Revelation 13:8 prophesied “And all that dwell upon the earth known as the Church of Nicolaitanes, shall worship from Thanks Giving to X Mass Day to New Years Day 2012 the secret Masonic Beast godhead of light and reflections

Well it has happened again and again that all peoples known as the Church of Nicolaitanes (Revelation 2:6) shall worship the Masonic beast godhead of Microprosposos/Macroprosposos the god of light and reflections.

Undoubtedly, most people were brainwashed and or in a very ignorant manner to once again worship the beast of the Church of Nicolaitanes, which undoubtedly has been well disguised by the New World Order conspirators.

Recall the true New World Order picture drawn or shown will always tell the true story, of the game plan of the antichrists and his rulers and workers of darkness of this world, known as Universal Order of Freemasonry refer to 1 John 2:18 – 1 John 4:3.

The answer to the New World Order catastrophe, is to carefully review the  pictures, which undoubtedly are conveying in many different antichrist and ungodly ways, meaning new age subliminal messages.

Recall these ungodly messages surfaced from and on the 1st of January 2012, what should be also known is the secret Universal Freemasonry year date, which is via the George Washington Alexandria Lodge # 22, based in Virginia, who cleverly advocate the mere fact that the year date of 1st of January is as AL 6012……..

New Year’s bonanza

With glittering fireworks and star-studded celebrations from New Zealand to Times Square, the world eagerly welcomed a new year and hoped for a better future, saying goodbye to a year of hurricanes, tsunamis and economic turmoil that many would rather forget. (AP)

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  1. Getty ImagesPhoto By Dan Kitwood/Getty ImagesSat, Dec 31, 2011
    Watch out the fireworks displays have a subliminal message to them like London England….
    Notice the subliminal message of  the circles of life meaning to the dangerous terms of practicing reincarnation which merely is shown by observing chapter 4 of the 613 Jewish Torah Commandments, which operates very cunningly under the title banner of Reincarnation – Circle of Life – To live and live Again…..
    Unknown and or unrealized, to the above is that all Jews and certain Gentiles etc unbelievers in Christ JESUS EMMANUEL (GOD BE WITH US) meaning the order of Universal Freemasonry, must practice reincarnation – circle of life worship, as many times as possible or as many times daily, refer to……..
    The informative part, to the above picture in London England, is the Big Ben circle vision of the time clock, which undoubtedly faces north, south, east and west, displaying its gigantic Circle of life clock numbered face image – which is like the  new age Ferris type white antichrist wheel, alongside Big Ben, which once again displays the antichrist worship of reincarnation – circle of life in a very subtle way.
    Not for getting the great images of fireworks which undoubtedly display circles of life images in the night sky in many parts of the world fireworks !
    The answer to the new age antichrist concept is that it definitely violates the 1st of the 10 Commandments.
    Secondly Lord JESUS prophesied nearly 2,000 yeras ago……..
    “That if possible My very Elect (Royal Priesthood ) would and or shall be deceived by the false prophets and the false christs of Universal Scottish rite and York rite of Freemasonry in the end of days.
    Pay immediate attention to the scripture prophecy of Matthew 24:15-16…..
    “When youshall see the Abomination of Desolation stand in the Holy Place spoken of Daniel the Prophet (Daniel 12:10-12) let all peoples have understanding” to the mere fact, that the Great Tribulation period has just been activated by the Church of Nicolaitanes simply refer to the complications to come from 2012 by referring to the scripture prophecy of Zephaniah 1:14-19…..
    The Great Day of Lord God of Israel is near and it hasteth at a tremendous pace ….because the men have sinned against the Lord….neither their gold and silver (NASDAQ) will be able to save them from the anger of the Lord God Almighty and His wrath.
    In other words, 2011 was a sample of the Great Tribulation to come,  recall the scripture prophecy of Revelation 20, which prophesied the great city of Babylon has fallen wake up Hebrew/Christians.
    The fascinating part, to all the above, is that the Greek Olympic Games new age flag, which conveys the clear message of the 5 colored circles of life – reincarnation worship, will manifest in the questionable month of July (Tammuz) 2012 in London U K.
    But what has to be the mind boggler and eye opener of all time is that TAMMUZ (July) simply, yet cleverly is the Masonic nickname for George Washington, as the world’s Masonic new age christ and or as their Santa Claus and or for Europe Father Christmas.
    What needs to be clearly understood is that the Jewish and the Muslim Calendars for the month of July read as TAMMUZ which in turn means son of life – tree of life, a coincidence Hebrew/Christians or fact.
    What in the name of hell, is going on behind closed doors of the hierarchy of antichrist and or the Luciferian rulers of darkness of this world known simply as Universal Freemasonry world of Sin (1 Samuel 15:23).
    The eye opener to the fireworks held in London UK, is the announcement, that it was at the bank of the Thames River.
    Thus saith the Lord God of Israel the I AM that I AM why have you America/United Kingdom and others decked your lands out in Egyptian Linen (Leviticus 26:1-12 do not erect any stone images in your land – Masonic Obelisk). 
    Well lets roll the New York City crystal ball of the American York Rite of universal Freemasonry, in the 1800, the two Cleopatra Needles were sent from Egypt, to the London UK in the first instant, simply erected at the Thames River Bank, a clear message of antichrist.
    Secondly the second Cleopatra Needle (Egyptian Masonic Obelisk – phallic symbol of  George Washington/Lucifer) was sent to America in the 1800.
    This ungodly Egyptian obelisk found its home of settlement in Central Park New York City, which is  known secretly as the gateway to George Washington’s heaven and or his celestial Masonic Lodge numbered secretly as 888.
    Recall after September the 11th 2001 catastrophe the NWO conspirators deliberately beamed 88 beams of blue light in the night sky, from the ground level of the gold type circle of life graven image, which was unto GW celestial lodge also known as his 8 pointed blazing star in the night sky titled by NASA as “International Space Station Alpha (ISS).”
    Remember, that ISS Star god Temple of Sin also known as the blazing Star god Remphan (Acts 7:42-43) the City of Babylon built on its own base in outer space (Zechariah 5:1-11 A Flying roll or scroll),  as a flying roll. 
    In other words the flying NASA Masonic conspiracy roll ISS, is as the curse that goeth forth over the whole face of the earth, that stealeth and sweareth falsely by Father God Almighty Name – “In God we Trust.”
    Please take notice this Temple of Sin (2 Thessalonians 2:4-5) known as ISS  became inhabit from the 3rd of November of Y2K – Yod 2000 known in new age Masonic terms as Blood day.
    The bad news for all Masonic new agers is that the third Cleopatra Needle, remanded in Alexandria Egypt, conveying a clear message of of 111.
    This 111 number form, undoubtedly, in every possible way, relates  to the death and resurrection number of George Washington/Lucifer, which is the 28th Degree of the King Solomon’s Seal known as the 28th degrre of the Knights of the Sun symbol, which is also the Jewish Star of David emblem and flag.
    In other words this resembles in every possible way to the honor and glory of the god of light and reflections secretly known by the hierarchy of Universal Freemasonry as the Microprosposos/Macroprosposos.
    Simply refer to the factual evidence of the NWO conspirators displaying their subliminal message of

    Microprosposos/Macroprosposos, on the rear side of the graven imaged owl god Molech George Washington New World Order Annuit Coeptis In God we trust $1 E Pluribus Unum bill.
    In other words, what in the name of hell is the Jewish Star of David doing on the back of the USA $1 bill simply elevated above the head of the mythical birds head secretly called E Pluribus Unum the Phoenix who shall rise from the ashes! 
    The frightening part for many new age people and or the Church of Nicolaitans which the Lord God of Israel hateth, is the worship of a god before The I AM that I AM.
    On a  uplifting note for all Hebrew/Christians, is that the number of George Washington’s death and resurrection number 111, which has many evil Masonic meaning to them, firstly it means that GW is their Masonic new age alpha and omega christ like figure, a simply Masonic counterfeit of the scripture of Revelation 1:11.
    Secondly the number of 111, is the secret to George Washington’s Monument in DC, which undoubtedly measures 555ft in outer height, yet under the ground, it mysteriously measures by Masonic standards, as 111ft which added together 555 plus 111, equals to the Mark of the Beast 666.
    Another sneaky Masonic revelation to the number of 111, is that it equals each year, to the Jewish New Year which always starts in the month of September.
    Unknown or unrealized, September the 11th each year equals to 111, like the Egyptian calendar year which starts on January the 1st each year, equals to 911, not forgetting the Hebrew calendar and or its new year, which starts in April (Nissan) which equals to 411.
    The amazing fact is that from September the 11th each year, to the 1st of January each year, always calculates to 111 days, coincidence  Hebrew/Christians or fact.
    Recall that George Washington, as the first President of the new Israel, being the United States of America, after laying the time capsule and head cornerstone at the Capitol Building, on the questionable date of the 18th of September 1793  (18 equals to 6+6+6) practiced the sin of witchcraft.
    Which meant  the rebirth of Lucifer’s spirit from the bottomless pit back into man kinds hearts and souls from the 18th of September 1793 which is simply recorded in the basement of the Capitol Building as to when George Washington chanted the awful yet sacred name of “MAHAHBON” thrice.
    In other words, the all important 1st President of America GW, on the 18th of September 1793, put pen to paper,  directly after the above sin of witchcraft ceremonies, of which were well orchestrated, in Masonic rituals and to their degrees, of laying the time capsule and head cornerstone.
    Unknown or unrealized by many peoples of the world, the above was merely a the front, for their sin of witchcraft to come known as the rebellion of 1st of the 10 Commandments.
    This well orchestrated, sin of witchcraft (1 Samuel 15:23 – Abomination of Desolation – Daniel 12:1-12),  which was secretly done by the rebellious the rulers of darkness of this world namely Universal Freemasonry, who undoubtedly practiced in honor  and glory, which was the rebellion of the 1st of the 10 Commandments.
    Their motice was  to raise and honor, a strange god of darkness known scripturally as the Prince of Darkness “Ask Lucifer” before the I AM that I AM refer to the scripture prophecy of EXODUS 20:5 and or Jeremiah 11:9-10…..
    This ungodly, yet antichrist act by George Washington, was merely to activate the all important ceremony of reincarnating, the evil spirit of Lucifer the father of lies, from the bottomless pit (Isaiah 14:15), back unto the earth surface, within the masses of peoples hearts and souls.
    This was done in a secret manner, via the religious ceremony,  well diagrammed on all the Universal Masonic Jewish/Egyptian Freemason altars, known secretly as an Egyptian point within a Luciferian sun circle of life, guided by the two linage lines, of Enoch to Moses, is this a coincidence or fact Hebrew/Christians.
    This evil act, is known secretly as the time, as being of  reincarnation and or circle of life known as Luciferian Worship.
    In other words, it is merely the rising of Lucifer’s spirit back unto the earth surface, within to, peoples hearts and souls.
    Notice that General George Washington first activated this ungodly ceremony, from September the 11th 1777  known as the Battle of Brandywine. 
    Which later manifested in a reverse way, on the 11th of September 2001,which became  known in a secret Masonic hierarchy manner, as being honor and glory (worship) of innocent blood shed of 3,000 innocent people, unto their godhead of George Washington/Lucifer as Yod/Annuit Coeptis/Die U.
    The catch 22 or the fact to prove the point of GW/Lucifer the 11th of September 1777 Battle of Brandywine saga to 2001 September the 11th  catastrophe or ungodliness, which occurred to where George Washington became the 1st President and Worshipful Master of the Universe. 
    Which interesting was from New York City in 1788/1789, which surprisingly was the reenactment of the 1777 Battle of Brandywine which was well orchestrated on the 23rd of September 2001…….(Click here to view Re-enactment of the Battle of Brandywine Sept 23, 2001)
    This was undoubtedly the eye opener to the mere fact of the destructive Masonic ceremony that took its course of action on the questionable day of September the 11th 2001.
    This reenactment ceremony of the Battle of Brandywine,  that took its course, only 12 days after the September the 11th 2001 catastrophe has to be titled as innocent blood shed on behalf of the Apotheosis of the sublime faith initiative of universal Freemasonry.
    This ungodly concept  was secretly titled as The Apotheosis of George Washington, which became a secret rule of law, from the 10th of March 1865.
    The major question must be asked, why did GW New World order conspirators, do a reenactment of the Battle of Brandywine of 1777, 12 days after (23rd of September 2001) the world peoples, went into mourning sudden shock which led to a spirit of fear within their hearts and souls, after the September the 11th 2001 catastrophe.
    Unknown to many peoples the world over, this ungodliness and or religious, yet tradition event, that occurred 23  days after the world experienced the catastrophe of September the 11th 2001, which was based upon the death and destruction of innocent blood in New York City – Washington DC – Pennsylvania.
    In other words the above was merely the NWO conspirators method and way to usher in their new world order of establishing their long awaited project of chaos which would bring about the scripture prophecy of Revelation 17:8-14 ready mankind to make war against the lamb of God Almighty Lord JESUS The Alpha and Omega refer to Revelation 17:14.
    Recall General Albert Pike said on the 14th of July (TAMMUZ) 1889, the true and pure religion of universal Freemasonry was of a Luciferian concept and doctrine….. “Yes Lucifer (George Washington) was and still is God.”
    But went on to say via his letter drafted to his One World Yod Government leaders gathered in Paris France, Adonay is also God, but Lucifer as their godhead is fighting against Adonay for the freedom of all mankind freedom from the Blood Sacrifice of Lord JESUS The Christ EMMANUEL (GOD BE WITH US) which occurred  nearly 2,000 years ago.
    Keep in mind David Spangler the United Nations new age guru, said from the p2 Murder lodge Evians France in 1991…..
    “Before the world can enter into the new world order conspiracy plan of the forefathers of 1776 (888+ 888 = 1776) that the spirits of Lucifer/George Washington, who are as an equal unto The Holy Trinity and or as The Most High (Isaiah 14:13-14), must be worshiped and honored.
    In other words, the world peoples under the new age rainbow umbrella, of the new world order conspirators, will have to pledge allegiance, to worship Lucifer/George Washington as their godhead and christ like figure Tammuz – Santa Claus/Father Christmas, from after the September the 11th 2001 Masonic bound catastrophe.
     David Spangler also said in Evians France in 1991 from his new age podium……
    “Before the world peoples can enter into the new age movement, they will have to go through a Luciferian (George Washington) initiation ceremony, notice 10 years later which means Yod years the September the 11th 2001 blood saga that hit the streets of America Ezekiel 9:9……
    Thus said HE unto me….. 
    “The iniquity of the house of Israel and Judah is exceeding great,and the land is full of blood,and the city full of perverseness:for they say, The Lord hath forsaken the earth, and the LORD (The I AM that I AM) seeth the not.”  

    Revelation 14:20 prophesied…..

    “And the wine press was trodden without the city (City of Babylon) and the blood came out of the winepress even untothe horses bridles, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs (200 miles).”  

2 thoughts on “Revelation 13:8 prophesied “And all that dwell upon the earth known as the Church of Nicolaitanes, shall worship from Thanks Giving to X Mass Day to New Years Day 2012 the secret Masonic Beast godhead of light and reflections

  1. Ola! Jcemmanuel,
    Thanks for the above, Revelation 11:3,10
    And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.

    And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them, and make merry, and shall send gifts one to another; because these two prophets tormented them that dwelt on the earth.

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