Pay attention to the 2011 abomination of desolation ceremony, that took its toll as 10,000 Santa’s walk into a bar in New York City, on the all important date of the 13th of December 2011!

Just as a reminder the number 13 equals unto the dangerous, new age weapon of mass destruction, which is  titled as “Rebellion.”
In other words, as the 10,000 red and white dressed Masonic Santa’s (Santacons), that hit the streets of New York City on the all important day 13th of December 2011, unknown to them, was due to NWO brainwashing, which allowed them in stupidity to put pen to paper, to the world practice of the sin of world witchcraft, which is secretly known as Luciferian/George Washington worship.
The sin of witchcraft which is part and parcel to new age weapon of mass destruction, which is to get the world peoples to rebel against the Word and the 1st of the 10 Commandments of The I AM that I AM.
Yet unknown to them, the 10,000 Santa’s (Santacons) they were merely fulfilling scripture prophecy of Jeremiah 4:22
Thus saith the Lord Our Almighty God… “For My people are foolish children, they have not known me, thye are sottish children, and they have none understanding, they are wise to do evil, but to do good, they have no knowledge.”  
Yet how do they explain the scripture prophecy of Daniel 12:10-12 ….

“Many shall be purified and tried and made white but the wicked shall continually do wicked and none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise will understand…….”

And from the time the daily sacrifice, shall be taken away and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, The Apotheosis of George Washington/Lucifer, there shall be  a thousand and two hundred years and ninety days – of Great Tribulation refer to Matthew 24:15-16.

To get an understanding, to why the 10,000 Santa’s hit the street of New York City, on the 13th of December 2011, which its ultimate goal, was to bring in the order of NWO chaos.

Which meant that Santa/Father Christmas secretly known as the Masonic christ and godhead of George Washington/Lucifer were and still are, as an equal unto the Most High – The I AM that I AM (Isaiah 14:12-14).

Please  refer to article and or web page….

Undoubtedly, this action of the 10,000 Santa’s who were merely representing Father Christmas of Europe as well, appeared on the 13th of December 2011, in New York City simply conveying subliminal messages of antichrist and ungodliness to all peoples.

In other words it was a direct breach of the first of the 10 Commandments, for all peoples to believe and worship a god before the Lord God Almighty of the new Israel America – USA.

But what makes this event interesting, which is unknown to the 10,000 Santa’s, was that it was merely the fulfillment of the scripture prophecy of Deuteronomy 32:30-32, undoubtedly in a very antichrist/ungodly Santa mannerism…..

The catch to why the 10,000 Santa (Santacons) appeared in New York City, on the all important day of the 13th of December 2011, was for a myriad of new age reasons.

Firstly it was important, to the new world order conspirators, as it brought about recognition, to when 212 years ago to when they did the blood ritual, of removing over 6 pints of George Washington’s blood, from his dying body, which was on the 13th of December 1799, because they sincerely believed there was life in his blood and bloodline.

What was important to why the 10,000 Santa’s had to appear in New York City in the bar type situation, on the 13th of December 2011 it had to be exactly 212 years, after the Illuminati/Sanhedrin/Freemasons ordered their Masonic doctors on the 13th of December 1799, to remove over 6 pints of blood from their Worshipful Master and or Masonic Christ like George Washington’s body.

Their main motive, was to usher in as a rule of law chapter 4 of the 613 Jewish Torah Commandments which is titled as we live and live again – Reincarnation – Circle of life…..

It must be understood that they, the hierarchy of universal Freemasonry, sincerely believed, that there was life in their Masonic christ George Washington secretly named Tammuz, blood and bloodline.

So it was essential for all Jews and certain Gentiles to practice the order of reincarnation and or circle of life ritual within America – USA as the new Israel.

This ungodly and or antichrist ritual was and still is the main feature of all Masonic altars worldwide, which clearly emphasize George Washington as the new age Masonic Christ and or as the Masonic Santa/Father Christmas for Europe, as an Egyptian/Jewish Masonic point, within a sun circle of  Luciferian life and or light, simply guided by the two linage lines of Enoch to Moses.

What has to be interesting, was that this reincarnation and or circle of life ritual, was first practice by Worshipful Master and or 1st President of the USA as the new Israel namely George Washington.

Unknown or unrealized by 99% of the people of the world, this GW reincarnation – circle of life ceremony, was done in secrecy on the 18th of September 1793, which was directly after GW as the 1st President of the new Israel namely America – USA, laid the all important Cornerstone and time capsule at the Capitol Building in Washington DC.

To grasp to why and how, the 10, 000 Santa’s (Santacons) fulfilled, the scripture prophecy of Deuteronomy 32:30-32 we have to examine the prophesy below….

How should one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight, except their Rock (Isaiah 14:16 Lucifer’s spirit with George Washington) had sold them, and the LORD had shut them up?

For their rock (Lucifer spirit within Cain to Nimrod to King Solomon to George Washington to David Solomon Rockefeller) is not as our Rock (JESUS The Christ Emmanuel the Rock of Salvation), even our enemies themselves being judges.

For their vine (Lucifer’s children – 1 John 3:10) is of the vine of Sodom (South Africa – Holy Land Israel), and of the fields of Gomorrah (Egypt – USA): their grapes (King Solomon – George Washington – David Rockefeller) are grapes (ANTI-CHRIST SPIRITS – 1 John 4:3) of gall, their clusters are bitter:

Their wine (Luciferian/George Washington Apotheosis worship) is the poison of dragons, and the cruel venom of asps.

In other words, there was a universal Freemason/Illuminati/Sanhedrin subliminal message, that manifested, on and from the 13th of December 2011… the 10,000 antichrist Santa’s (Santacons), hit the streets of New York City, was that the giver of light and life the spirits of George Washington/Lucifer as Santa Claus, is ripe.

What needs to be understood about New York City, is that is where George Washington, became the Worshipful Master of the Universe from, which was on the 20th of December 1788.

Unknown or unrealized, 4 months later, George Washington became the 1st President of the USA – America as the new Israel from New York City on the 30th of April (Nissan) 1789.

This Union of the two titles, from within New York City, ordained New York City in the first instance as the new age JerUSAlem, and as the gateway to George Washington/Lucifer’s heaven and or celestial lodge and or 8 pointed Blazing Star god, titled from November Y2K – Yod 2000 as International Space Station Alpha.

Unknown and or unrealized by many peoples the world over, the catch 22 to the red and white coloring of the 10,000 Santa’s/Father Christmas suits, meaning the red represent the blood of George Washington and the white represents George Washington Worshipful Masters purified body.

Bear in mind George Washington was secretly known from after his death in 1799 as being declared as the Fatherhood of God and as the brotherhood of all mankind…..

Here comes the major question to be asked how do the Universal Order of Freemasonry explain the ungodly Ten Commandment breaker “The Apotheosis of George Washington (Lucifer).”

The word Apotheosis literally means to raise a person to the rank of a god and or as a icon – and or as a Masonic christ like figure!

It must be realized that  The Apotheosis of George Washington (Lucifer) became a rule of law, on the 10th of March 1865, secretly ordained and legislated by the order of both houses of Masonic Congress, which was simply led by USA General Albert Pike.

Due to much ignorance and a bombardment of New World Order misinformation, concerning the Apotheosis of George Washington, the honorable President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by the order of Universal Freemasonry on world taxation day.

Which was on the 15th of April (Nissan) 1865, 36 days after President Abraham Lincoln as a true Hebrew/Christian and a believer, that the Lord JESUS The Christ Emmanuel was the Alpha and the Omega, confidently refused to endorse and promote the concept of both Houses of Masonic Congress of the Apotheosis of George Washington.

What undoubtedly supports this assassination theory of President Abraham Lincoln on the 15th of April (Nissan) 1865, was that in 1889 on the 14th of July (Tammuz) General Albert Pike drafted his all important letter to his One World Yod/Annuit Coeptis/Die U Government who were gathered in Paris France (P2 Murder Lodge) which read as follows…..

The doctrine of Satanism was and still is a heresy, but the true and pure religion of Universal Freemasonry is of a Luciferian doctrine and concept “Yes Lucifer (George Washington) was and still is God.”

In the next sentence General Albert Pike also admitted that Adonay is also God, but proclaimed that Lucifer as their god was fighting against Adonay for the Freedom of all humanity (mankind) from the Blood Sacrifice of Lord JESUS The Christ EMMANUEL.

Recall the true picture drawn at all times always tells the true Bible Story!

Beyond a doubt the prophecy scripture of Deuteronomy 32:37 says to all Santa Claus/Father Christmas/X Mass worshipers……

“Where is your gods and rock in whom you trusted in”  Pay attention to the mere facts that Lord JESUS The anointed Head Cornerstone and Worshipful Master of the Universe was not born in the winter solstice meaning on the 25th of December nearly 2,000 years ago.

But as the scripture prophecy of Luke chapter 2 prophesied and or as it clearly states, that Joseph the Hebrew and  Mary the Hebrewess well with child (just short her 9th  month of her pregnancy with the only Son of Father God Almighty Lord JESUS) after paying  their taxes on world renown taxation day (15th of April (Nissan ), Mary the blessed Hebrewess  gave birth to Lord JESUS The Christ EMMANUEL (God be with Us).

Recall world taxation day was and still is on the 15th of April, so three days later on the 18th of April nearly 2,000 years ago, was when the blessed virgin Mary the Hebrewess gave birth to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords JESUS The Christ EMMANUEL (God be with Us).

The bad news or could we say the new age weapon of mass destruction,the new world order conspirators, used to con the masses  into their Apotheosis of George Washington sin of witchcraft (1 Samuel 15:23) extravaganser.

In other wise the new world order conspirators from 1753 the 4th of August after George Washington at the young age of 21 years old (7+7+7) became one with the spirit of Lucifer, the connive of all times began, to get the world into a frenzy of worshiping the Masonic Christ and Godhead George Washington/Lucifer as Santa/Father Christmas on the 25th of December.

This stemmed from the brainwashing of the masses into the new Israel America’s – USA Thanks Giving Day to X Mass Day the 25th of December to the New Year Days which is secretly known as Father God George Washington/Lucifer Ghost Day (1st of January), bear in mind George Washington died on the 14th of December 1799 simply add his birth day of 11th of February 1732 (14+11 = 25)  and you reach X Mass Day the 25th of December.

The good news for all Hebrew/Christians is every day is a Christ JESUS EMMANUEL (God be with US) day.

Headlines news Lord JESUS The Christ EMMANUEL (God be with Us) by His Precious Blood Sacrifice, are all mankind saved…

This anointed Blood Sacrifice of Lord JESUS led to His death and resurrection, which announced HIM as the Alpha and the Omega (Revelation 1:11).

This was after He Lord JESUS The Christ EMMANUEL (God be with Us) became the ultimate curse upon the evil Pharoah/Luciferian Yod/Tittle George Washington tree (X Mass Tree) simply refer to Galatians 3:13….

Christ JESUS EMMANUEL (God be withUs) hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us (all mankind), for it is written “Cursed is everyone that hangeth upon a Tree.”

Unknown or unrealized due to ignorance and or a bombardment of misinformation, via the 70 ancient houses of rebellious Israel known and controlled by the Sanhedrin/Illuminati/Freemason system, deliberately crucified Lord JESUS upon their Pharoah/Luciferian tree in the Yod position.

In other words, they the antichrist Luciferian Yod system (1 John 2:18), were merely implementing by order and power of their Yod/Annuit Coeptis/Die U One World Luciferian Government ungdoly authority, that Lord JESUS never rose from the dead, which became a mere Jewish fable and a commandment of men (Titus 1:14).

Yet as they witnessed that LORD JESUS Death which encamped the world peoples with HIS PRECIOUS BLOOD sacrifice,  which led to HIS resurrection, which was back to HIS and or Our FATHER, which allowed HIM Lord JESUS to be Seated upon HIS world Seat and Power as The Alpha and Omega (Revelation 1:11).

Needless to say, the Lord JESUS crucifiction in the Yod manner, upon the curse Pharoah/Luciferian X Mass Tree was simply fulfilling the scripture prophecy of Ezekiel 31:1-8……

Thus saith the Lord Our God Almighty….. “what was Pharaoh (Lucifer transformed as a angel of light ) the high tree in stature, which all the other trees envied, doing in the Garden of God Almighty known as Eden?

Recall Lord JESUS The Christ EMMANUEL (God be with Us) manifested to the earth to destroy the works of Lucifer the father of lies and a murderer (1 John 3:8), which incidentally was from after The Holy Trinity recreated the earth. Lucifer’s ultimate goal was to weaken the nations into his New World Order concept, which truly meant,  that he Lucifer the angel of light wanted to be as an equal unto the Most High refer to the Isaiah 14:12-14.

In other words, Lord JESUS by HIS miraculous birth (18th of April (Nissan), His phenomenal Water Baptism on the 30th of April (Nissan)  (Matthew 3:16-17), to His initiation by Father GOD Almighty as the world’s Head Cornerstone    (Matthew 21:42) came to set the captives free from the curse of the Luciferian/Cain/King Solomon/George Washington/David Rockefeller religion tradition and bondage.

He Lord JESUS The Christ EMMANUEL (God be with Us) beyond all doubts, came to heal the broken hearted……


3 thoughts on “Pay attention to the 2011 abomination of desolation ceremony, that took its toll as 10,000 Santa’s walk into a bar in New York City, on the all important date of the 13th of December 2011!

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  2. I got the point! Lucifer is George Washington! I don’t doubt George Washington was working for Lucifer but please enough with that thing, you’re becoming obsessed with it. Lucifer is in every single politician of these nation. Everyone that is not doing the work of Jesus is actually working for Satan. George Washington is been dead for a longtime and now there are more dangerous politicians including our current president working for Satan himself. Move on….

    • Like the spirit of Cain is alive and working in these men of perdition (Jude 11), so is the spirit of George Washington…The Apotheosis of George Washington, these blogs are spiritually interpreted. There are a legion of demons and or anitchrists spirits (1 John 2:18) wondering the earth. The more, we simply expose their hidden agenda, the more successful the Body of Christ JESUS will be. In other words the body of Christ JESUS (Church – Bride) would be more than conquers by His Precious Blood sacrifice and would be able walk more successful in their daily walk of life. If you really got this point you wouldn’t have written this message of confusion. If you can only understand that God is a Spirit (John 4:21-24)…. and not a man that He should lie, nor the Son of man that He should repent(Numbers 23:19). Please pay attention to the important fcat of life God’s Almighty ways are not man kinds ways. Recall the ancient battle is His against Lucifer/sons of perdition. Which makes our battle not against flesh and blood but against Luciferian principalities power, rulers of darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places…if you understood the above then the spirit of George Washington/Lucifer as a man of War is now working in the children of disobedience (Ephesians 2:2) which is now the likes of Obama/Bush/Clinton/GHW Bush etc and within the State Senators meaning both houses of Masonic Congress ….like the spirit of Cain/Naamah/Tubal-Cain…and some of the other curses, that goeth forth over the whole face of the earth, stealing and swearing falsely by using Father God Mighty name in vain, which is now causing massive amounts of death and destruction…So you Move ON!!!
      Because it seem not important for you that America is abiding by the George Washington logo “In God we Trust” which is contrary to the 1st of the 10 Commandments.
      Please research Public Law 102-14 and then tell this Ministry we need to stop exposing the ungodly half bred George Washington.Please not the scripture prophecy of Isaiah 14:16 is describing George Washington to the tee “They that narrowly look upon thee George Washington saying Is this the man that made the earth to tremble that shook the Kingdoms of God Almighty for Luciferian gain!
      John 3:16 prophesied “For God Almighty so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son Lord JESUS The Christ EMMANUEL, so that who soever belief in Him shall gain eternal life.

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