There is a seperation Bible & State, but no seperation of Freemasonry’s Morals & Dogma & State!

It must be understood that the Lord God Almighty, The I Am that I Am as prophesied according to 2 Timothy 3:9…… “That He the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel) is not slack concerning His Promise, as men count slackness…..

But all shall come unto to Repentance by and through the Precious Blood of Lord JESUS The Christ Emmanuel – The Alpha and The Omega.

Recall the scripture prophecy of John 14:6, warns all that Kord JESUS as The Alpha and The Omega (Revelation 1:11), was and still is, the way truth and life, back unto the true Father of Light the “I AM that I Am.”

Many peoples the world over, do not understood, from the time, the “Apotheosis of George Washington/Lucifer” was secrertly made a rule of law, which was on the 10th of March 1865; the writing was on the walls of universal Freemasonry, that Lucifer/George Washington was secretly classed as god and christ.

In other words, from the existance of the Apotheosis of George Washington/Lucifer from 1865, started the ball rolling, for there to be a seperation of Bible – 10 Commanments and States.

Unknown to many peoples, the word apotheosis literally means, to raise a person to the rank of a god or an icon, which increased the belief in the 1888 written Morals and Dogma of Freemasonry and States.

Unknown to many the world over, the above sin of witchcraft stemmed from the belief of universal Freemasonry’s establishing their apotheosis of their faith innitiative of their sublime degree refer to 321 of General Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma.

In other words both houses of Masonic Congress, well supported, by the One World Yod/Annuit Coeptis (George Washington/Lucifer) Government, deliberately broke the 1st of the 10 Commandments, by creating George Washington/Lucifer as their god and christ messiah.

Note George Washington from behind closed Masonic hierachy doors, is known as the Fatherhood of God and as the brotherhood of mankind.

Nevertheless, from this point of time of 1865, universal Freemasonry secretly, issued a new age rule of law; that there was and still is, a seperation of Bible (Church) and States, but ordered that there had to be, from 1865 a Luciferian/George Washington/Pharoah Freemasonry, and its 1888 Morals and Dogma and States.

One typical example of the above new age movement, of the sin of witchcraft, which was and still is based upon, the theory of the men of the house of Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, who formed this ungodly new world order conspiracy plan, way back in time (Jeremiah 11:9=10), which was based upon their forefathers return unto Luciferian worship.

All must be reminded that from 1889 one year after the Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma were launched in 1888, Pike foretold his One World Yod/Annuit Coeptis George Washington/Lucifer Governemnt leaders gathered in Paris France “Yes Lucifer is God.”

Undoubtedly thisJudah and inhabitants of Jerusalem conspiracy act, was based upon, the house Judah and the inhabitants forefathers belief, from their perveted Luciferian hearts, that the Lord God of Israel seeth them not, by their belief that the Lord God of Israel, had forsaken the earth, refer to the scripture prophecy of Ezekiel 8:10-11.

To add more fuel to their fire, it must be noticed, that according to the spirit of prophecy, that the Jewish/Egyptian women, who were sitting on the outer porch of the King Solomon’s Quarries (Temple of the 70 ancient houses of rebellious Israel), weeping for the rebirth of Tammuz (son of life – son of Nimrod).

Unknown to many peoples of the world, this was the same time, as to when the 24 high priest had their backs towards the altar and temple, and worshipped the sungod (Rah – Lucifer) from the east refer to the scripture prophecy of Ezekiel 8:12-16.

Nevertheless, the spirit of Lucifer as Rah – sungod, known scripturally, as the sun of the morning (Isaiah 14:12), would weaken the nations into this ungodly concept or trap, from the time he Lucifer fell down to the earth.

In other words, as recorded Lucifer as the god of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4), would blind the masses into his old, yet new world order concept (Isaiah 14:14) that he is equal unto the Most High.

If we look to the new world order concept, of the forefathers of 1776, they have basically put pen to paper of Isaiah 14:12-14. Recall Ephessains 2:2 prophesied that the prince of the air and the power thereof meaning Lucifer/George Washington as one godhead, their spirits are now working in the children of disobedience.

In other words, the new world order conspirators of 1776, were born to usherin Lucifer the angel of false light, as their god and messiah.

Recall their main mission, was to rebirth the spirit of Lucifer, from the bottomless pit (Isaiah 14:15) back unto the earth surface, within mankinds hearts.

Bear in mind, that Lord JESUS became the most hated, after he cast the Jewish/Egyptian angel of false light namely Lucifer into the bottomless pit refer to the scripture prophecies of Isaiah 14:15 – Matthew 4:10-11.

Pay attention to the mere fact, Lord JESUS did prophesy, that from the foundation of the world, that Lucifer was known as the father of lies and was a murderer (John 8:44) of Father God Almighty’s spirits and souls.

A true picture drawen, from the beginning of time, meaning after the spirit of Lucifer beguiling Adam and Eve into his Masonic Pharoah Tree, web of deceit in the very first instance, started the balling rolling of the antichrist system (1 John 2:18 – 1 John 4:3).

Nevertheless, the above, has to be the sin of witchcraft (1 Samuel 15:23), prophesied by Lord JESUS according to Matthew 5:18 Jot equals to Yod.

In other words, the men have sinned against the Lord God Almighty of Israel, due to a them, being brainwashed, by the spirit of Lucifer, that if they worship him, then he will become their god, who would be as an equal unto the Most High, refer to the scripture prophecy Isaiah 14:13-14.

In the second instant, all Hebrews/Christians, must understand, that this has been an ancient spiritual war, from the time Lucifer within Adam and Eve’s hearts fell down to the cursed earth.

In other words, Lucifer established himself, within Adam and Eve as their god and messiah (christlike figure) after they rebelled against the Word of Father God Almighty, movement, which allowed them, to become Lucifer’s Yod Government leaders.

Refer to the Freemason emblem worldwide known as the Masonic Compass (Adam) and Siderule (Eve) emblem, which indictes to the “G” equals to the Yod within compass and siderule.

The letter G – Yod equals to how Adam and Eve produced the spirit of Lucifer, into the flesh as Cain the marked beast and wanderer refer to Isaiah 14:16.

Is this the man Cain/Lucifer that made the earth to tremble and caused extensive devastation……..

Yet it must be understood that Lucifer’s secret weapon of mass destruction, that he has used against the Body of Christ JESUS, is his Universal order of Jewish/Egyptian Freemasonry, known as his antichrist – ungodly rulers (workers) of darkness, of this new world order (Ephessians 6:12).

Another important fact to consider is that Freemasonry originated from Egypt, which engulfed the Hebrews, while in capitivity as slaves in Egypt.

It must be understood that there is a distinct difference between Hebrews and Jews refer to Jeremiah 23:9.

Recall Lucifer spirit within Pharoah was King of Egypt.

The secret of Freemasonry is found in Genesis 4:20-22 which is the three pillars within King Solomons temple/quarries, known as Jabal – Jubal – Tubalcain (sister Naamah).

All must pay attention that Israel does not means Jews or relates in anyways, to any other creed, religion or race, but to Jacob the Hebrew, who Father God Almighty annointed as being His Israel. .

Remembered as prophesied in Malachi 1:2-3 Father God Almighty, prophesied, that He hated Esau (Core) the red hairy one, the twin brother of Jacob (Hebrew), yet as recorded loved Jacob.

One of the secret moves of the Jewish/Egyptian Freemasonry from the time of the new world order conspiarcy act, of 1776, was to recreate Lucifer’s son of perdition named Esau (Core) back as Israel, by downgrading (destroying) Jacob as Israel refer to Jude 11……

“Woe unto them (World system) for they gone in the ways of Cain, who went after the error of Baalim (Lucifer as the false prophet), towards the gainsaying of Core (Esau).”


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