Undoubtedly the Greek Olympic Games was based upon the scripture prophecy of Isaiah 14:12-16

In the first instance, to grasp the above title we have to realize from the time the Greek Olympic Games were started its main goal was always to exalt the spirit of Lucifer/George Washington as god and christ and as the world’s light bearer secretly known as Baphomet…….
The main feature to the Greek Olympic Games is the carrying of the Olympic Torch (light bearer) through the cities, which eventually lights up the Olympic Cauldron which speaks of the Olympic flame or fire symbolizing to exalt the fire god Lucifer/George Washington as the Owl god Molech. The Greek term “Apollo” means LUCIFER!
Bear in mind, that the catch 22 to the 2012 Greek Olympic Games, programmed to take its course in London UK, obviously in month of July (Tammuz) 2012, will be based upon the concept to brainwash the masses into the belief that the spirit of Lucifer/George Washington are as an equal unto the Most High – The I Am that I Am.
In other words this 2012 Greek Olympic Games will have a secret agenda to it, meaning it will relate in every possible way to honor, glorify and worship the spirits of Lucifer/George Washington……
as the world’s gods of light and god of reflections secretly known as the Microprosposos/ Macroprosposos, obviously meaning as the world’s light bearers.
In other words the scripture prophecy of Isaiah 14:12-14 prophesied….
“How art thou fallen from Heaven O Lucifer son of the morning Rah – Shaharit, down unto the ground (earth) when thou shall weaken the nations….. into the sin of witchcraft which means that Lucifer will be as an equal unto the Most High.”
Undoubtedly for all these years the new world order – one world Yod/Annuit Coeptis/Die U government leaders, have used this secret yet ungodly mannerism to con the masses.
In other words the spirit of Lucifer as the god of this world would weaken the nations, by these World re-known Greek Olympic Games ceremonies, which allowed at all times to capture mankind into his web of deceit, which undoubtedly declared himself as an equal unto the Most High refer to the scripture prophecy of Isaiah 14:13-14.
To add more fuel to the Luciferian Greek Olympic Games fire, the above concept was based upon the Greek/Jewish Masonic Altar which undoubtedly emphasized the practice of Luciferian reincarnation meaning rebirth of his spirit within mankind’s hearts simply refer to the scripture prophecy of Isaiah 14:13-14.
What supports the above sin of witchcraft is that this Luciferian reincarnation – circle of life religious tradition was based upon all the secret Masonic Altars within all temples in all nations of the world.
In other words, yet unknown to many, these closed door Masonic Altars worldwide, are based upon an Egyptian point within a Luciferian/Rah/Shaharit sun circle of life, undoubtedly guided by the two linage lines of Enoch to Moses.
Needless to say, these Masonic Luciferian Altars, are regarded scripturally as been the curse that goeth forth over the whole face of the earth, that stealeth and sweareth falsely by Almighty God Mighty Name refer to the scripture prophecy of Zachariah 5:3
It must be remembered, nearly 2,000 years ago, the disciple Paul caught the Greeks and Jews red handed in this ungodly mannerism of practicing reincarnation – circle of life in Athens Greece simply refer to the scripture prophecy of Acts 17:16-33… titled under the umbrella of Idolatry!
Recall in 1988 New World Order thousand points of Light President GHW Bush introduced the new Greek Olympic Games Flag of the 5 interlocking colored circles of life (reincarnation) flag which undoubtedly emphasizes world Luciferian reincarnation.
What supports this was from 1953 after the Year of the Light was declared from the Holy Land Israel the world was placed under the secret 613 Jewish Torah Commandments notice that chapter 4 was and still is titled Reincarnation we live and live again.
In other words all Jews and a certain sect called Gentiles must practice reincarnation – circle of life on a daily basis or as many times as possible… refer to web pagehttp://www.sichosinenglish.org/books/to-live-and-live-again/05.htm

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