The Blucifer & Anubis Statue at the Denver Int’l Airport has opened door for death/destruction.

Don’t cry America or civilizations Lord JESUS warned all that there shall be wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes fires of brimstone, pestilence, tidal waves etc as you allowed the three NWO unclean spirits known as Ishmael Obam – Joseph George Walker Bush and King Solomon/Esau Bill Clinton to bring in the order of chaos.

Which was based upon the scripture prophecy of Matthew 24:24……

“If possible My very elect (Royal Priesthood) shall be deceived by the false prophets and the false christ’s.”

In other words the spirit of Lucifer – the red dragon/George Washington as the beast/new orld order – 70 ancient houses of rebellious Israel, which was and still is led by David Solomon the Scarab Rockefeller, the United Nations leader secretly # 777 as the false prophet.

The above unholy antichrist charchters, are at the present moment performing lying signs and wonders, like man made earthquakes., tsunamies, tornadoes, tidal waves, fires, hurricanes, preparing the people for the Battle of Armageddon, by simply placing fear in their hearts and souls refer to the scripture prophecy Revelation 16:13-16.

Just as one typical example look at what the rulers of darkness of this world Obama – Bush and Clinton (Universal Freemasons)and their 70 ancient nations of rebellious Israel have set up at the Denver International Airport, the stutues of Blucifer and Anubis.

(Click here to read about Blucifer and Anubis)

Recall Senator Harry Reid openly said via a Associated Press report in Yod 2007 “Harry Reid” sold his soul like GW Bush etc to Lucifer, undoubtedly this includes Bill Clinton and now Ishmael Barack Hussein Obama/Hillary Clinton the false Jewish/Egyptian Anubis/Blucifer prophet’s of doom.

(Click here to read about Senator Harry Reid and Lucifer)

Thus saith the Lord God Almighty of Israel related to The Blood Covenant of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, “Where are your gods Lucifer – Blucifer (Pale Blue Horse and Rider)/George Washington – Annibus (Death) and rock – David Solomon the Scarab Rockefeller/Sasson in whom they trusted in

Pay attention Hebrew/Christian’s it is time to get into sack cloth for the great day of the Lord God Almighty of Israel cometh like a thief in the night to rapture or take His glorified Church or Bride away……

But first there shall be wars and rumors of wars man made earthquakes, hurricane’s tornadoes, tsunamies etc as the prince of the air and the power of it namely Lucifer/George Washington as the risen beast the Pheonix # 999 – Mythical Bird.

Who ascended by the peoples demand of the NWO workers of darkness NASA Masonic conspiracy act from the bottomless pit refer to Revelation 17:8-13.

It must be realized that the spirits of Lucifer (LCF)/George Washington (GW) as one godhead Yod/Annuit Coeptis.

Unknown or unrealized that the spirits of LCF/GW is now worketh in the children of disobedience (Ephessians 2:2), meaning deaf and dumb spirits of NWO believers, who have brainwashed or minds desensitized into Jewish Fables and Commandment of men (Titus 1:14).

This means that all meaning 98% of Americans and all civilizations, are under the curse of Public Law 102-14 – 7 Noahide Laws of Noah and the 613 Jewish Torah Commandments who have truned from th etruth of the scriptures and the 10 Commandments given unto Moses the Hebrew.

In other words, the men of the houses or temples of Jewish/Egyptian Freemasonry, have sinned against “The I Am that I Am” (Zephaniah 1:17)………

What was these men sin but their ungodliness to downgrade the 10 Commandments given to Moses the Hebrew, and to indirectly, brainwash the masses into their mickey mouse 613 Jewish Torah Commandments.

Unknown to many, yet an eye opener to the Jewish declaration of the Year of the Light from the Holy Land Israel in 1953, was the two Jewish holy symbols known as the Torah and Menorah.

Undoubtedly they both end with the 3 letters or term “rah” which by Egyptian standards means Lucifer the son (sun) of the morning (Isaiah 14:12), yet secretly the Jews address Lucifer as their Shaharit, the morning star or morning sun/star god.

In other words the subliminal Jewish message to the 1953 Year of the Light ceremony, was and still is based on the 1753 ceremony that happened on the 4th of August 1753 from Lodge # 4 Fredericksburg Virginia when George Washington at the young age of 21 years old (21 equals to 7+7+7) became one with the spirit of Lucifer cleverly titling it as GW becoming of the Master Mason of the Blue Lodge or the Master of the Universe.

What also confirms the above is that David Solomon the Scarab Rockefeller in 1953, numbered the Prayer or Meditaion room street address 777, which relates to GW age of 21 years old, when he GW became one with the spirit of Lucifer on the 4th of August 1753.

Incidentally this ungodly Meditation/Prayer numbered 777, houses a black granite rock altar, drapped with a 6 colored rainbow image of antichrist, simply coveying the 1953 Year of the Light message that George Washington/Lucifer are the peoples light bringers/bearers of light and the worlds rock of salvation.

It must be understood that all the above concepts, were based upon Jewish fables and Commandments of men refer to scripture prophecy of Titus 1:10-14.

In other words the above works of darkness is part and parcel of Zephaniah 1:17 which clearly prophesied…. “the men have sinned against the Lord God of Israel, neither their gold or silver will beable to save them, from the wrath of the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob known as Israel, in the great and notable day of the I Am that I Am.”

The writing has been upon the walls of the American Congress/United Nations/One World Yod/Annuit Coeptis Government, from the 10th of March 1865 after they made secretly The Apotheosis of George Washington – Lucifer a rule of law.

Which undoubtedly adds more fuel to their fire of sin, which stipulates in Zephaniah 1:17 for they the 70 ancient houses of rebellious Israel have sinned against the Lord God Almighty of Israel (Abraham- Isaac – Jacob). Recall the word apotheosis literally means to raise a person like George Washington to god and an icon equals to christ.

What is this sin, but the Apotheosis of Freemasonry’s sublime faith innitiative refer to page 321 of General Alnbert Pike’s Morals and Dogma written in 1888, which is merely Luciferian/George Washington worship.

Why have they taken this direction because thye all gone in the ways of Cain refer to Jude 11. In other words the new world order 1776 LCF/GW conspirators, directed their hearts and souls back to the ways of Cain as being their main forefather, which ment they were worshipping gods of the underworld On equals unto Baphomet – Lucifer refer the scripture prophecy of Exodus 20:5.

This worship of gods Molech and the golden calf or goat Baphomet below Mount Sinai before the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob (Israel) has forced the children unto the third (Cain equals to Jude 11) and fourth generations (Jabal – Jubal – Tubalcain/Namaah) who became haters of the God of Israel The I Am that I Am (Exodus 20:5).

Simply meaning that they the 70 ancient houses of rebellious Israel, dilberately broke “the Blood Covenant that was made with their forefather Abraham – Isaac – Jacob” refer to the scripture prophecy of Jeremiah 9:10-11.

The sin meaning Luciferian/George Washington worship, which was established by the great USA General Albert Pike.

He was also known as the grand supreme pontiff of universal Freemasonry, who secretly drafted in his letter, to his One World Yod Government leaders, who were secretly gathered on the 20th of July (Tammuz) 1889, in Paris France (P2 Murder Lodge) by saying……..

“The doctrine of Satanism was and still a heresy.”

The pure and true religion of Universal Freemasonry is of a Luciferian doctrine and concept “Yes Lucifer/George Washington is God” – The Apotheosis of George Washington/Lucifer – Annuit Coeptis/Yod.

General Albert Pike also admitted in the next breath of his letter in 1889…….

“that Adonay is also God” but that Lucifer (LCF)/George Washington (GW) as Yod/Annuit Coeptis godhead which included the spirits of Lucifer and GW as their Apotheosis of their sublime faith innitiative of Universal Freemasonry, was and still is fighting against Adonay for the freedom of all peoples from the blood sacrifice of Adonay only begotten Son Lord JESUS The Christ Emmanuel.

Jeremiah 33:3 Ministries explains the chaos that has hit the world in many ungodly mannerism is by the power and mannerisms of Lucifer/George Washington of Yod/Annuit Coeptis as the scriptures prophesy…………

That they LCF/GW have the power all death and destruction (human sacifice) refer to Hebrews 2:14, yet they now, they worketh as the prince of the air and the power of it, within all the children of disobedience refer to the scripture prophecy of Ephessains 2:2.

In other words, the spirit of Lucifer/George Washington as the risen NASA Masonic beast Yod/Annuit Coeptis will place fear into all people.

This needed fear will force them the people of the world, to worship them Annuit Coeptis/Yod, as the image of the beast Revelation 13:8, which was and still is due to their ignorance of the Holy Scriptures.

LCF/GW will use their power as being the prince of the air, which has allowed them by this power to cause man made NASA Masonic earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamies, tornadoes, pestilence etc refer to the scripture prophecy of 2 Thessalonians 2:9…..

Needless to say as prophesied according to 2 Thessalonians 2:9 they Lucifer/George Washington spirits as one godhead Yod/Annuit Coeptis, within their son of perdition David the Scarab Rock efeller, from their outer space temple International Space Station Alpha LCF/GW…..

Which would allow them from the start of Yod 2001 to perform lying signs and wonders upon the earth, by causing man made NASA Masonic conspiracy earthquakes – tsunamies – tornadoes – tidal waves – severe snow storms – hurricanes – fires (Molech) etc.

Recall, Lord JESUS painted nearly 2,000 years ago Lucifer the spirit god of this world as being the father of lies, who was a murderer of Father God spirits and souls meaning from Adam/Eve to the Righteous Abel refer to Matthew 23 :35.

Unknown to many peoples the world over this was the main & true reason to why Lord JESUS manifested in the flesh to the earth, to destroy Lucfier and his works of establishing his new world order (1 John 3:8), which was for him LCF to be equal unto the Most High/The I Am that I Am refer to Isaiah 14:14.

What needs to be understod at presentis that all the death and destruction like the Tornadoe’s that hit North Caroliner in April 2001 even the St Loius Airport etc today the 23rd of April 2011 to the earthquakes/tsunami that hit Japan to the tidal wave that hit Australia etc, has always been the LCF/GW as being the prince of the air and the power of it (Ephessains 2:2).

What needs to be understood by all peoples, is that when the new world order conspirators connived the peoples hearts and souls, into believing that George Washington was the fatherhood of God meaning that him and LCF were their bornagain new age Annuit Coeptis/Yod, which inturn means in English …..

“He Lucifer/GW that is god by the undertaking of the people.”

Which unknowingly yet due to ignorance or brainwashing of the people of the world, by allowing this evil concept, ignorantly people of the world, simply gave their power and authority to Lucifer/George Washington as their new age NASA Masonic Beast, which allowed him to go into perdition refer to Revealtion 17:8.

In other words the people gave him LCF/GW the authority to make war with the Lamb of Father God Almighty Lord JESUS The Christ Emanuel the Alpha and The Omega, refer to scripture prophecy Revelation 17:8-14.

Its time Hewbrew/Christian American’s known as FATHER God Almighty’s new Israel, to repent of their sin (Luciferian/George Washington Yod Worship)/(Presidents Obama – Ishmael/George W Bush – Joseph/Bill Clinton – King Solomon/Esau) brainwashing.

Pay attention to what new age guru David Spangler the Planetary Director of the United Nations said from his podium based in Evians France (P2 Murder Lodge) in 1991…..

“Before the world peoples can enter into the “1776 New World Order concept they will have to pledge allegience to worship Lucifer.”

Secondly David Spangler said in his next breadth, before the peoples can enter into the new age they will have to go through a Luciferian innitiation ceremony just to mention one September the 11th 2001 which happened 10 years later pay attention 10 equals to Yod.

General George Washington., known secretly as being the fatherhood of god, by his rulers of darkness of this world known as Jewish/Egyptian Universal Freemasonry, wrote a letter to Tripoli and the Hebrews/Jews in 1796 and sealed it with his Pharoah/LCF President ring……..

By no ways or means did he GW, base the American Government or its constitution on the Christian Bible or its Christian Religion three years before he died on the 14th of December 1799.

The major question has to be asked to all Hebrew/Christians what in the name of hell did GW base the American Government and its constitution upon but Jewish Fables and Commandments of men who have turned from the truth.

Recall 2 Peter 3:9 prophesied the “The Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob (Israel), is not slack concerning His promise, as men of the new world order conspiracy count slackness, but is long suffering to usward, not willing that any Hebrew/Christians should perish, but that all should come to repentance……..”


4 thoughts on “The Blucifer & Anubis Statue at the Denver Int’l Airport has opened door for death/destruction.

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  3. 18 2009..A report surfaced from a 1952 Denver newspaper article that a picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary was found in George Washingtons personal belongings adding to reports in an 1860 book that he was baptized Roman Catholic on his deathbed by a Jesuit priest from Georgetown University..It is further reported as a 16-year old youth Washington wrote making emphasis on the one hundred and ten Rules of Civility and Decent Behaviour in Company and Conversation which were first written by Jesuits and not as first reported by French scholars..According to researchers these maxims were so fully exemplified in George Washingtons life that biographers have regarded them as formative influences in the development of his character..In an article written in 1926 entitled Washingtons Copy of Rules of Civility Decent Behaviour In Company and Conversation reprinted in its entirety at the end of this article the following conclusion was drawn giving us further evidence that Washington was influenced by Jesuitism at an early age .

    • Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior JESUS the Christ Emmanuel our Alpha and our Omega, it must be understood that the picture of Mary the blessed virgin that was found in George Washington’s belongings was merely showing all peoples that they new world order conspirators thought or were made to believe that George Washington was the christ-child, masonically known as Tammuz which means son of life.

      The interesting fact of Mary the blessed virgin, is that George Washington’s mothers name was Mary that is whythey created the nursery rime Mary had a little lamb – George Washington recall all NWO conspirators believe GW was the fulfillment of Isaiah 9:6 “a child shall be born unto them a son shall be given and he will have the government upon his narrow shoulders, his name shall be called wonderful councilor……..”

      What supports the above theory is that on the 13th of December 1799 the hierarchy of GW Illuminati/Sanhedrin ordered the doctors to with draw over 6 pints of blood from GW dying body, because they believed that their was life in the blood of GW from the time he was born on the 11th of February 1732. Recall the new age conspiracy theory “the christ is now here.”

      In other words they were referring to the reincarnation or rebirth of George Washington/Lucifer spirit as Tammuz the Masonic christ, known secretly as the mythical bird (Pheonix) who shall rise from the ashes in 1999, refer to the film “End of days.”

      Recall GW died of loss of blood on the 14th of December 1799.

      Unknown to many there was a massive twist to GW death which was on the 14th of December 1799, which was that all students were been brainwashed into the Jewish Concept that GW died on the 14th of September 1799.

      Recall GW said on his dying bed, do not bury me until three days have past, which he was prophesying that if you subtract 3 days from from the 14th of September 1799 when he died under Jewish Law, you reach the 11th of September 1799.

      This concept has to be a major eye opener, to all peoples who were brainwashed to the concept that September the 11th 2001 was a terrorist attack. But that was merely a Jewish fable which became a commandment of men which allowed them to secretly establish George Washington as the god of light and reflections (Microprosposos/Macroprosposos) or as the fatherhood of god and as the brotherhood of all mankind.

      One of the secrets to the 7 Noahide Laws of Noah, which was legislated as Public Law 102-14 from 1989, was based upon when George Washington layed the time capsule and cornerstone at the Capitol Building which was on the 18th of September 1793, which is if you minus 7 days from the 18th of September 1793, we are back to the 11th of September 1793, a coincidence or fact.

      The hidden agenda to the 18th of September 1793, was that GW secretly performed the ungodly venture of reincarnating the spirit of Lucifer from the bottomless pit.

      As recorded in the basement of the Capitol Building, GW on the 18th of September 1793 became as the Egyptian point within a circle of life of his twelve red lodge Jewish/Sanhedrin – Egyptian Illuminati Freemasons which is the practice illustrated on all Masonic altars guided by the two linage lines from Enoch to Moses.

      Just as a reminder GW during the above Masonic altar ritual of reincarnating or rebirth the spirit of Lucifer back unto the earth within mankinds hearts, GW had to chant the awful yet sacred name of Mahahbon thrice, which was the catch 22 to the laying of the cornerstone in 1793.

      About George Washington been baptized as a Roman Catholic is basically true, because he was of all religions, that is because he was Lucifer’s son of perdition meaning that he was the Christchild Tammuz remember that at 16 years old, Freemasonry ordains their 16 year boys as the sons of the Demolay.

      What needs to be understood Freemasonry is the great tree of Jewish/Egyptian Pharoah/Lucifer knowledge and all religions like the Catholic religion, are merely branches of the Pharoah/Lucifer tree refer to the scripture of prophecy of Ezekiel 31:1-18……

      Thus saith the Lord God of Israel “What was Pharoah/Lucifer doing in the Garden of Eden, the Graden of the God of Israel….

      Notice at the Vatican in Rome they have acknowledge GW as their christ by erecting that Egyptian Stone image known as the Obelisk which is merely GW/Lucifer phallic symbol and in December each year they place their X Mass tree next to the Obelisk.

      The X Mass tree world wide represent GW as their tree of life, recall Tammuz means son of life, in other words GW is merely Lucifer/Nimrod’s son of life Tammuz who will build the new age city of Babylon – Tower of Babel.

      Please contact us again if you need any explanation of our Ministry which is of strongmeat refer to Hebrew 5:14 regards and blessings Rene Wagner/David Dennis Fisher soldiers for Lord JESUS 2 Timothy 2:3-5.

      NB! the scripture for today and tomorrow and forever is Ephessians 6:10-12…. Put on the whole armor of Father God Almighty that you maybe able to stand against the wiles of Lucifer/George Washington the beast of Revelation 17:8-13.

      Lord JESUS Loves you all dearly.

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