Public Law 102-14 caused a seperation of 10 Commandments/Bible/Church and States but endorsed the 613 Jewish Torah Commandments

This ungodly or antichrist weapon of mass destruction known secretly as the 7 Noahide laws of Noah (Public Law 102-14), which was legislated from 1989, by both houses of Masonic Congress, has forced a seperation of the 10 Commandments, Bible/Church and States.
Unknown to many peoples of the world over, this ungodly/antichrst rule of law, legislated by both houses of Masonic Congress under the hand of Thousand points of Light President GHW Bush, undoubtedly meant, that America and all civilzations, were found upon the 7 Noahide Laws of Noah (Public Law 102-14).This secret act was ushered in by the new age man of sin/Luciferian/George Washington son of perdition sitting in the back ground titled as Pharoah seat.His main object was to usher in the order of NWO chaos, which undoubtedly forced a downgrading of The I Am that I Am 10 Commandments, the Christian Bible, known as the Spoken Word of Father God Almighty, which undoubtedly caused havoc within the Churches by his Government rulers of darkness and their bound orders.

According to the prophecy of 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4, it prophesied that there shall come a falling away of the Church, due to the man of sin, Lucifer/George Washington’s son of perdition downgrading the 10 Commandemnts of The I Am that I Am, which was given unto Moses the Hebrew.

In others as the Word of Father God Almighty instructs, it time to reveal and expose this man of sin, the Luciferian/George Washington son of perdition, the spirit of antichrist.

Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God or that is worshipped so that he as god sitteth in the temple of god of this world United Nations, showing himself that he is God.

It must be said that David Solomon the Jewish/Egyptian Scarab Rockefeller of this world known as George Washington/Lucifer (Apotheosis of George Washington- Lucifer) being the United Nations,  .

Recall Matthew 24:24 Lord JESUS prophesied…… “that if possible My very elect (Royal Priesthood) shall be deceived by the false prophets and the false christ’s.”In other words, the antichrist system known as the false prophets and the false christ’s, will deceive the masses into their web of their new world order conspiracy plan of chaos (antichrist behavior) as prophesied in Jeremiah 4:22….

“For My people is foolish, they have not known Me, they are sottish children and they none understanding, they are wise to do evil (Luciferian Worship), but to do good they have no knowledge.”
Unknown to many Hebrew/Christians, America has been secretly known as the new Israel since 1948, yet from that period of time became as unto a curse, that goeth forth as a flying roll (International Space Station Alpha Lucifer/George Washington) stealing and swearing falsely by Father God Almighty Name from the start of Y2K – Yod 2000….. Titled as “In God we Trust.”Notice 41 years later in 1989 this was after, the thousand points of light NWO leader, namely GHW Bush known as the 41st new Israel – American President (United Nations guru leader), ordered in antichrist fashion the legislation of Public Law 102-14 (7 Noahide Laws of Noah) as a rule of law.
This was based upon the ungodly gesture, made a 100 years prior to 1989, when General Albert Pike in 1889, declared in his letter to the hierarchy of his One World Yod/Annuit Coeptis Government leaders, who were gathered in Paris France, which was on the 14th of July (Tammuz) 1889 read as follows…..”The doctrine of Satanism was and still is a heresy, but the true and pure religion of universal Freemasonry was of a Luciferian doctrine and concept “Yes Lucifer (George Washington) is God.”Yet, the Grand Supreme Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry General Albert Pike, went on to say in his letter drafted in 1889 that “Adonay is also God.”

But their New World godhead Lucifer/George Washington as their Apotheosis of their sublime Freemason faith innitiative (Yod/Annuit Coeptis) refer to page 321 of Albert Pikes Morals and Dogma written in 1888, said that their godhead Lucifer/George Washington as Yod……

is fighting against Adonay for the freedom of all mankind, from the Blood Sacrifice of Adonay only begotten Son of Life JESUS the Christ Emmanuel The Alpha and The Omega.

The detrimental darkside side, to the above antichrist yet ungodly concepts, which is bound by Public Law 102-14 (7 Noahide Laws of Noah), which obviously had a secret agenda to it, from day one titled as rebellion of the Word and 10 Commandments of The I Am that I Am.As prophesied according to 1 Samuel 15:23 rebellion of the Word of God Almighty will always led to Luciferian Worship to the 10th degree, recall the wages of sin undoubtedly leads all peoples to spiritual and physical death and destruction – Romans 6:23.Recall Father God Almighty prophesied according to Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed because they have rejected My knowledge, they will be no priest of Mine and I will not bless their children…..

Pay attention to the Word of the Lord God of Israel prophesy of Jeremiah 5:30-31….

“A wonderful and horrible thing has happened in the land, known scripturally as the new Israel being America – USA, the land of milk and honey, as the prophets prophesy falsely, the priest/pastors bear rule by their NWO means that Lucifer/George Washington is their god and christ and My people love to have it so!

What will you do in the end thereof Hebrews/Christians, who’s report will you believe the Lord JESUS (John 1:1) or Lucifer/George Washington known scripturally as the prince of darkness, the father of lies and as a murderer from the foundation of the recreation of the world refer to Genesis 1-31….

“Let there be Light JESUS THE CHRIST EMMANUEL The Word of God Almighty… and there was Light”

Yet once again the American New World Order/One World Yod Jewish/Egyptian Government, have secretly legislated Public Law 102-14 from 1989 saying…..

“that America and all civilization were founded upon the ungodly “7 Noahide Laws of Noah.”

Unknown to many peoples the world over, the 7 Noahide Laws of Noah was and still is a great lie, from the pit of Lucifer/George Washington head quarters known as Hades/Hell.

This ungodly gesture stemmed from after the hierarchy of Jewish rabbi’s of the 5 continents ofsimply introduced the ungodly new age 1953 Year of the false Light, 613 Jewish Torah Commandments. which is strictly based upon chapter 4 which is titled under the rainbow banner of world Luciferian/George Washington NWO “Reincarnation.”

It must be said the 1st President of the new Israel America -USA namely George Washington activated in 1793 the act of reincarnation (circle of life) to the 10th degree on the 18th of September 1793, after laying the time capsule and cornerstone at the Capitol Building, when he secretly put pen to paper to teach the world peoples .

To add more fuel to the new age/New world Order fire, is that the 41st President of the new Israel America – USA GHW Bush, openly announced from the start of 1989, that this ungodly concept, of Public Law 102-14 became the bedrock for America and all civilizations.Proof of the above sin of withcraft which is merely Luciferian Worship, blown out of proportion, was and still is secretly based upon the title of Reincarnation – Circle of Life found in Chapter 4 of the 613 Jewish Torah CommandmentsThis great act of ungodliness, surfaced in the flesh in 1989 as the Thousand points of Light NWO President of the new Israel America GHW Bush presented the world, with the new 5 colored interlocking circle of life – reincarnation 1988 Greek Olympic Games Flag.

In other words, America and all civilizations, were simply, yet cleverly tricked by the 41st President of the USA GHW Bush, into his web of establishing, his NWO concept of Lucifer/George Washington being as the world’s god and christ.In other words GHW Bush brainwashed, or basically forced all peoples, to reliquish their belief in the 10 Commandments of Father God Almighty, that were given to Hebrew Moses at Mount Sinia and to secretly accept the new secret 613 Jewish Torah Commandments as their new rule of law.
This ungodly/antichrist Public Law 102-14 (7 Noahide Laws of Noah), was deliberately used as a weapon of mass destruction, to undoubtedly downgrade the Blood Covenant, Father Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as Israel made with Father God Almighty refer to the scripture prophecy of Jeremiah 11:9-10…..Thus saith the Lord God of Israel “A conspiracy (NWO) is found among the men of the house of Judah (70 ancient houses of rebellious Israel) and the inhabitants of JerUSAlem meaning the new age USA – AmericaIt must be taken into consideration 2 years after President GHW Bush declared the Public Law 102-14 as a rule of law, it acted as a forerunner for him as the thousand points of light President of the USA, to announce his New World Order conspiracy concept that Lucifer/George Washington was god and christ on the questionable date of September the 11th 1991 – 111 – 911.

What makes it even more interesting, is that new age guru leader David Spangler, also known as the Director of the Planetary Division of the United Nations, said in 1991 from his poduim in Evians France….

“Before the world peoples can enter the new world order concept of the forefathers of 1776, they will have to pledge allegience to worship Lucifer.”

Yet David Spangler said in his next breadth “Before the world can enter the new age they will have to go through a Luciferian innitiation ceremony.”

In other words, David Spangler was undoubtedly referring to the September the 11th 2001 tragedy, which brought about their new world order of chaos.

It must be said that according to the scripture prophecy of Jeremiah 11:9-10….
“A conspiracy was found among the house of the men of Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem………..”
What was the house of Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem motive, to go back unto the worship of other gods before the Lord God of Israel, which allowed from them to break the Blood Covenant (Lord JESUS) that was made with their forefather Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel).In other words this in the first insatnce allowed the new age/new world order conspirators, to reinstate Esau the red hairy one, known as the twin brother of Jacob (Israel), as Israel.But it must be taken into consideration that Father God Almighty hated Esau but loved Jacob refer to Malachi 1:2-3.

Recall this has been an ancient war between good and evil, from after Lucifer as the father of lies and as been a murderer, from the foundation of the world, fell down to the cursed ground or earth, wenst as recorded in Isaiah 14 :12 the spirit god Lucifer would weaken the nations.So this Public Law 102-14 (7 Noahide Laws of Noah) was always in the making, the writing was always on the walls of the new world order conspirators H/Q, but only manifested in 1989.
Undoubtedly this was prophesied, according to Jeremiah 5:30-31 “A wonderful and horrible thing has happened in the land of milk and honey the new Israel being the USA – JerUSAlem.”The prophets prophesy falselythe priest bear rule by their means and My People love to have it so, and what wil you do in the end thereof Hebrew/Christians, who’s report will you believe the report of the Lord God or Lucifer known as the father of lies.In other words, Father God Almighty prophesied that the new age prophets like GHW Bush and both houses of Masonic Congress prophesied falsely about America and all civilization been founded upon the 7 Noahide Laws of Noah – legislated as Public Law 102-14 from 1989 as the bedrock of all of America and civilization.

Yet the priests, pastors, evangelist, new age guru’s, presidents, senators, governors, mayors kings queens etc bear rule by 1776 forefathers means of establishing Lucifer/George Washington as god and christ, yet Father God Almighty prophesied that My people love to have it so!

Here comes the major question to America as the new Israel who report are you going to believe the report of the Lord God of Israel or the report of the lying father of lies named Lucifer.

In other words, the main principal to the 7 Noahide Laws of Noah (Public Law 102-14) was from 1989 to downgrade the 10 Commandments of the “I Am that I Am” and cleverly establish the 613 Jewish Torah commandments refer to Titus 1:14….

Father God Almighty prophesied, nearly 2,000 years ago through Paul/Titus….

“Not giving heed to Jewish fables (7 Noahide Laws of Noah – Public Law102-14) and commandments of men (613 Jewish Torah commandments) who have turned from the truth of the scriptures and its prophesies, and in the process have ruined whole households (Titus 1:10).

In other words Lucifer from the time he fell down from Heaven, that as prophesied he Lucifer would weaken the nations, into the above concept of the 7 Noahide Laws of Noah.

This ungodly religion of the 7 Noahide Laws of Noah, was not new but of an old concept, which led through the character of Ham to the building of the ungodly Tower of Babel by the horned beast known as Nimrod/Lucifer, which graduated to the Nimrod’s new age son of life named Tammuz (George Washington) who built the new age/NWO city of Babylon refer to the scripture prophecy of Isaiah 14:16………
They that see thee, shall narrowly look upon thee and consider thee saying, “Is this the man Nimrod/Tammuz – George Washington (the spirit of Lucifer within them) that made the earth to tremble, that did shake the kingdoms……… that made the world as a wilderness and destroyed the cities thereof, that opened the houses of his prisioners being Lucifer trapped in Hades.
All the kings of the Nations even all of them, lie in glory every one in his own house.
But thou art cast out of thy grave like an abominable branch and as a rainment of those that are slain, thrust through with a sword, that go down to the stones of the pit, as a carcase trodden under feet.
Thou George Washington shall not be joined with them in burial, because they hast destroyed thy land and slain thy people, thy seed of evildoers shall never be reknowned.
Bear in mind the scripture prophecy of Ephessians 6:12 prophesied, this war between good and evil, is not a battle against flesh and blood, but against Principalities Power, rulers of darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places.
Undoubtedly, the new age/new world order conspirators, main objective was based upon what George Washington being as the 1st President of the new Israel the USA – America from 1789, said according to his signed and sealed letter drafted to Tripoli in 1796.
In the first instance, this George Washington, 1796 letter was addressed to the nations of Muslims/Islamic decent, the Jews, Hebrews, and Buddhist, etc…
“that by no ways or means did he George Washington base the American Government or its constitution upon the Christian religion (10 Commandments) or Christian Bible.”
In other words what in the name of hell, did GW as the 1st President, base the American Government and its constitution upon, but Egyptian/Jewish Masonic Luciferian worship – meaning the 7 Noahide laws of Noah – Public Law 102-14.
Public Law 102-14, in all fairness is regarded by scripture prophecy as being part and parcel of Jewish Fables, which have led all the world, secretly in the new age to the 613 Jewish Torah commandments, who have turned from the truth of the scriptures and its prophesies refer to Titus 1:14…….
This above concept, of secretly legislating Public Law 102-14 (7 Noahide Laws of Noah), would then allow his enlightned ones, known as Lucifer/GW – NWO conspirators or rulers of darkness of this world, to reinstate in the first instance their new age Esau as Israel.
This would then allow the new age Joseph known as the United Nations G8 (Yodh 8) leader GW Bush the 43rd President of the USA, who would then, allow the NWO conspirators, by his power and authority, to establish the new age Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th President of the USA, as the Jewish/Egyptian Ishmael.
This obviously, took its course from the start of Barack Hussein Obama American Presidency from the 20th of January 2009, which registered him, as the 44th President of the new Israel known as America.
The main mission of the new world order conspirators, was merely to use Ishmael Barack Hussein Obama to recapture the new Israel America – USA, back to its Jewish/Egyptian Ishmael.
Recall, the new world order conspirators believe that the Jewish/Egyptian Ishmael was the first born of Abram (Abraham) and that he was in his full rights to claim back America as the new Israel by birth right.
It must be understood that the new age conspirators belived that Abraham (Abram) promised to make the Egyptian/Jewish Ishmael a great nation, which merely was for the Arab nations of Africa.
Recall Lord JESUS as the Head Cornerstone (Matthew 21:42) prophesied nearly 2,000 years ago, to the old rebellious Luciferian bound Egyptian/Jewish Israel…..
“I will rend the Kingdom of My Father God Almighty away from you and will give it unto a nation (New), who shall bear good fruit, meaning the USA found within the Mighty name of JerUSAlem.”
Recall Abram (Abraham) prophesied according to Genesis 17:20, that Ishmael would be come a great Egyptian/Jewish Nation (Kenya).
But the promise of Father God Almighty through the Blood Covenant (JESUS The Christ Emmanuel) made with Abraham which folowed on to Isaac to Jacob who were  known as Father God Almighty’s Israel.
The misconception is that all peoples are made to believe that the Jews are Israel and that they are the chosen of the I Am that I Am.
But that is untrue or could we call it a Jewish Fable and a commandment of men who have turned from the truth of the scriptures and its prophecies (Titus 1:14).
In other words as Paul prophesied I am a Hebrew of Hebrews, I am of the tribe of Benjamin, so in all fairness the chosen of Father God Almighty are the Hebrews/ Christians todate.
Recall what Lord JESUS as The Alpha and The Omega prophesied according to Revelation 2:9…… the blasphemy of those who call themselves Jews who are not but are of  the synagogue of Lucifer/Satan the Devil and do lie (Revelation 3:9).
Why did Lord JESUS prophesy this, because they the Luciferians, were merely masquarading or transformed as Jews, yet were all born from birth by the power of the father of lies namely Lucifer the sex demon Dagon/Baphomet who was known as the prince of darkness known as a murderer from the foundation of the world (John 8:44).
Recall the prophesy scripture of 1 John 3:10 prophesied that two types of children shall manifest from the midst of the earth, via the power of sin/darkness, namely Lucifer the sex demon titled as Dagon/Baphomet/Pharoah.
This ment Children of  Father God Almighty and children of Lucifer refer to John 3:12 “Not as Cain who was of the wicked one.”
Bear in mind Jude 11 forewarns all Hebrews/Christians “Woe unto them for they the world peoples have all gone in the ways of Cain, who went after the error of Baalim (Lucifer false prophesies – Isaiah 14:12-14), towards the gainsaying of Core.
Unknown to many Core simply translates to Esau which means by the power of the NWO conspiracy the Cain/Luciferian children main mission will be to re-establish Esau the red hairy one, the twin brother of Jacob as Israel.
Recall the Lord God Almighty of Israel loved Jacob but hated his twin brother Esua refer to Malachi 1:2-3).
In other words the Cain/Lucifer new world order Annuit Coeptis/Yod Government rulers of darkness of this world and its children of darkness will establish a new world order that Lucifer/George Washington was and still is god and christ, which will re-instate hildren of darkness known as Esau back as Israel, which would allow them to reinstate their brother by George Washington/Luciferian blood ritual named the new age Jewish/Egyptian Ishmael Barack Hussein Obama. Recall Abram did say to Egyptian/Jewish – Hebrew Ishmael he would become a great nation of Muslims not Israel – Hebrews.

4 thoughts on “Public Law 102-14 caused a seperation of 10 Commandments/Bible/Church and States but endorsed the 613 Jewish Torah Commandments

    • Peter blessings unto for your comment, “Hi, I always wonder if lucifer hijacked christianity? I’m fairly sure it hijacked the Bible.”
      Your name sake Peter answers your question of wisdom above please refer to 1 Peter 5:8….. “Be sober be vigilant, because your adversary Lucifer/ Satan the devil is as a roaring lion, walking about, seeking whom he may devour, meaning Lucifer the murderer and as the father of lies (John 8:44) will as a thief steal the Word of God – The Bible – The 10 Commandments” from peoples hearts and souls which could be seen as you said hijacking Christianity and the Bible.
      Here comes the good news, for this purpose was the Son of Almighty God – Lord JESUS as The Word manifested to the earth, to destroy Lucifer and his works of establishing his new world order that he Lucifer was god and christ within mankinds hearts and souls, recall Lucifer the father of lies sinned from the recreation of the earth, meaning from the Garden of Eden after he reincarnated his evil deceiving spirit being into Father God Almighty’s Royal Priesthood namely Adam and Eve, which allowed him Lucifer in a spiritual sense to murder Adam and Eve refer to Romans 6:23 the wages of sin (Luciferian NWO worship) is spiritual and physical death Peter.
      Undoubtedly Peter your comment above comes from within you or might I say it is knowledge of Father God Almighty Spirit from within your heart (Holy Spirit), which is important to this ministry.
      Unknown to many peoples the world over due to ignorance or a bombardment of misinformation, or by brainwashing, that they have not known that the spirit of Lucifer is as the god of this cursed earth or world, which we are all warned by scripture prophecy of 2 Corinthians 4:4……
      “In whom the god of this world (Lucifer within King Solomon etc to George Washington refer to Isaiah 14:16) who hath blinded the minds of Father God Almighty Royal Priesthood from the Gospels of Lord JESUS……”
      Undoubtedly Lucifer as the god of this cursed world (Isaiah 14:12-14) did hijack Christianity, undoubtedly Peter from the time of the Garden of Eden.
      Recall as according to scripture prophecy of Genesis 2 prophesied that Adam and Eve were in the Shikina Glory of the Holy Trinity, which means they were eating of the Tree of Life Lord JESUS the Christ Emmanuel/birth of Christianity.
      To grasp Christianity which undoubtedly means to have a “personal” relationship with Lord JESUS, which then allows the Holy Spirit – Lord JESUS – Father God Almighty to live within you simply refer to 1 John 5:7 King James version only.
      Please understand Peter as prophesied in Mark 12:24 Lord JESUS answered them by prophesying “Do you not therefore err, because you no not the scriptures neither will you know the power of My Almighty Father God (The I AM that I AM).”
      So in words Peter people have been blinded by Lucifer and his merry rulers known as LCF workers of darkness of this world, known as Freemasons who are LCF Pharoah Tree of Knowledge, who have hijacked Christianity and the Bible (10 Commandments) on LCF behalf, simply since his fall to the earth (Isaiah 14:12) refer to Masonic symbol of Masonic compass – Adam and siderule as Eve with letter G (Yod) meaning Lucifer spirit reincarnated within Cain in the middle.
      Lets take our fingers back to the Book of Genesis where we see how Lucifer/Pharoah known secretly as the serpent god Ouroboros who captured Christianity and the Bible (WORD) from Adam and Eve in the very first instance.
      In the second instance we are made to believe that Adam and Eve as Father God Almighty Royal Priesthood were the first introduction of Christianity as they were eating of the Tree of Life JESUS The Christ Emmanuel.
      The hijacking of Christianity and the 66 Books of the Bible which God Almighty created in 6 days (Good 666) took its course of evil action of LCF beguiled Adam and Eve into his web of NWO.
      In all reality this was done by the power of the Word of Father God Almighty, who instructed them to cross the River of Life (JESUS The Word is the way truth and life back unto the Father of True Light “The I AM that I AM”) and ordered them to eat of the 12 trees (fallen angels) meaning to get them to repent of their Luciferian sun worship, but instructed not to touch or eat of the Freemason Pharoah tree of Knowledge in the midst of the 12 trees (circle of life – reincarnation),
      In other words Lucifer as the false angel of light known secretly as the Masonic new age god of light and reflections (Microprosposos/Macroprosposos) was merely practicing this high form of sin known as Luciferian reincarnation/circle of life in the Garden of Eden – the Garden of Father God Almighty.
      This is known as the sin of witchcraft, which is the secret weapon of mass destruction that has and will destroy Christianity and the Bible (10 Commandments) from peoples hearts and souls.
      Unknown to many the world over the Pharoah/ Luciferian Freemason Tree of Knowledge which was in the midst of the 12 trees of fallen angels was the start of the deceitful hijacking of Christianty from Adam and Eve hearts spirit beings and souls. Unknown Lucifer used his major weapon of mass destruction titled rebellion (disobedience), which is described by prophecy as being the sin of witchcraft. Which then took Christianity to another level of Luciferian sun of the morning worship refer to Isaiah 14:12. Luicfer weaken the nations through this NWO cocnept which came after his fall to the ground or earth.
      Well the above should prove he Lucifer did hijacked the Bible (10 Commandments) which undoubtedly was known as the spoken Word of Father God Almighty from the very beginning of time simply refer to John 1:1 Lord JESUS was the Word (Bible)…… the Word was with God and the Word was God, simply manifested into the flesh, to set the captives free from Luciferian religion tradition and bondage.
      Recall The Bible the Spoken Word of Father God Almighty acts as two edged sword for all peoples of the world seperating Good (God) from evil (Lucifer).
      Recall Matthew 4:1-2 prophesied man shall shall not live by bread alone (Luciferian new world order mannerism) but by every Word that proceedeth out of the Mouth of The I AM that I AM.
      All must understand Peter of wisdom that the before Lord JESUS manifested to the earth as the Bright Morning Star – Light of the World simply known as Father God Almighty only begotten Son (Matthew 3:16-17), he manifested to destroy Lucifer and his evil works of establishing himself as god and christ in the flesh as the NWO Annuit Coeptis/Yod refer to 1 John 3:8.
      How do you explain the scripture prophecy of Isaiah 14:16 please Peter and others disguest the Holy Spirits (Jeremiah 33:3) version…..
      “They that narrow look upon him Lucifer within the modern day son of perdition George Washington from the 4th of August 1753 lodge # 4 Fredericksburg Virginia also refer to Matthew 5:18 GW is regarded as the modern day “tittle” (Antichrist 1 John 2:18) and consider thee Lucifer” saying…..
      “Is this the man that made the earth to tremble and did shake the kingdoms via his 1776 New World Order conspiracy plan of the forefathers led by George Washington, which hijacked Christianity and the 10 Commandments/Bible.
      Regards Peter Lord JESUS loves you Jeremiah 33:3 Ministries!

  1. what does this all mean and to whom shall we not raise idols above-what god or God are we expected to serve?

    • We are to serve the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – above Him there cannot be any other. He has to be the Alpha and Omega in each one of our lives. Jesus the Christ Emmanuel is God

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