ungodly concept, stemmed right back unto the forefathers of the 70 ancient houses of Israel, refer to Ezekiel 8:11….. 

These 70 ancient houses of Israel said, from their dark masonic chambers…… 

“The Lord God of Israel seeth us not, the Lord God hath forsaken the earth.” 

Yet according to the scripture prophecy of 2 Timothy 3:5 – Father God Almighty prophesied that these evil men, having a form of godliness, but have simply denied the power thereof….. 

Unknown to many the world over, Father God Almighty prophesied a major truth nearly 2,000 years ago…..

“For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained, to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the Grace of Father God Almighty into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God and Our Lord JESUS THE Christ Emmanuel.” 
What was the main reason for these ungodly men to turn the grace of Father God Almighty into lasciviousness, obviously because they have all gone in the ways of Cain refer to Jude 11…. 

The questionable point, or proof that the above scripture of prophecy Jude 4, has been perfected by the anti-christ system (1 John 2:18), is to examine how they exalted George Washington as their apotheosis of their sublime faith innitiative.
Bear in mind, the word apotheosis, literally means to raise a person, to the rank of a god or an icon. 

Now examine the term “In God we Trust” with the hidden agenda of universal Freemasonry titled secretly from the 10th of March 1865 as “The Apotheosis of George Washington.”

Undoubtedly it clearly spells out or indicates to that George Washington (Lucifer) is the god in whom they are all trusting in.  

Now watch out or take notice how the 33 miners trapped in Chile mine saga, indirectly relate to the 33 steps of universal Freemasonry, which also relates to Jacob’s ladder.

Unknown to many the world over, the 33 miners trapped in the Chile (South America) mine, there was and still is a massive subliminal meaning to this 67 day event as these men had to come from darkness to light.

Undoubtedly the 33 miners trapped in the dark chamber under the ground surface, for 67 days is questionable, yet certainly links all peoples indirectly to the 33 levels of universal Freemasonry, which links all to the George Washington death date of 67 years. 

Even though the scriptures are being fulfilled on a daily basis, it must be understood that the anti-christ system (1 John 2:18), has to play according to the Word of Father God Almighty. Recall the scripture prophecy of Colosians 1:16 “All things were created for the purpose and pleasure of the Holy Trinity, not the unholy trinity.” 

It must be remembered that this ancient battle, is not a physical one in the first instance, but a ancient spiritual one (Ephesians 6:12).  

In this case, of the 33 miners being trapped for 67 days, which is like many other new age events, it was and still is for the anti-christ system, to program and then perform lying signs and wonders, so that they can perfect their 1776 new world order concept.

What is the significant, for them the antichrist system, also known as the children of Lucifer (1 John 3:10), but to enable them to establish their ungodly NWO conspiracy plan, which would allow them, to secretly establish their unholy trinity of Lucifer/George Washington to the modern day antichrist known as the Scarab (David Rockefeller) as their god and christ godhead.

What is the ultimate goal but to establish their unholy trinity so that they can make war against the Lamb of God Almighty refer to the scripture prophecy of Revelation 17:8-14……..

The mystery to the above 33 miners being trapped for 67 days, obviously leads the whole world, to the new world order concept of the sin of witchcraft. 

Pay immediate attention to the next month of November which each year celebrates Thanks Giving Day.

In other words the world is set up indirectly to give thanks unto George Washington/Lucifer as Annuit Coeptis/Yod.

What makes this a fact is that all peoples on this day of different religions, celebrate together especially within the new Israel being the USA the big daddy of the world.

The scriptures prophecy in Ephesains chapter 5 that you cannot mix darkness with light!   

Remember that the questionable number of 67, definately relates to the rebelious number of 13 (6+7=13), but it has all to do with when George Washington died at the age of 67 years old.

The eyeopener to the above sin of witchcraft numbered as 67, which also realtes to 13 simply operates with another standard which is to the 13 enlightened men of the Illuminat/Sanhedrin, known secretly as George Washington/Lucifer’s workers of darkness of this world (Ephessians 6:12).

But it must be understood, that the main principal, to this number of 67, is that it will always relate to the death age of George Washington, the god of whom they all trust in “In God we Trust” theory.

Recall George Washington is secretly known as the Fatherhood of God (Father of America).  

Incidentally, to clarify the 67 days or 67 years, George Washington was born on the 11th of February 1732 – yet died on the 14th of December 1799.

The catch 22 to the start of the above 5th of August 2010, 33 miners trapped in a mine in Chile for 67 days, which simply had all to do with when George Washington died we have to consider that George Washington at the young age of 21 years old, became one with the spirit of Lucifer on the 4th of Augsut 1753. 

Unknown to many the world over each year, in a very secret manner, all the hierarchy of universal Freemasonry celebrate within their dark Masonic chambers this day of the 4th of August.

Recall President GW Bush the G8 (Yodh 8) leader took leave from the 1st of August each year of his Presidency and went to Kenny Bunk Port Maine to worship his fore father GW.

Another senerio to consider was when the bridge collapsed killing 13 people, President GW Bush went to visit the site on the 4th of August 2008. 

Bear in mind George Washington at the young age of 21 years old, became one with the spirit of Lucifer via lodge # 4 Fredericksburg Virginia. 

Nevertheless there has to be a link between the 4th of August 1753 to the modern day and age saga of the 5th of August 2010.  

There has to be a hidden agenda  to the cleverly titled saga known as the 33 miners that were trapped in a Chile mine for 67 days. 


The missing link to the above masses into their new world order religion that Lucifer is their god. 
In other words all there made up events are merely done in the name of their secret godhead titled as Annuit Coeptis/Yod which relates to George Washington/Lucifer. 

To get undertsanding to the above it must be understood that Chile is based in South America. From the understanding of scripture prophecy of Daniel 8:9 the little horn will wax exceedingly great from south which simply means south of North America. 

There is obviously, more to this encounter of 33 Chile miners, trapped 2300 ft, under the ground, than to what the human eye can see or human intellect can understand. 
Another important consideration, is to note, is when did these 33 miners get trapped in this under the ground situation but on the 5th of August 2010.

It must be noted that it was one day after the 4th of August 2010, which many people dont realise that much went on behind closed Masonic doors of the 4th of August 2010.  

The amazing fact of this ungodliness, is that from the 5th of August 2010 these 33 miners were trapped under the earth surface, yet they were prepared to be realeased from this evil situation 67 days later, dated the 13th of black October 2010.   

The amazing fact, is that there is a massive Masonic subliminal message to the 67 days, of the 33 miners, who were trapped in darkness underground. 

This entrapment of the 33 Chilean miners under the ground has another meaning to it scripturally known as “On.” 

This term of “On” which scripturally relates to the spirit beings of Lucifer/George Washington as one Annuit Coeptis/Yod godhead, being the god of the underworld refer to Genesis 41:45……
“And Pharoah/Lucifer called Joseph name Zaphanth – Paaneah and gave him to wife Asenath the daughter of Potipherah the priest of “On.” 
Unknown to many the world over, this term “On” which has a massive darkside to it which secretly means underworld – of the prince of darkness meaning Lucifer. 
It is known scripturally as being Lucifer’s head quarters. 
Undoubtedly, this concept is known scripturally as being Hades/Shoul. 
So in other words the 33 trapped Chilean miners, from the 13th of black new age October 2010 were brought back to light in the name of George Washington/Tammuz/Lucifer.
Recall Tammuz means son of life or in Masonic terms GW/Tammuz means or relates to their Masonic christ like figure. 
Pay attention that the Masonic order worldwide believe that George Washington fulfilled the all important scripture prophecy of Isaiah 9:6, is it not that George Washington had all Governments (One World Yod/Annuit Coeptis Governments) upon his narrow shoulders……  
To support the above concepts, it must be recognized that before George Washington died of loss of blood on the 14th of December 1799, the hierarchy of Freemasonry with drew over 6 pints of blood from George Washington’s dying body.  
In other words they believed that there was life in GW blood, which honored him as their way truth and life. 
The amazing fact is that George Washington’s death report states that he GW died of loss of blood.  
Needless to say, George Washington known today as the fatherhood of god and as the brotherhood of mankind, who was secretly known from behind their closed Masonic doors as the Masonic christ named Tammuz/George Washington.  
In other words, Tammuz/George Washington, means to all Freemasonry as their son of life.  
Unknown to many the world over, the 67 days, that the miners in Chile were trapped for, indirectly it relates to when George Washington died at the age of 67 years old.  
Incidentally, George Washington died on the 14th of December 1799, but was born in 1732. 
To go one further, the 33 miners in Chile trapped underground, had all to do with the 33 levels of Freemasonry. 
It must be remembered, that all Masonic candidates are taught to reach George Washington’s Masonic heaven, they meaning all candidates, have to climb the 33 steps of the Scottish Rite of Universal Freemasonry to reach that goal. 

    This concept is known as George Washington/Lucifer’s celestial lodge or heaven. 
These 33 steps are known secretly as Jacobs (Israel) ladder, but there is a twist to this Jacob’s ladder, which is merely that there are only ten steps to the new age York Rite degree. 
        In other words there is only 10 steps to reach GW celestial lodge or heaven. 
Bear in mind, the 10 steps of the York Rite are based upon the dangerous Jewish/Hebrew term of “Yod.” 
Yod the dangerous term for the George Washington/Lucifer godhead, is incidentally linked and known as being the tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. 
Bear in mind, Lord JESUS nearly 2,000 years ago, prophesied this concept of Yod anti-christ into existence, while preaching His sermon upon the mount, simply refer to scripture prophecy of Matthew 5:18.  
                     Pay attention to the mere fact that jot equals unto yod.   
In other words,  the York Rite Yod term, is cleverly based upon the Jewish Torah and its 613 Jewish Torah Commandments. 
Recall the Egyptian term of “rah” which is the last three letters of Torah, relates to George Washington/Lucifer in every way as being the son of the morning, or as the sun god ra who rises from the east each morning.  
It must be understood, that rah the son of the morning is relating to George Washington – Tammuz/Lucifer as one body, being the son of Masonic life – tree of life which is based upon the dangerous term of Reincarnation. 
Unknown to many this term of reincarnation is part and parcel of chapter 4 of the 613 Jewish Torah Commandments, which relates to the 33 miners who have to come back to the earth surface from darkness to Masonic light. 
Recall Lord JESUS died and on the third day, rose to glory and life on the morning of the third day, making Him Lord JESUS worthy of the term son of the morning – the Bright Morning Star. 
It must be noticed, how the Masonic press and its television reporters, cleverly announced,  that the first three miners of the Chile mine disaster, were going to be lifted from darkness to light on the morning of the 13th of black new age October 2010.   
Unknown to many George Washington on his death bed requested his Illuminati/Sanhedrin hierarchy not to bury him until three days have past, ending with the term “Tiswell.” 
This concept of George Washington was in all ways of a anti-christ concept and in every way contrary to the burial and resurrection of our Lord and Savior JESUS the Christ Emmanuel. 
It must be remembered that George Washington’s Masonic Annuit Copetis /Yod sealed ring letter in 1796 to Tripoli, stated that by no ways and means did he George Washington base the American Government or its Constitution on the Christian religion or the Bible which is the Word of God Almighty. 
The major question to be asked what in the name of hell did he GW and his 12 enlightened ones known as his Illuminati (Sanhedrin) base the American Government and its constitution upon, but Luciferian worship. 
Recall General Albert Pike addressed this same one world Yod Government in Paris France by letter in 1889… “stating that the doctrine of Satanism was and still is a heresy, but the true and pure religion of universal Freemasonry, is based upon the Luciferian concept, doctrine and religion “Yes Lucifer is God.” 
In other words, yet unknown to many the world over, the 33 miners in Chile were brought by the Masonic riddle or ritual, via their god of light and reflections namely George Washington/Lucifer. 
Unknown to many due to much Masonic brainwashing or the desensitizing of peoples minds into their new world order conspiracy concept that George Washington is their christ and that Lucifer was and still is their god. 
It must be remembered that this ministry warned all many a time that George Washington and the spirit of Lucifer became one spirit and god head on the 4th of August 1753, notice how the 33 miners in Chile (South America) were trapped, yet a day after on the 5th of August 2010. 
Recall the 44th President of the USA known scripturally as Ishmael, Barack Hussein Obama, who was born on the 4th of August 1963 a coincidence or was there a distinct subliminal message to this 5th of August 2010 mine disaster in Chile. 
It must be said that the scripture prophecy of Daniel 8:9 distinctly forewarns that the little horn (anti-christ spirit) will rise up from the south of Egypt but in this encounter, the little horn or spirit of anti-christ namely George Washington/Lucifer as Annuit Coeptis/Yod had to rise up from the south of America (pleasant land) which is Chile South America. 
It must be understood at present the whole world has gone in the ways of Cain (Jude 11) which was and still is after the error of Baalim (Lucifer spirit masquerading as the false prophet) towards the gainsaying of Core. 
Unknown to many the term Core leads all peoples to the dangerous term of Esau, known as the red hairy one, whom Father God Almighty hated – Malachi 1:2-3. 
In other words due to ignorance or a bombardment of misinformation or if we may call it rebellion of the Word of God Almighty all peoples have supported the mere fact that the new world order conspirators have downgraded Jacob as Israel and re-established Esau as Israel.    
Another important fact to consider is the 23,000ft that the miners were trapped underground. In actual fact the number of 23 is the main factor because it relates to the scripture prophecy of Psalm 23.  
In other words the hierarchy of Freemasonry, are saying due to them by electing George Washington as their Worshipful Master and as their Father of America or as the fatherhood of god and as the brotherhood of mankind, he is the world’s Sheppard…… 
Recall, they Freemasonry believe that George Washington was born from the 11th of February 1732 to give them life and life more abundantly, to go one further why do you think the new age movement of anti-christ established George Washington as their tree of life at their Jewish/Egyptian Disney Animal Kingdom in Orlando Florida.  
In other words the new world order conspirators of 1776, cleverly tricked the masses into their new age concept of reincarnating George Washington/Lucifer’s spirits by addressing them as their tree of life.
Needless to say, this ungodly Annuit Coeptis/Yod godhead within mankind’s heart’s, have been from day one simply for the purpose and pleasure of craeting war against the Lamb of God Almighty known as Lord JESUS the Christ Emmanuel (Revelation 17:1-14). 
So by raising the 33 miners from darkness to light on the 13th of black October 2010, has drawn the masses into the concept that George Washington/Lucifer as their Annuit Coeptis/Yod godhead by their power and authority is god and christ. 
What is important about this ritual, that lasted for 67 days of darkness. 
The amazing fact, which many are not aware of is that this event of the 67 days relate to chapter 4 of the 613 Jewish Torah Commandments. 
Which undoubtedly, states that all Jews and certain Gentiles, must practice the dangerous or the ungodly ritual of reincarnation, on a daily basis or as many times as possible. 
Nevertheless, many do not realize that George Washington is regarded as Masonic light or as their christlike figure, who had to be re-birthed by his people from darkness to Masonic light.  
Why do you think both houses of Masonic congress orchestrated on the 10th of March 1865 as a rule of law The Apotheosis of George Washington. 
Pay immediate attention, to the meaning of the dangerous term of the word “apotheosis” which literally means to raise a person to the rank of a god or an icon. 
It must be said The Apotheosis of George Washington is scripturally regarded as being the ultimate sin of witchcraft. 

The writing has been on the Masonic walls for years as a matter of a fact, George Washington’s rise fame as christ has been clearly described on all Masonic Altars, in the firts instance. 

Recall after Lucifer fell down to the ground or earth, Father God Almighty prophesied that he Lucifer would weaken the nations into his new world order conspiracy concept which was that he was equal to the Most High (Isaiah 14:12-14). 

Firstly, it must be understood that the order of universal Freemasonry since 1776, have conspired via the 70 ancient houses of Israel to raise Lucifer the spirit god of this world from the bottomless pit (Isaiah 14:15), and in the process they had to create their own Masonic christ, which undoubtedly was George Washington as Tammuz – their son of life.  
The scriptures prophesied this event, as being the rise of the anti-christ, known scripturally as him being the son of perdition, the son of Lucifer, the man of sin, who will perform lying signs and wonders in the name of his father of lies meaning Lucifer.  
According to the scripture prophecy of 2 Thessalonian 2:7, this man of sin known as the anti-christ, will perform lying signs and wonders on his father Lucifer’s behalf to con the masses into their new world order concept that was established from 1776 that he Lucifer is their god. 
Remember the scripture prophecy of Jeremiah 1:17…. 

“The men have sinned against the Lord God of Israel, neither their gold and silver will be able save them in the great and notable day of the Lord God The I AM that I AM……” 

2 thoughts on “Watch out for subliminal message as the 33 miners in Chile are taken from darkness to light

  1. A yot is the Hebrew letter yod the smallest letter inherbrew And is the 1st letter of the LORD’s name. A TITTLE are the very small crowns that are on top of Hebrew letter mosty on the Lamed the largest Hebrew letter
    It has nothing to do with a spirit. Only that Yeshua (Jesus) was useing the smallest part of the hebrew ABC’s to make a point. That if a tittle is not removed nothing will be removed.
    Yeshua was and is Jewish the more you learn Jewish ways the more the New Testment makes since

    • Greetings Rabbi David G, the term Yod/Jot/Yot and tittle are very dangerous terms at this point of time, it has all to do with the spirit of Lucifer/George Washington/David the Rock efeller the new age Messiah (Chapter 13 of the 613 Jewish Torah Commandments), simply or secretly ordained as the world’s triune godhead.

      Pay attention the Word of Father God Almighty warns us explicitly according to the scripture prophecy of Titus 1:14 not to give heed to or to believe in Jewish Fables (Public Law 102-14 – 7 Noahide Laws of Noah) or Commandments of men (613 Jewish Torah commandments), who have , undoubtedlyturned from the truth of the scriptures and its prophecies.

      Unknown to many due to ignorance or a bombardment of misinformation, the Jewish (Hebrew)/Egyptian (Scottish/York Rite) Freemasonry, has more than one meaning to its symbols, ceremonies and rituals, they rather conceal, than to reveal the truth.

      What should open many eyes and raise many red flags, was and still is to consider, in the very first instance, the secret ceremony titled as Contemporary Freemasonry, that took its course in the Holy Land Israel from 1953 (refer to web page – Contemporary Freemasonry in the Holy Land Israel).

      This was when, the hierarchy of the Jewish Rabbi’s of the 5 continents of the world, well supported by the heads of the Jewish Sanhedrin/GW Jewish/Egyptian/German Illuminati, obviously led by York Rite 33rd degree Freemason, Robert Morris of Boston Ma. secretly # 888 (lodge number), declared The Year of the Light in 1953.

      The dark side or meaning to this Year of the Light ceremony in 1953, is that the hierarchy of universal Jewish/Egyptian Freemasonry believe, that the spirits of Lucifer and George Washington, as one spirit godhead, namely Yod/Annuit Coeptis, were and still are the light bearers of the world and universe.

      Undoubtedly, yet in a secret manner, 40 years later meaning in 1993, from the nation of South Africa known secretly as the Jewish/Egyptian Masonic converted South Africa, the “Year of the Yod” was declared in 1993.

      The major question to be asked, was this a secret agenda, a coincidence or a new world order conspiracy plan and order.

      The answer is yes, refer to the GW owlgod Molech USA $1 bill “In God we Trust” front and rearside, which explains the above to perfection, via the Jewish Star of David/King Solomon seal known as the 28th degree of the Knight of the Sun symbol, cleverly elevated above the mythical bird known as the Pheonix who shall rise from the ashes head.

      It must be said, this event was merely a fulfillment of scripture prophecy of Matthew 5:18, this was after Lord JESUS as the Head Cornerstone of the Universe and Earth (Matthew 21:42-43) prophesied, while doing His all important sermon upon the mount, nearly 2,000 years ago, by simply prophesying the rise of the new age Yod/Jot/yot/Annuit Coeptis – new world order antichrist one world government godhead.

      The term tittle, simply means, that the world, will be led by the E Pluribus Unum son of Lucifer, known as the son of perdition (2 Thessalonians 2:3-9.

      Scripturally this above event is known as the Abomination of Desolation refer to Matthew 24:15 – Daniel 12:10-13.

      This modern day new age tittle character, is also known scripturally old and new testiment as the antichrist (1 John 2:18 – 1 John 4:3), meaning that he will operate from behind closed doors of the United Nations secretly numbered 777, and as being the Jewish/Egyptian Scarab Beetle (reincarnator) secretly named as “David” simply refer to Chapter 4 of the 613 Jewish Torah Commandments.

      Like George Washington was as the Egyptian Dung Beetle from 1753, after he GW, became one with the spirit of Lucifer, on the 4th of August 1753. from Lodge # 4 Fredericksburg Virginia, so will he David be one with the spirits of George Washington/Lucifer as one godhead secretly titled as Yod/Annuit Coeptis.

      Recall the Latin term Annuit Coeptis literally means in English “He that is god by the undertaking of the people of the world.” Like the term the Apotheosis of George Washington literally means to raise a person to the rank of a god or as an icon, meaning a christlike figure namely Tammuz which means son of life.

      It must be noted that this above ceremony, in 1753 from lodge #4 Fredericksburg Virginia, was well camourflaged by the hierarchy of the Order of the square, as the day GW became the Master Mason of the Universe, simply at the questionable young age of 21 years old (7+7+7 = 21) refer to George Washington’s Masonic Apron he received from the French p2 Murder Lodge in 1784.

      It must be understood, that the term Yod is the 10th letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, like “J” is the 10th letter of the English Masonic alphabet.

      Here comes the major question, how can the Jews be called Jews, if there is no letter “J” in the Hebrew alphabet, in other words the Jews should be called Yews.

      Recall the disciple Paul, said that he is a Hebrew of Hebrews (not a Jew of Jews) and prophesied that he was of the tribe of Benjamin, the 12th son of Jacob (Israel) the Hebrew.

      Pay attention that the prophecy scripture of Jeremiah 34:9, distinctly prophesied that there is a difference of a Hebrew/Hebrewess and their brother a Jew……

      Here comes the catch 22 to the dangerous term of Yod, according to General Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma, written in 1888, on page 15, it says that in the east of the Lodge (rising of the son (sun) god Rah which in Egyptian means Lucifer, the Jews call him Shaharit), over the worshipful Master head or seat of power, inclosed in a triangle is the Hebrew letter of Yod.

      Yet in the English and American (new Israel since 1948) lodges the letter “G” is subsituted for the term Yod (In God we Trust – Lucifer/George Washington Annuit Coeptis), like the French Lodges use the dangerous term of “Die U” for Yod.

      It must be remembered that the “U” symbol, cleverly illustrates to the death and rebirth (reincarnation) of Lucifer’s spirit back upon earth surface, within mankinds hearts.

      Iin other words the letter “U” equals unto the name of Lucifer.

      Notice that the 10 (Yod) United Nations (Church of Nicolatians Revelation 2:6) hosts their G7 (Yod 7) Bill Clinton and their G8 (Yodh 8) GW Bush USA President’s leaders to the world, which is clearly illustrated in Revelation 17:11 as…….

      “the Masonic NASA beast E Pluribus Unum, that was and is not etc, even he Lucifer/George Washington/David the false Rock, even was he of the eight (G8 – Yodh 8 -GW Bush) and is of the seven meaning the G7 – Yod 7 equals to Bill Clinton, who goeth into perdition…..

      Recall Bill Clinton said from the steps of the City Hall of Cape Town South Africa in 1998 via national television “I saw you (George Washington/Lucifer as a one godhead Annuit Coeptis – Phoenix) rise from darkness to light.”

      Yet G8 (Yodh 8) leader President GW Bush orchestrated the all important 2003 November the 14th to the 16th, known as the ungodly/antichrist event of “Fait (Fiat) Lux” day ceremony, secretly known as “Let there be Light” which was from his Masonic country called Texas.

      Secondly, the above events, extends itself to the G20 (Yod 20) nations, which relates to Tammuz (George Washington secretly known as the fatherhood of god), which is as the letter “T” which is the 20th letter of the English Masonic alphabet.

      Like the “U” letter, is as the 21st letter of the alphabet, which equals to 7+7+7 (777) which undoubtedly is the secret number of the UN prayer or medition rock image street address being 777.

      There is much more this Ministry, could offer you as a explanation Rabbi and others, to the above request of the term Yod/Yot/Jot and Tittle.

      But the most important fact, to consider, is that the new age guru, David Spangler, also known as the Director of the Planetary Division of the United Nations, said from Evians France new age platform in 1991, “that before the world can enter into the new world order concept, of the forefathers led by GW, that will have to pledge allegience to worship Lucifer.”

      Recall David Spangler said, this from Evians France, which was directly after thousand points of light new Israel American President GHW Bush declared, the 1776 New World Order conspiracy plan (Jeremiah 11:9-10), on September the 11th 1991, as a rule of law.

      Whichh undoubtedly meant, yet cleverly by new world indoctrination standards, that Lucifer/George Washington as Yod/Annuit Coeptis godhead, is as their god of light and reflections/Masonic Jewish/Egyptian god and Masonic christ, secretly known as their Microprosposos/Macroprosposos.

      Recall the two terms of Annuit Coeptis (Apotheoesis of George Washington), means He (George Washington/Lucifer) that is god bt the undertaking of the people, and the Apotheosis of GW – as the Yod godhead literally means, to raise a person to the rank of a god and or a icon christlike figure).

      Recall what General Albert Pike letter said in 1889, which was 24 years after they declared in 1865 The Apotheosis of George Washington as a rule of law (10th of March 1865), Pike deceitfully addressed his one world Yod/Annuit Coeptis Government, gathered in Paris France (P2 Murder Lodge) by saying “Yes Lucifer is God.”

      Pike also admitted that Adonay was also God, but that Lucifer as theiur god was fighting against Adonay the God of the Hebrew/Christians for the freedom of mankind from the Blood Sacrifice of His only begotten Son of Life JESUS The Christ Emmanuel (1 John 5;7 to 5:8 King Jmaes version only).

      What needs to be a eyeopner to all the above was when Senator Harry Reid said in 2007, via the Assimulated Press report, that he has sold his soul to Lucifer, like President GW Bush and others refer to Assimulated Press report dated the 14th of December 2007.

      Thank you for your comment please if you need to ask any other questions please be free to email us, but please pay attention to the 613 Jewish Torah Commandments and the Jewish Fables (Public Law 102-14/7 Noahide Laws of Noah or the 7 forms of light circled around the altar of King Solomon’s Quarries – United Nations) that was well orchestrated from the Year of the Light ceremony in 1953.

      This important fact is to consider Chapter 4 of the 613v Jewish Torah titled under the heading of Reincarnation, and Chapter 13, which emphasizes that the Jewish Moshiach/Mashiach Messiah name has to be David dead or alive.

      Also take note that the Jewish Torah and Menorah end with the 3 dangerous letters of rah, which means in Egyptian/Jewish Freemasonry, as being the spirit of Lucifer, known as their sungod rah or as their light bearer or bringer of light.

      Regards Dennis David Fisher the Holy Trinity’s talking Hebrew/Christian donkey ehaaw ehhaaw

      May God Almighty The I Am that I Am Bless You Shalom

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