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Hey There Jcemmanuel,
Along the same lines,, We speak of a war on terror.
We speak of enemies and terrorists.
But which country has committed so many acts of terrorism that they were actually condemned by the world court for acts of terrorism for political gains?
Bonus Question:
What was the act that caused the condemnation, and who was president of that country that gave the order for the act of terrorism at that time?

Comment by Phillip Mejia | December 13, 2011 | EditReply

  • Greetings to you Phillip Mejia in the very first instance the Word (Lord JESUS) never spoke of terrorist and or terror but the spirit of antichrist (1 John 2:18 and or 1 John 4:3), but recall in Matthew 24:6….Our Lord JESUS prophesied that all shall hear of wars and rumors of wars.In other words, the new world order conspirators are side tracking the masses worldwide, from the awesome yet Holy Words of Lord JESUS, found in the Holy Scriptures from Matthew to Revelation. 

    Needless to say they the new world conspirators, by side tracking the masses into their new world order trap of their mickey mouse term of terrorist – terror war and or Marxist – communist etc refer to Mural displayed at Denver International airport from 1993. 
    Bear in mind Lord JESUS prophesied in Revelation 17:8-14 that the new world order Luciferian/George Washington conspirators, will prepare the peoples hearts and minds into a one mind situation, by indoctrinating them by Chapter 4 of the 613 Jewish Torah Commandments…http://www.sichosinenglish.org/books/to-live-and-live-again/05.htm#t122

    Unknown or unrealized chapter 4 of the 613 Jewish Torah Commandments is titled under the banner of Reincarnation and obviously based upon Jewish Fables refer to Titus 1:10 -14).

    All Jews and certain Gentiles antichrist – peoples (1 John 4:3) must practice reincarnation on a daily basis and or as many times as possible. In other words, all peoples have been brainwashed from the truth of the scriptures, which meant they have turned from the truth of the scriptures and its prophecies. 

    Meaning all peoples were and still are been simply brainwashed into a one mind war situation, so that they can all make the ultimate war situation, against the Almighty Lamb Lord JESUS (Alpha and the Omega) of Father God Almighty refer to Revelation 17:13- 14



    What you and all other peoples of the world, need to absorb in a fast manner, is that on the 14th of July (Tammuz) 1889 General Albert Pike said, to his one world Yod Government leaders gathered in the war zone country of Paris France, also known secretly as the French P2 Murder Lodge/Israeli of the world, by simply refer to Contemporary Freemasonry in the Holy Land Israel…..http://web.mit.edu/dryfoo/Masons/Reports/israel.html.

    Pike letter read…… The doctrine of Satanism was and still is a heresy.The true and pure religion of universal Freemasonry is of a Luciferian doctrine and concept, “Yes Lucifer (George Washington) is God.

    He also admitted in the next part of his letter “Yes Adonay (1 John 5:7 KJV) is also God” but their god Lucifer is fighting (spiritual war – Ephesians 6:12) against Adonay, for the freedom of all mankind (Humanity) from the Blood Sacrifice of Lord JESUS The Christ Emmanuel, the Alpha and The Omega (Revelation 1:11).

    In other words this is the only war that is taking its toll, secondly this war in the first instance was and still is prophesied to be in the spirit realm (Ephesians 6:10-12), not physical simply refer to the scripture prophesy of Zephaniah 1:14-18.

    Nevertheless all the NWO wars, that are presently seen, are merely doing human blood sacrifices unto their godhead of Lucifer/George Washington as Annuit Coeptis/Yod/Die U.

    A clever device to remove Faith (Hebrews 11:7-8) from peoples hearts, by causing wars of death and destruction, which would then place the spirit of fear into all peoples hearts, which then allows the spirit of their fatherhood namely Lucifer/George Washington, which is secretly regarded as their Masonic godhead and christ, programmed to reincarnate this message into their hearts.

    This will allow all peoples in a war zone type of manner and or of a one mind situation, to make war against the Lamb of Father God Almighty Head Cornerstone Lord JESUS refer to Matthew 21:42-43. 

    The country to prepare the people into this war concept against The Holy Trinity, is merely the USA who is secretly known as the new Israel, well supported by the United Kingdom and its 12 other United Nations conspirators.

    Undoubtedly according to scripture prophecy USA is known as the head office of Babylon,  as the world is known today as Babylon, because of its rebellion against the Word of Father God Almighty and His 10 Commandments, refer to Revelation 17:5.

    Another important clue to study is the Contemporary Freemasonry in the Holy Land Israel..http://web.mit.edu/dryfoo/Masons/Reports/israel.html

    It simply explains the above and its self, by simply refering to the world peoples to the abomination of desolation, which has secretly been titled as a rule of law, from the 10th of March 1865, by both houses of Masonic Luciferian congress as “The Apotheosis of George Washington (Lucifer).”

    Bear in mind that the word apotheosis literally means to raise a person to the rank of a god and or as a icon meaning a Masonic christlike figure.

    The President undoubtedly was GHW Bush when he declared with the support of both houses of Masonic Luciferian congress on the 11th of September 1991 the New World Order concept of the forefathers of 1776 as a rule of law.

    This meant that the spirits of Lucifer/George Washington as a one type godhead, Annuit Coeptis/Yod/Die U, were and still are as an equal unto the Most High (1 John 5:7 KJV) and by their (world peoples) approval, the unholy trinity (Revelation 16:13-16) are ready to make war with the Lamb of Father God Almighty, refer to the scripture prophecy of Revelation 17:13-14.

    But the God Almighty WORD prophesied, the good news, which is simply found in Jeremiah 5:30-31…..which in a nut shell prophesied, the NWO prophets prophesied falsely and the NWO priest preachers, rabbi’s senators, governors, Presidents worldwide etc, bear rule by their means. 

    Which is that Lucifer is god and that the spirit of George Washington is as their christlike figure. 

    Unknown or unrealized GW is secretly known today as Santa Claus and or for Europe as Father Christmas, which is simply based upon the dangerous term of Tammuz, which means son of life or as the worlds tree of life – X Mass Tree (thousand points of light) refer to the scripture prophecy of Ezekiel 8:12-16.

    Tammuz also means as the rising of the sun (Rah) from the east.

    A major truth to digest is that the Jewish Torah and the Menorah all end with the dangerous terms of Rah which means in Egyptian Lucifer as the son of the morning – yet the Jews regard Lucifer as their Shaharit their bright morning star god Lucifer.

    Refer to why the Holy Land Israel declared the Year of the Light (Lucifer/George Washington) in 1953, which simply meant that the spirits of Lucifer/George Washington were and still are from 1753 to 1953 as the world light bearers.

    Recall 200 years before that in 1753, on the 4th of August, the Masonic christ like figure Tammuz, namely George Washington at the young age of 21 years old (7+7+7) became one with the spirit of Lucifer from lodge # 4 Fredericksburg Virginia USA.

    Here is something for you to digest Phillip Mejia, do you think its a coincidence or fact that the United Nations prayer or meditation room with its graven rock image, street address number was and still is 777. 

    Recall Deuteronomy 32:37 prophesied where are your gods and rock in whom you trusted in. 


    In other words Father God Almighty was insulting the new world order conspirators and their Rock image United Nations prayer or meditation room, which was secretly numbered 777. 

    JCEmmanuel hope and pray the above Word will be sufficient for your requested questions be blessed JESUS The Christ Emmanuel Loves U.

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