Please wake up people of Hebrew and Christian decent, this Ministry has been chosen by the Holy Trinity for the past 32 years, to pull down every stronghold that is exalting itself against the knowledge of The I AM that I Am! (2 Corinthians 10:3-5)

There is no stopping us,  as some one advised us to please stop exposing George Washington/Lucifer it is a enough we need to move on…..but that is not true, mankind have been tricked, by the antichrist system (1 John 2:18) meaning they intentionally brought in the order of chaos……by forcing the masses to have  sinned against the Lord God of Israel….. by creating a god before Him!

thank you for you kind gesture Sir, but you have just inspired this Ministry, to work even harder at exposing  The Apotheosis of  George Washington/Lucifer and their rulers of darkness of this world, being the universal Order of Freemasonry.

Bear in mind the scripture prophecy of 2 Timothy 3:9 prophesied that the Almighty Father of True Light – Lord JESUS The Christ EMMANUEL (God be with Us) said…..

“He is not slack concerning His promise and some men (mankind) count slackness, but that all should come to repentance for creating and worshiping Lucifer/George Washington as their god and Masonic christ Santa Claus/Father Christmas and or the manchild Tammuz. ”

This ministry sincerely believes that according to the scripture prophecy of 2 Thessalonians 2: 3…..the man of sin, the son of perdition,  the antichrist, the new age son of Lucifer namely George Washington, must be revealed which in this instant  is undoubtedly essential.

Why George Washington, because the ungodly/antichrist universal order of Jewish/Egyptian Freemasonry undoubtedly, tricked and or conned the masses into their New World Order concept from 1776…… which was that George Washington and the spirit of Lucifer were as an equal unto the Most High (Isaiah 14:13-14).

This simply stemmed from, after they the antichrsit new world order conspirators, via vast amounts of NWO  conniving,  created from the 4th of August 1753,  from lodge # 4 Fredericksburg Virginia,  George Washington at the young age of 21 years old (7+7+7) and the spirit of Lucifer as their godhead Yod/Annuit Coeptis/Die U……simply refer to the scripture prophecy of Matthew 5:18…. bear in mind  jot equals unto yod.

The evidence of the above ungodly/antichrist Yod/Annuit Coeptis/Die U system stemmed, from after he GW was chosen as the apotheosis of Universal Freemasonry sublime faith initiative, which was from his birth on the 11th of February 1732.

To be able to grasp about the Apotheosis of George Washington simply refer to page 321 of the Albert Pike Morals and Dogma written in 1888 for a complete explanation.

Recall the word Apotheosis literally means to raise a person to the rank of a god and or an icon – christ like figure!

Like the Latin term of Annuit Coeptis (Yod/Die U) means in English…… “He George Washington/Lucifer that is god by the under taking of the people.”

In other words, this Ministry main mission, was alawys to fight the Good Fight of Faith, which allowed us to put on the whole armor of Father God Almighty, that we might stand, up against the wiles of Lucifer, his son Satan (antichrist), also known as the devil.

We abide by the scripture prophecy of Ephesians 6:12……

“For our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, rulers of darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places.”

We thrive by the scripture prophecy of  2 Timothy 2:3-5, which is to be as a good soldiers, for Our Lord JESUS The Christ  EMMANUEL (God be with us), and our main accomplishment is to be able at all times to please HIM, Lord JESUS only.

Which means, we will not tangle ourselves, with the things of this world, meaning to honor or to worship the New World Order/Illuminati/Sanhedrin/Freemason “In God we trust” namely George Washington/Lucifer.

Our chosen directed path is, to pull down and expose the spirit of Lucifer/George Washington, on a daily basis as the prophecy prophesied 2 Thessalonians 2:3….. the man of sin must be revealed

Undoubtedly in the Mighty Name of Lord JESUS (Philippians 2:8-11), we will reveal George Washington/Lucifer until they fall into abyss, and or the lake of fire (Revelation 20:8-10).

This ministry main problem, with the world peoples, is that due ignorance and a bombardment of New World order misinformation, they are found to be ignorant, or unaware to the Apotheosis of George Washington (Lucifer), which has been in existence from the 10th of March 1865.

Which in all ways and means, has been well orchestrated by both houses of USA Masonic Congress, who have operated from under the order and or rituals, degrees and ceremonies of  Universal Freemasonry of The York Rite and Scottish Rite Divisions.

In other words, the above stemmed from after George Washington at the young age of 21 years old became one with the spirit of Lucifer, which was on the 4th of August 1753, from lodge #4 Fredericksburg Virginia, it was programmed to  raised the man George Washington to the rank of a god and or as a icon.

Bear in mind this was and still is contrary to the 1st of the 10 Commandments m,ankind has vreated a god before the Lord God of Israel, there is only one anwer to the above “what blasphemy.”

What makes this even more disgusting, is that this secret exhalation of the ungodly/antichrist Apotheosis of George Washington from 1865, was used by the antichrist system of Freemasonry, as a secret type of weapon of mass destruction, which was to try and destroy the truth and credibility of the Precious Blood Sacrifice of Lord JESUS known as The Christ EMMANUEL.

What needs to be understood was that in 1889 the 4th of July (Tammuz) General Pike openly admitted that Lucifer/George Washington was God to his One World Yod Government gathered in Paris France, known as the P2 Murder Lodge.

What has to be eye opening to all the above, was what was said by General Albert Pike, in the next sentence of his letter adddressed to his Onwe World Yod Government gathered in Paris France….

“that Adonay was also God.”

But that Lucifer/George Washington as their godhead Yod/Annuit Coeptis/Die U , was fighting against Adonay, for the freedom all humanity (mankind) from the “Blood Sacrifice of Lord JESUS The Alpha and The Omega.”

In other words, all the wars being fought for nearly 2,000, are merely about the Precious Blood Sacrifice of Lord JESUS at Calvary, when He became as a curse upon the Pharaoh/Luciferian tree of jewish/Egyptian Freemasonry.

Needless to say, all the above events all  boils down to the truth of the Holy Scriptures, which prophesied that by the Precious Blood Sacrifice of Lord JESUS, all of mankind that believe in Him, will be saved….

This concept first started with Lord JESUS miraculous birth, as The King of Kings, which then led to His water baptism (Matthew 3:16-17) which was on the 30th of April (Nissan) nearly 2,000 years ago.

This water baptism had many advantages, first as recorded in Matthew 3:16-17 Father God Almighty announces Lord JESUS as His only Begotten Son whom He was well pleased with, secondly the water baptism led to the most important event of Lord JESUS dethroning of the father of lies and a murderer from the foundation of the world namely Lucifer into the bottomless pit Hades refer to Matthew 4:10-11 – Isaiah 14:15).

Undoubtedly the water baptism of Lord JESUS led to the anointed event of Father God Almighty, which was to anoint  Him, JCE as HIS Head Cornerstone (Matthew 21:42), notice how the Luciferian builders (Universal Freemasonry) rejected Him.

This then allowed Lord JESUS to remove the Kingdom of Father God, away from the rebellious Luciferian Israel (Matthew 21:43) Masonic Jews/Egyptians and then prophesied, to give it unto a new nation meaning America – USA in the new age.

Pay attention to the mere fact that the three letters of USA are found within the mighty term of JerUSAlem, which has to be the ultimate confirmation, that America is the new Israel.

Automatically, these acts of righteousness, by the Lord of Lords JESUS Christ of Nazareth, led to His Sanhedrin/Illuminati/Freemason (Builders) Government Yod crucifiction.

Which then led to His death upon the cursed Luciferian/Pharoah tree, (Galatians 3:13), which led to HIS (JESUS) Almighty Resurrection, which allowed Him Lord JESUS  to become The Universal Alpha and Omega refer to Revelation 1:11.

In other words, from the time of GW birth, which was on the 11th of February 1732, to his death which was on the 14th of December 1799,  they the New World Order conspirators simply in many ways counterfeited GW life, as a christ like figure, but called him George Washington “Tammuz” which means son of life – tree of life.

Recall Tammuz was the bastard son of Nimrod/Lucifer, the great grand son of Cain, known as the horned beast, who built the ungodly Tower of Babel, which meant in the new age George Washington as Tammuz, would build the new age city of Babylon in the new Israel America and its head city of New York.

This new age City of Babylon, known today as the United Nations secretly numbered 777 (7+7+7) which was from 5 years after America got its independence as the new Israel in 1948, was well established and or masterminded by David Rockefeller in the notable Year of the Light 1953.

The catch 22 to the above, which all to do with America being ordained secretly as the New Israel from 1948, which had all to do with the United Nations being as the old 70 ancient houses Masonic Israel, established in 1945 by Nelson Rockefeller in California.

and then in 1953 known as the Year of the Light was transferred to New York City to where George Washington was made the Worshipful Master in 1788, yet became the 1st President of the USA – America in 1789. rom the old Holy Land Israel in 1953, which conveys a deliberate message  as the United Nations secretly numbered as 777.     Another important fact to consider, was the GW blood ritual that was done on the 13th of December 1799, which was for his Sanhedrin/Illuminati members to with draw over 6 pints of blood from GW dying body, simply because they that he GW was their Masonic Christchild Tammuz from birth which forced them to believe there was life in his GW blood and bloodline.

They were all made to believe by the spirit god of this world namely Lucifer (2 Corinthians 4:4) the father of lies etc, that George Washington from birth was the fulfillment of the scripture prophecy of Isaiah 9:6 in the new age.

It must also be understood that GW was his Lucifer’s only E Pluribus Unum meaning new age son of life and light.

Remember that the Latin term E Pluribus Unum means in English…… “Out of many of Lucifer’s sons of life and light there shall come one in the new age that shall be his only begotten son.”

The term icon, means that George Washington by the power of universal Freemasonry, was transformed from birth (11th of February 1732) as their Masonic christ like figure Tammuz/Tittle and or icon.

Undoubtedly, one example is George Washington as Lucifer E Pluribus Unum, who was transformed as angel of light in the image and concept of being the worlds Santa Claus/Father Christmas for the Europeans.

Which in all fairness was the introduction of the Church of Nicolaitans (Universal Freemasonry) which Father God Almighty hated and all those who follow after this mannerism refer to Revelation 2:6.

But what has to be ignorance to the 10th degree by all Hebrew/Christians, is the worship of Father Ghost which is merely once again George Washington/Lucifer spirit beings transformed in, a degrading way of being the world’s holy Father Ghost (Spirit).

The scriptures prophesy that matches this ungodly/antichrist event is undoubtedly classed as the Abomination of Desolation (Matthew 24:15 – Daniel 12:10-12).

In other words the Word of Father God describes this as the mystery that has been hid from the ages and generation, but shall be known to the Saints and believers of the Holy Trinity (1 John 5:7 KJV only) refer to Colosians 1:26 but describes them in Revelation 16:13-16 as the unholy trinity and or antichrist system (1 John 4:3 – 1 John 2:18) of the red dragon Lucifer, the beast  George Washington and false prophet David Rockefeller as his NASA Masonic conspiracy.

What should be frightening to all Hebrew/Christians, is that each year the new world order conspirators con the masses into the ungodly/antichrist celebration of Father Ghost worship in New York City.

Which is based, as from the old years eve, to the ushering of the new year simply, which is done in a very subtle and or comically way each year for many years now in New York City, what blasphemy and or a simply violation of the 1st of the 10 Commandments and specifically of 1 John 5:7 King James version only.

The good news is that this Ministry will not stop exposing George Washington/Lucifer for a myriad of reasons, yet as  some have requested recently, to stop consecrating upon George Washington and the spirit of Lucifer, after reading jcemmanuel blogs.

Which is a no no for jcemmanuel and or Jeremiah 33:3 Ministries, we will expose until George Washington/Lucifer are cast into the Lake of Fire.

Many peoples the world over, are ignorant to the mere fact,  from behind closed hierarchy Masonic doors, the spirits of George Washington and Lucifer as a one godhead from 1753, were and still are regarded as the Masonic world’s Alpha and the Omega of the universe.

Unknown or unrealized, this has became a Jewish fable and commandment of men who have turned from the truth of the scriptures and its prophesies  refer to Titus 1:10-14.

Secondly George Washington has been regarded, in a secret manner by the hierarchy of universal Freemasonry as being their Masonic Fatherhood of God and as the brotherhood of all mankind, what blasphemy in the first instant!

Another important bit of home work, for all our critics to do, is to go to where ever Country you reside in,  like if you live in a America or any other part of the world system and do a check on the northeast corners of all your city halls, on and from the all important Cornerstones,where it will read as follows……

simply addressed to “the Most Worshipful Master…..” which by the way is to the worshipful Master of the Universe namely George Washington, who became the Worshipful Master on the 20th of December 1788 within New York City.

So lets not kid ourselves people,  there is definately a high form of Luciferian witchcraft going on right under the noses of all peoples.

Here comes the major question to be asked by all peoples, who in the name of hell (Isaiah 5:14 hell has enlarged itself) do you think this is addressing is to “the Most Worshipful Master…..” but once to the In God we Trust George Washington/Lucifer Masonic godhood.

It must be remembered that General George Washington, became the Worshipful Master of the Universe, on the 20th of December 1788.

What has to be the eye opener of all time, is that only after GW became the Worshipful Master of the Universe in 1788, was he then allowed, to became the first President of the USA as the new Israel on the 30th of April (Nissan) 1789.

Recall in a secret and deceiving manner America became the new Israel in 1948.

How do all peoples explain how George Washington became the Master Mason of the Universe at the young age of 21 years old (7+7+7), which was on the 4th of August 1753, from lodge #4 Fredericksburg Virginia.

Unknown or unrealized this was merely a front for the true meaning to this ceremony held on the 4th of August 1753 which was to initiate GW and the spirit of Lucifer as a one world godhead titled as Yod/Annuit Coeptis/Die U simplyrefer to the scripture prophecy of Matthew 5:18 jot equals unto yod.

Was it a coincidence  or fact,  that General Albert Pike said to his One World Government gathered in Paris France in a letter form, on the 14th of July (Tammuz) 1889, that universal Freemasonry was based upon a Luciferian concept and doctrine, not on a Satanism one “Yes Lucifer (George Washington) is God”

What about David Spangler speech from Evians France in 1991…..

Before the world peoples can enter the new world order concept of the forefathers of 1776 they will have to pledge allegiance to worship Lucifer/George Washington (Apotheosis of GW surfaced in 1865).

So in other words, we have been requested to lay off from exposing the European/American born bastard George Washington known as the Father of America, because we are offending his followers, well that is never going to happen to true believers in Christ JESUS EMMANUEL……

we are going to do what we are doing until the great and notable day of the Lord takes its course, which no man or  government leaders or whatever know when the great and notable day Lord will take its course of action simply refer to the scripture prophecy of Zephaniah 1:14;18.

Another important fact to consider, is that the Luciferian born GW clearly said, in his sealed and signed letter to Tripoli in 1796, which was addressed to the Muslims Buddhist Jews Hebrews etc, that by no ways and or means, did he GW base the American Government and its constitution on the Christian Bible and or religion.

So we ask you Hebrew/Christians, in what name did GW base his American Government and Constitution in but Lucifer’ religion of Yod.

All peoples in America, have been brainwashed and or minds desensitized, that America was founded upon the lie of all time Christian principles of the Holy Bible.

Please understand the Holy Bible has been based upon the Blood Covenant of Lord JESUS The Christ EMMANUEL, which was made with Father Abraham Isaac and Jacob the Hebrews known as Israel.

So jcemmanuel ask in the ultimately who do you think GW, base his all important the American Government and its Constitution upon but Luicfer and his religion of Yod (Luciferian worship).

So wake up people, this above mannerism is as a high form of the sin of witchcraft, which undoubtedly at all times is a rebellion of Father God Almighty’s Word/Bible.

Once again all Luciferian and Christian milk drinkers, must remembered Father God Almighty’s rule of law….

“The wages of Sin meaning the secret Luciferian/George Washington worship, leads at all times to spirit and physical death and destruction.”

Recall what Exodus 20:5 which is one of the all important parts of the 10 Commandments yet never preached by the Christian clergymen like Bill Graham etc which is as a rule of law for The I AM that I AM…..

Thou shall not bow down themselves to them Luciferian idolatry, nor serve them…

“For I the Lord thy God (I AM that I AM) am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity (sin) of the fathers (forefathers) that were practicing a great sin of Luciferian worship, below the Holy Mountain of God Almighty Sinai, which would then pass on upon their children, unto the third and fourth generations of them that HATE ME – The I AM that I AM.”

To conclude this we have to take cognizance to the fact, that the term of third and fourth generations of children even unto to this very day hate Father God Almighty Word and His 10 Commandments.

By reviewing facts and evidence of  Job saying that he knew in his heart that his 7 sons and three daughters and his wife  all hated the I AM that I AM with in their hearts, but were lovers of Luciferian mammon and its evil wealth it transmitted.

Bear in mind Job said…….

“It may be that my sons have sinned (possessed by Luciferian mammon and monetary system) and cursed God Almighty in their hearts.”

Thus Job did continually simply refer to the scripture prophecy of Job 1:4-5


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