Is it time for NWO Conspirators and their 44th African/American Illuminati President Ishmael Obama to reveal The Apotheosis of George Washington on August 4, 2011

Pay attention to the mere fact that on the 14th of December 2007 via the assimilated newspaper Press report,  Senator Harry Reid said I have sold my soul to Lucifer, like President GW Bush and many others……(click here to view article).

Obviously, this report opens the door, that it might be time for the American Government to reveal their secret 1865  New World Order Weapon of Mass Destruction titled as  The Apotheosis of George Washington,

possibly from after the 4th of August 2011.

Nevertheless, like many other times, the NWO conspirators from 1776, have used  front or forerunners, to camouflaged their secret agenda’s, like in this instance, will they, use the celebration of the 50th birthday, of the 44th President of the new Israel America namely Barack Hussein Ishmael Obama   recall the President Obama, was born on the 4th of August 1961.

It must be understood, that the Apotheosis of George Washington/Lucifer, originated from the 4th of August 1753, when George Washington at the young age of 21 years old, became one with the spirit of Lucifer from Lodge # 4 Fredericksburg Virginia.

Recall this secret or hidden agenda, of the 4th of August 1753,  was  well camouflaged at the time, by making all people’s to believe at the time,  that George Washington became the Master Mason of the Universe.

What has to be recognized by all people’s, is that The Apotheosis of George Washington, was made a rule of law, secretly by the order of both Houses of Masonic Congress from the 10th of March 1865.

What has to be understood by all Hebrews/Christians, is that the launching of Apotheosis of George Washington/Lucifer into the open, will undoubtedly activate the order of NWO CHAOS.

It must be understood, that this action from 1865, secretly activated the people’s of the world, into the realm of a antichrist (1 John 2: 18) spirit and mind  which from 1865, ushered in simply unknown to many,  the antichrist move of  establishing a separation of Church/Bible/10 Commandments and States, but encouraged a new age union of universal Freemasonry and States

It must be understood that these high authorities above, who are known secretly, by their Masonic Order as being Lucifer/George Washington workers and or rulers of darkness of this world from 1776, had to perfect this ritual of universal Freemasonry.

In other words, the high order of universal Freemasonry from the time of George Washington/Lucifer ceremony on the 4th of August 1753, were ordered to  establish the order of universal Freemasonry’s known as the “apotheosis” of their sublime faith initiative movement, which can be seen to page 321 of the General Albert Pike Morals of Dogma written in 1888.

In other words, the NWO conspirators from 1776, were all bound in secrecy for all these years, to establish their NWO Apotheosis sublime faith initiative, which became a rule of law on the 10th of March 1865 

According to Bible prophecy, this event of establishing the spirits of  George Washington/Lucifer, as the apotheosis of Freemasonry’s sublime faith initiative was and still is classed as being…..

“The mystery that has been hid from the ages and generations, but now will be known unto the saints and believers of Christ JESUS Emmanuel……. refer to the scripture prophecy of Colossians 1:26.

Unknown to many, this secret agenda of Universal Freemasonry, The Apotheosis of George Washington (Lucifer), was  from 1865, used  as the antichrist system, to bring about the order of NWO Chaos.

This secret weapon of mass destruction, of the Apotheosis of GW, was to simply, developed, to prepare the New World Order believers,  to ready themselves, to make war against the Lamb of Father God Almighty namely Lord JESUS in the last of End of Days refer to Revelation 17:11-14 

What needs to be understood is that this ungodly act of  both Houses of Masonic Congress, who secretly established “The Apotheosis of George Washington (Lucifer)” in 1865, yet had to have a good reason for its secrecy.

What needs to be understood by all readers, to get understanding, to the above titles or headings, the rule of Masonic law by General Albert Pike must be understood, to the 10th degree.

In other words General Albert Pike also known as the grand supreme pontiff of universal Freemasonry, ordered from the 14th of July (Tammuz) 1889, that the doctrine of Satanism was and still is a heresy and that the true and pure religion of universal Freemasonry is based upon a Luciferian concept and doctrine “Yes Lucifer (George Washington) is God”

General Albert Pike also went on to order or say unto his One World Annuit Coeptis/Yod/Die U Government leaders gathered in Paris France (P2 Murder Lodge) that Adonay is also God, but that their God Lucifer is fighting against Adonay for the Freedom of all humanity (mankind) from the Blood Sacrifice of Lord JESUS known Scripturally as The Alpha and The Omega (Revelation 1:11)

In other words General Albert Pike, cleverly brainwashed and or desensitized his 32nd and 33rd degrees of universal Freemasonry of all Governments into the belief that there is a war between Lucifer and The Holy Trinity….

Yet made it very clear  “That all their degrees, rituals and ceremonies, of universal Freemasonry, have more than one meaning to them, they rather conceal, than to reveal the truth.”

Was it a coincidence or a fact, that America as the new Israel and many other countries, were basically, tricked into this new age concept, which placed them, under the banner of the United Nations and its curse, of finalizing their New World Order concept, which undoubtedly from behind closed doors, was to exalt and honor, the spirits of Lucifer/George Washington as their Masonic Godhead and Christ.

Nevertheless, this came about, by a massive form of brainwashing, a bombardment of misinformation, of the masses from 1776, into the belief,  that Lucifer/George Washington, was and still are their Masonic light bearers of the world, which had another side to it, meaning honor and glory to the Masonic new age god of light and reflections – Microprosposos/Macroprosposos

What makes this even more confusing, is  in the very first instance, from 1953, which was 200 years from the 1753 ceremony of George Washington and the spirit of Lucifer becoming one godhead, the hierarchy of the Jewish Rabbi’s and obviously the universal Order of Freemasonry initiated the Year of the Light from the Holy Land Israel refer to Contemporary Freemasonry in the Holy Land Israel……

Unknown to many the world over, the true meaning to the Year of the Light, is that the spirits of George Washington/Lucifer as one or as the Annuit Coeptis/Yod godhead, were the light bearers of the world.

This Year of the Light ceremony, then ushered in 40 years later,  the Year of the Yod, from the 1992 Jewish converted Nation of South Africa, which once again indoctrinated the world into the NWO concept of the sin of witchcraft.

In other words, this term of the sin of witchcraft, is defined as being in rebellion of the 1st of the 10 Commandments of the I Am that I Am , which by all standards, would enable all people’s of the world, to worship and honor a strange god titled as the Apotheosis of George Washington/Lucifer refer to Exodus 20:5.

What comes to mind, about the Apotheosis of George Washington, being as the NWO weapon of mass destruction, is the scripture prophecy of Isaiah 14:16, which prophesied to perfection, that the spirit god of this world Lucifer within George Washington, would led the world into the order of chaos from 1776…..

To be more precise, it must be noticed,  how the scripture prophecy of Isaiah 14:16 prophesied…… “They that see thee (George Washington/Lucifer as Annuit Coeptis/Yod/Apotheosis of GW) narrowly look upon thee,  and consider thee saying………

“Is this the man that made the Earth to tremble and did shake the Kingdoms……..”

Needless to say, was the Word of God Almighty simply referring  to the man, being General George Washington/Lucifer – who undoubtedly, were the author and finisher of the  Battle of Brandywine, which started on the 11th of September 1777 and ended in success  – to the questionable September the 11th 2001 saga, which has to be looked upon, as being a human sacrifice of innocent blood, in honor of the General Washington/Lucifer victory in 1777.

Recall the new age guru David Spangler also known as the Director of the United Nations Planetary Division said from his podium based in  Evian’s France in 1991……

“Before the world people’s can enter the NWO conspiracy plan of 1776, they will have to pledge allegiance to worship Lucifer.”

In David Spangler’s next breadth, he confidently said….. “Before the world people’s, can enter the new age movement, they will have to go  through a Luciferian initiation ceremony.”

Amazingly 10 years later on the 11th of September 2001, the  NWO action took its course.

Another important fact to consider, was that thousand points of light American President GHW Bush, undoubtedly declared as a rule of law, on the 11th of September 1991, the NWO conspiracy plan of 1776, of the forefathers, which once again ment that the spirits of Lucifer/George Washington were and still are God and Christ.

In other words,  The Aptheosis of George Washington (Lucifer), which was activated secretly from 1865, as a rule of law, undoubtedly was responsible for all the programmed antichrist (man of sin – son of perdition) movements, of  death and destruction from 1776,  which included all major wars and rumors of wars, unto September the 11th 2001 tragedy.

The catch 22 to the September the 11th 2001 tragedy, was that if you visit the web page of the Battle of Brandywine which started on the 11th of September 1777,  it undoubtedly reveals that 12 days, directly after the September the 11th 2001 saga, when the whole world was in mourning and in a confused state of mind, the American government secretly ordained, a re-enactment of the 1777 Battle of Brandywine, on the 23rd of September 2001, in Virginia, which should be as vital evidence that the 11th of September 2001 incident was NWO related.

In other words, the September the 11th 2001 incident and then the re-enactment of the Battle of Brandywine well orchestrated on the 23rd of September 2001, by the American Government leaders had to be a clear sign that it related in many ways to the 1865 establishment of the Apotheosis of George Washington/Lucifer rule of law.

Nevertheless, the September the 11th 2001 tragedy issue, was merely a human blood sacrifice to honor the NWO  achievement of George Washington (GW) and his Battle of Brandywine Victory from September the 11th 1777, which later finalized as the Apotheosis of GW.

What has to be an interest point to bring to the table, is that 16 years after the Battle of Brandywine, which ended in a victorious manner,  but of importance, was the peculiar manner, in which the Battle of Brandywine was first started on the 11th of September 1777, by General GW/Lucifer.

In other words there has to be a catch 22 to the date of September the 11th (9/11 – 911 – yet by Jewish New Year standards it equals to 1/11 -111), which is based upon a NWO Jewish/Luciferian Freemason fable, that September the 11th, represents GW as the alpha and the omega, which cleverly numbers GW/Lucifer as their 111, godhead, which is a mere counterfeit of scripture prophecy of Revelation 1:11.

Please pay immediate attention, to the eye opener of all time, that from September 11th each year, according to the regular calendar, there is always 111 days from September the 11th, to the New Year of the 1st of January, a coincidence or a GW/Lucifer fact.

It must also be remembered that the GW/Lucifer godhead term of 111, has many important new age meanings to it, like the Washington Monument in DC measures 555ft in height yet under the ground its measures 111ft equaling the GW/Lucifer phallic symbol of reproduction to 666.

Another important consideration of GW/Lucifer’s mystery number of 111, is that if you add, 111 to 1777, it equals to 1888, which is undoubtedly, the time to when General Albert Pike wrote the GW/Lucifer Morals and Dogma, which was a merely 23 years after the Apotheosis of GW/Lucifer was declared as a rule of law on the 10th of March 1865.

Here comes the catch 22 to the 23 years from 1865 to 1888, it simply has a sick, yet dark side to it, meaning that the hierarchy of universal Freemasonry believe that it relates Palsm 23 that GW/Lucifer is the world’s Sheppard……….

Another fact, concerning 111 is that if you add it to 1888, it spells out to the NASA Masonic NWO sin of witchcraft 1999, which clearly indicates, to the rise of the Masonic beast, known as the Mythical Bird known as the Phoenix (999), who shall rise from the ashes and shall goeth into perdition (Revelation 17:1-14), who shall make war with the Lamb of Father God Almighty the true Alpha and the Omega JESUS The Christ Emmanuel numbered 111 – Revelation 1:11.

Recall the NASA Masonic conspiracy project, of the Computerized unmanned spaceship, that landed upon the Red Planet Mars on the 13th of May 2008,  was secretly  numbered as 999, a coincidence or mere fact, like if you add 111, to the number of the name of the beast, which is 888 -Mahahbon/Maitreya/Moshiach, it equals to 999, recall 1999, was the end to the old millenium but the start to the new Y2K (Yod 2000).

What makes this questionable, is that 16 years after the victory of the Battle of Brandywine (September the 11th) 1777, which was merely an establishment in a secret manner of America – USA as being the NEW Israel, undoubtedly he GW and his 12 Illuminati (Sanhedrin) members, laid the Head Cornerstone and Time Capsule of the new Israel “America” on the 18th of September 1793.

Unknown to many, this opened the door way, for the all main or all important ceremony, which was for GW to pen to paper, to rebirth or reincarnate the spirit of Lucifer, from the bottomless pit on the 18th of September 1793, described as GW becoming an Egyptian (Dung Beetle) point with in a sun circle life (reincarnation) guided bt the two lineage lines of Enoch to Moses symbolizing the Masonic altar worldwide.

Bear in mind, that the spirit god of this world namely Lucifer is undoubtedly known as the sun (son – circle of life) of the morning – Isaiah 14:12) , what is of great importance was that 7 days prior to GW laying of the Head Cornerstone and or  rebirth of Lucifer’s spirit from the bottomless pit on the 18th of September 1793. It must be looked as being as the 16 anniversary of the victory of  the Battle of Brandywine, first started by GW/Lucifer as Annuit Coeptis/Yod godhead, on the 11th of September 1777.

The major question to be asked, was this reincarnation ceremony of Lucifer’s spirit from the bottomless pit a mere coincidence or a NWO conspiracy act of the forefathers from the time of establishing the NWO in 1776 we at Jeremiah 33:3 Ministries by the power of the Holy Spirit sincerely believe so simply because of the scripture prophecy of 1 John 5:7-8  based in the King James (KJV) version only reveals….

“That there are only three that can bear witness in Heaven, The Father – The Word (JESUS) and The Holy Ghost (Spirit), and these three are One” yet verse 8 prophesied that there are only three that can testify upon the earth, The Spirit – The Water and The Blood and these three agree as one.

Bear in mind the NWO conspiracy act,  was activated on the 4th of July (Tammuz) 1776, yet 89 years later this conspiracy act, led to the rule of law of the Apotheosis of GW/Lucifer in 1865.

Nevertheless, there was obviously a double standard to the September the 11th 2001 tragedy, which allowed the modern-day Jewish/Egyptian Masonic Scarab David Solomon Rockefeller, to secretly create enormous amounts of  antichrist violence in many ways, via many countries, and undoubtedly, this gave him the power and authority to create world chaos as the antichrist.

Unknown or unrealized via David Rockefeller’s United Nation stronghold and his NASA Masonic conspiracy project, allowed David the Scarab the Rock efeller (Deuteronomy 32:37), to cause lying signs and wonders upon the earth in the name of Annuit Coeptis/Yod (GW/Lucifer spirits).

Unknown or unrealized, these lying signs and wonders of the antichrist spirit was well orchestrated  from his David new age hideouts known as the new age American Embassy based in Pretoria South Africa – the United Nations and obviously the NASA Masonic Y2K (Yod 2000) International Space Station Alpha Lucifer/George Washington Temple based in outer space, simply refer to the scripture prophecy of Zechariah 5:1-11.

Pay immediate attention to the scripture prophecy of Zechariah 5:3, which undoubtedly describes ISS as a flying roll meaning in outer space as the Universal Freemasonry Order of the curse that goeth forth over the whole face of the earth, that stealeth and sweareth falsely by the name of God Almighty.

Recall GW/Lucifer’s American Annuit Coeptis Illuminati NWO $1 bill undoubtedly stipulates “In God we Trust.”

ISS is also secretly known as the 8 Pointed Blazing Stargod Remphan, in the night sky, also known secretly as GW Celestial Lodge/Heaven, which has been used from Y2K (Yod 2000), as to affect the world people’s, by severe weather turmoil like man-made earthquakes, tsunami’s, tornado’s, mud slides, hurricanes, heat waves, wars and rumors of wars etc.

To grasp the truth to the above simply refer to the scripture prophecy of Ephesians 2:2 which undoubtedly prophesies Lucifer (Isaiah 14:12-14) as the spirit god of this world, who simply acts in the capacity as the prince and the power of the air, who now worketh in the children of disobedience NWO conspirators.

Just to apply a short list of weather turmoil to consider, is the peculiar, yet severe heat waves, hitting America at the present moment in 2011, to the severe cold and snow storms, that have hit South Africa in 2011 etc, to severe tornado’s striking the USA and its cities for over a decade.

To the monstrous hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunami’s that have hit Japan in 2011 and other countries, to severe snow storms in Winter, that have plagued the Northern Hemisphere/ Southern Hemisphere, to severe droughts and famines that are hitting African Countries at present known as third world countries, to rivers bursting their banks and undoubtedly the uncontrollable forest fire break outs in many countries etc.

Well the prophecy scripture of 2 Thessalonians 2:3 prophesied……

“Let no man deceive you by any means for that day shall not come except there come a falling away first of the Church/10 Commandments/The Word of Father God Almighty, and that man of sin – the son of perdition – the antichrist, be revealed……..”

In other words, in a simply manner, the Bible prophesied that antichrist has to be revealed of his evil works etc,

Yet, The Word of God Almighty portrays the introduction of the Apotheosis of GW/Lucifer as a rule of law from 1865, as the stronghold, that has to be exposed, as it is exalting itself against the knowledge of Almighty God refer to the scripture prophecy of 2 Corinthians 10:3-5.

What the antichrist and his NWO followers, have done directly after they declared the NWO, on the 11th of September 1991 as a rule of law, was to cleverly legislated Public Law 102-14 (7 Noahide Law of Noah) before hand in 1989, as a rule of law.

This clearly stipulated unknown to many people’s the world over, that America and all civilization were founded upon the 7 Noahide Laws of Noah, which became the bedrock of all civilizations, which simply downgraded  the 10 Commandments/Word of God of  “The I AM that I AM” refer to Jude 4……

“For there are certain crept in unawares of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, who have turned the grace of Father God Almighty and Our Lord JESUS The Christ Emmanuel into lasciviousness…….”

Needless to say, all the above activities of antichrist and its spirit (1 John 4:3), were deliberately activated by the man of sin – the Jewish/Freemason/Egyptian Scarab antichrist David R – the Luciferian/GW son of perdition, who according to the scripture prophecy of 2 Thessalonians 2:4 will undoubtedly, opposeth and exalteth himself, above all that is called God or that is worshipped…….

In other words, so that he as the Masonic antichrist or as the new age Masonic god and christ godhead, sitteth in the temple of the god of this world, secretly known as the United Nations # 777 – Washington DC Capitol Building – American Embassy Pretoria South Africa – known as King Solomon Jewish rebuilding of the Masonic Temple, to the flying roll in the night sky meaning the NASA Masonic International Space Station (Zachariah 5:1-11) scripturally known as City of Babylon, where he as the new age antichrist will perform lying signs and wonders from to bring in the order of chaos.

Please pay attention to the term Gog which equals to USSR,  like Magog equals to USA,  bear in mind that from Y2K (Yod 2000) ISS became inhabit by the USA and USSR astronauts.

To add more fuel to the antichrist – the man of sin – son of Lucifer/GW namely David R fire, is that 2 Thessalonians 2:9 prophesied……..

“Even him (Lucifer/George Washington spirits rebirth in the new age  Tammuz 1966/9 (Rosemary’s baby) who coming is after the working of Satan known as the modern-day antichrist (David Solomon Rockefeller) the son of perdition, who will perform lying signs and wonders…..

To grasp the above antichrist movement simply refer to the scripture prophecy of Ephesians 2:2……

“Wherein the time past, you walked according to the course of this world, meaning Luciferian worship, according to the prince of the air and the power of it,  meaning by the spirit of Lucifer (Isaiah 14:12-16), who now worketh in the children of disobedience.

In other words, the term disobedience of the children, simply means that the people or children of the world, have been brainwashed into Lucifer’s web and concept, which means, they have turned their backs upon the 10 Commandments/ Bible and accepted the antichrist new 613 Jewish Torah Commandments (chapter 4 titled as Reincarnation – yet chapter 13 implements David dead or alive as the Moshiach will lead the world in the end of days) refer to Titus 1:14….

Thus saith the Lord God of Israel “Not giving heed to Jewish Fables (Public Law 102-14) and commandments of men (613 Jewish Torah commandments) who have turned from the truth of the scriptures and its prophesies.

Recall Lucifer the spirit god of this world main objective, has from the time he fell from Heaven, to the ground, was  to be as an equal unto the Most High (Isaiah 14:12-14).

That is why Lucifer/George Washington rulers of darkness namely universal Freemasonry, have  brainwashed the masses  into Lucifer’s NWO concept of 1776, which means secretly, that he Lucifer, from 1776 has been treated as an equal unto God Almighty known as the Most High.

Recall the scripture prophecy of Revelation 17:8-14 clearly prophesied the above to perfection, by saying in the end of days….

“These people have one minds, meaning that these people, who have been brainwashed into the NWO Annuit Coeptis/Yod concept and theory, that Lucifer/George Washington are their Masonic god and christ of this world.

In other words, these people will then give their power and authority, unto the beast godhead, meaning Annuit Coeptis/Yod (Lucifer/George Washington), so that they as the Masonic beast and godhead, could make war with the Lamb of Father God Almighty “Lord JESUS The Alpha and The Omega” refer to Revelation 17:13-14.

Could it be the time, that the New World Order conspiracy act of 1776 of the forefathers of old, led by General George Washington at the time, will bring in the order of chaos on the 4th of August 2011, by announcing the Apotheosis of GW/Lucifer openly.

What makes this questionable, is that America is based upon the term of Freedom of Religion, which means if you want to worship Lucifer/George Washington/Satan the Devil or any Deity or Lord JESUS The Christ Emmanuel, you are free to do so.

But what has to be a major eye opener, is that the hierarchy of Freemasonry and the USA Masonic bound Government, have been and still are, keeping their worship and honor and or belief and religion of Lucifer/George Washington in their closets.

In other words there is open worship of Satan/the devil and many other occultic and questionable religions of Freemasonry, which also operates under the disguise of Mormons, who known as the latter-day saints of  Joseph Smith but cleverly titled as latter-day saints of Jesus Christ, what blasphemy, well what about the questionable 7th Day Adventist, Jehovah Witnesses, Judaism, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims Islamic and the questionable form of Christianity, worldwide, who all are indirectly connected to the King Solomon’s Quarries based in the Holy Land Israel hidden under the Dome of the Rock controlled by the Muslim Freemasons.

Nevertheless within the USA, the hierarchy of Freemasonry, hid the mere fact, that they worship Lucifer, like many other Masonic countries like France (P2 Murder Lodge), who proudly show signs within their country of Baphomet which means Lucifer is god, and the United Kingdom, Israel, USSR, South Africa Egypt, China and even to Rome and Greece etc, who express their worship by erecting Egyptian obelisks, which symbolize to Luciferian worship in many different ways.

In other words, they all, meaning Masonic bound countries,  have been hiding the fact, that they are secretly worshipping Lucifer as God and George Washington as their Masonic Christ, from behind their closed hierarchy Masonic doors, which started in the new age from the 4th of August 1753 ceremony, held in lodge # 4 Fredericksburg Virginia.

Even though the Apotheosis of George Washington (Lucifer), is diagrammed in the high ceiling of the Rotunda Building at the Capitol Building in DC, it is still as a mystery to many people the world over.

In other words, the major question has to be asked, why has the USA Governments kept this Apotheosis of George Washington (Lucifer) a best kept secret, from 1865, it certainly does not make sense, as American is based upon the theory of  Freedom of Religion, is it time for the NWO conspirators from the 4th of August 2011, to level with the Hebrews/Christians known as the Royal Priesthood of the I Am that I Am.

Surely this gesture, of the American Government, from the 4th of August 1753 to the 10th of March 1865, that they the NWO conspirators have secretly ordained GW/Lucifer as a one godhead Annuit Coeptis/Yod situation in 1753 and then from 1865 raised the spirits of George Washington/Lucifer as their Masonic godhead and christ like figure, as their  Apotheosis of their sublime faith initiative.

In other words, it is time for the mystery of universal Freemasonry that Lucifer/GW are their god and christ of the new age, which incidentally as prophesied according to Colossians 1:26 that this new age mystery has been from the ages and generations, who have been brainwashed to accept this abomination of desolation (Matthew 24:15 – Daniel 12:10-13) from the 4th of August 1753 from Lodge # 4 Fredericksburg Virgina.

Undoubtedly, if they brought the above sin of witchcraft Luciferian/GW worship out in the open, or onto the round circle of life table, then this would allow the people of the world system to choose between The Holy Trinity or the unholy trinity of Lucifer as red dragon GW as the Masonic christ/beast and the new age false prophet David the Scarab Rockefeller.

Just to refresh you memory, recall the mere fact that on the 14th of December 2007 via the Assimilated  newspaper Press report,  Senator Harry Reid said I have sold my soul to Lucifer, like President GW Bush and many others……(click here to view article).


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