The two faced hierarchy of Kentucky State Freemason Government, have deliberately sinned against Lord God Almighty of new Israel – America/USA with no remorse, as they establish their evil new age Theme Park of Noah’s Ark – Nimrods Tower of Babel.

Undoubtedly, and or unknown or unrealized, there is more to the holy than thou Kentucky State, which is controlled by the multi billion dollar horse racing organization, known as Masonic self Governing body Churchill Downs Inc. the Twin Peaks.

What needs to be remembered, is that the Churchill Downs Inc and its Twin Peak image, which is known as the Home of the Kentucky Derby, which was cleverly, yet secretly ordained, by the 1st President of the new Israel America, known as the Worshipful Master of the Universe George Washington, for a specific reason.

It must be also understood that George Washington, deliberately ordained Churchill Downs Inc as the only self Governing Masonic Body, within the USA, which was from 1789.

Undoubtedly Churchill Downs Inc, from 1789, has always had a secret and or hidden agenda to it, which was to erect the Noah’s Ark/Nimrod Tower of Babel Theme Park, which would allow them, to put pen to paper to establish the degrading Public Law 102-14 (7 Noahide Laws of Noah), which was made a rule of law from 1989.

The hidden agenda to Public Law 102-14 (7 Noahide Laws of Noah), which in all ways, meant from 1989, which was 200 years after George Washington became the 1st President of the USA in 1789, that America as the new Israel and all civilization were founded upon the 7 Noahide Laws of Noah and not the 10 Commandments and or the Word of Father God Almighty.

Undoubtedly, this ungodly rule of law, which was well presented by thousand points of light President GHW Bush and both Houses of Masonic Congress from 1989, being as the bedrock for all civilization and America, which undoubtedly eliminated in a secret manner the 10 Commandments etc, from eye sights of all civilizations.

Bear in mind the 10 Commandments were given unto the Hebrews, by Moses (Hebrew) at Mount Sinai, which was after they came out of Egyptian and its Pharaoh/Luciferian slavery.

Unknown to many, this Public Law 102-14, which was well orchestrated, by both Houses of Masonic Congress from March 1789, which was done in every way to support their Kentucky and other American ideas, that America and all civilization were founded upon the 7 Noahide Laws of Noah.

This mind bender, and or ungodly act, was merely based upon, Jewish Fables and commandments of men, who have turned from the truth of the scriptures and its prophecies refer to scripture prophesy of Titus 1:14.

This ungodly idea, undoubtedly extended its octopus tentacles from the 70 nations of rebellious Israel, housed in the Holy Land Israel known King Solomon’s Quarries, which even extended to South African/Israel/French/Brittish Government heads, who had to develop in the new age, their rebellious graven images like Noah’s Ark- Nimrod’s Tower of Babel with in their lands.

This idea of the likes of the future Noah’s Ark and Nimrod Tower of Babel Amusement Theme Park, to be established in the State of Kentucky by 2014, has more to it than what the human eye can see or intellect understand.

One of the important facts, about the Worshipful Master of the Universe namely George Washington’s secret Kentucky Churchill Downs Twin Peaks towers or its images, which undoubtedly conveys, the subliminal messages, of them being the outer pillars of King Solomon/George Washington’s Temple of Sin.

What needs to be known about the Masonic State, of Kentucky and its Twin Peaks of  Churchill Downs Inc, was that it related in every way, to the George Washington two Presidents that were born in Kentucky Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln, being as GW Boaz (Wisdom) and as Jachin (Strength).

Nevertheless Churchill Downs and its twin Peaks Towers, are known as the Home of the Worshipful Master George Washington, run for the roses named The Kentucky Derby, which was established from 1789.

Bear in mind GW was declared in 2006 by the hierarchy of Kentucky and certain Churchill Downs officials, via the NBC broadcast of him GW being the honorable membership and founding father of Churchill Downs Inc etc.

The subliminal message, was and still is that Churchill Downs Racetrack is known as their Kentucky Rosicrucian Masonic King Solomon/George Washington Lodge or Temple.  .

What must always be remembered, that GW was known from birth as the Masonic christ like figure titled as “Tammuz.”

What also has to be concrete to the all the above facts, was that both US Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln were both born in the State of Kentucky.

Which is the secret agenda to the two Twin Peaks of Churchill Downs King Solomon type Racetrack.

In other words, yet unknown or unrealized by many peoples the world over the Twin Peaks Towers of Churchill Downs Racetrack, have a secret meaning to them known as President George Washington two Twin Peaks President’s Jefferson as his Boaz (Wisdom) and Jachin as his “GW Strength” namely Abraham Lincoln.

What must be understood is that the right side pillar of the Churchill Downs Twin Peaks, represents the pillar called  Boaz  (WISDOM) and left pillar named as Jachin (STRENGTH) simply refer to 1 Kings 7:21.

Churchill Downs executives and their Kentucky State Governor etc, confirmed the above, during their NBC  presentation, which was on the first Saturday of May 2006, simply just before the running of the all important running of the Kentucky Derby……

“that Worshipful Master George Washington (Tammuz) was an honorable member of the Kentucky Derby and Churchill Downs Inc. a major eye opener to why the Kentucky Government have set their sights on erecting the 6 colored antichrist Noah’s Ark and the questionable Nimrod Tower of Babel theme Park in its State of KENTUCKY by 2014.

The secret to this Masonic empire, is that the Kentucky Derby is traditionally known for its saying….. the run for the red roses, which undoubtedly relates to the Rosicrucian Lodge, (Run for the Red Roses) based within the State of Kentucky.

Recall two USA President’s Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson were both born in the State of Kentucky, which undoubtedly becomes the eye opener to the two Twin Peaks of the Churchill Downs Racetrack.

What became very interesting in 2006, before the running of the kentucky Derby via a the 6 colored yet white bodied peacock emblem of NBC TV reporters, who proudly said…. that George Washington was the founding father of the Kentucky Derby, which ordained  him GW an honorable member of the Twins Peaks Churchill Downs Inc, which resembles secretly as King Solomon Temple or Lodge.

The catch 22 to the above is that George Washington blood ritual 1809 born Boston Ma, son of perdition, namely US General Albert Pike, also known as the Grand Supreme Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry, who said to his 32nd and 33rd degree order of universal Freemasons…

“Our ceremonies, ritual and our degrees etc, have more than one meaning to them, they rather conceal, than to reveal the truth.”

The amazing feature to the state of Kentucky, is that the majority of its population, consists of European decent, known as English/Scottish – Irish/Germany/Italian/Greek/French and obviously African – American/Indian decent.

Recall, George Washington’s parents originated from Europe, meaning the United Kingdom, like many of the other USA Presidents.

What needs to be taken into consideration, about the United Kingdom, is how its hosts by Masonic rule of law as the home of the Egyptian Cleopatra Needle, which is based at the bank of the Thames River in London.

Yet due to George Washington as the new age Tammuz the son of Nimrod/Lucifer who became Worshipful Master (20th of December 1788) of the Universe, which allowed him GW then to become the 1st president of the USA as the new Israel, from New York City, on the 30th of April (Nissan Hebrew New Year) 1789.

Unknown to many, this concept of GW being ordained as the 1st President of the USA ON 04/30/1789, initiated the arrival of the Egyptian Cleopatra Needle that was shipped in from Egypt in the late 1800.

Take note this Egyptian Cleopatra Needle, was erected in the Central Park New York City, to where Worshipful Master (20th of December 1788) George Washington, became the first President of the USA on the 30th of April – Nissan Hebrew New Year) in 1789.

The next factor to take into consideration, was that the state of Kentucky and its Government buildings, are built according to Egyptian mannerisms, which clearly offers a subliminal message ungodliness/antichrist.

But what must be understood that the Kentucky Government cleverly, make all believe, it was and still is based upon Christian foundations, of the Bible and its 10 Commandments, which was and still is merely untrue and a new age phallicy.

The moral to the Kentucky State/Churchill Downs Inc, is that they Kentucky State operates it daily business and or its activities, upon the doctrine and traditions of its roots of  Scottish Rite European Freemasonry.

In other words Kentucky State, operates under the rainbow umbrella of their Freemason H/Q known as their Scottish Rite Rosicrucian Lodge  – Run for the Roses – Lodge and its principals.

The catch 22 to the above principals of Kentucky State and their Scottish Rite rituals- degrees and ceremonies, was based from way back, upon the secret birth of the new age man child called Tammuz meaning the Rosemary Baby theory.

Which undoubtedly was based upon the new age birth of the European antichrist character of Tammuz, meaning the rebirth of spirit of George Washington/Lucifer within modern day son of perdition Tammuz (Tubalcain).

Recall the new age antichrist spirit had to originate from Europe.

In other words, this character of Tmmauz was born in 1966 in New York City,on the 28th of June 1966 refer to the film Rosemary’s Baby.

This Tammuz theory is also known as the July spirit, relating to George Washington, in every way, who was secretly known, from 1753, after the 4th of August ceremony, which was well conducted from Lodge # 4 Fredericksburg Virginia, as to be Tammuz, the builder of the new age City of Babylon in New York City.

Unknown or unrealized, this secret City of Babylon, is known today, as the questionable United Nations from 1953, secretly numbered as 777..


One thought on “The two faced hierarchy of Kentucky State Freemason Government, have deliberately sinned against Lord God Almighty of new Israel – America/USA with no remorse, as they establish their evil new age Theme Park of Noah’s Ark – Nimrods Tower of Babel.

  1. Great post and right on the nail. Interestingly, the punishment for breaking the Noahide laws is beheading. Is that where we’re going?

    “The Talmud laid down the statutory punishment for transgressing any one of the Seven Laws of Noah (but not other parts of the Noahide code) as capital punishment by decapitation, which is considered one of the lightest of the four modes of execution of criminals. According to some opinions, punishment is the same whether the individual transgresses with knowledge of the law or is ignorant of the law. See Wikipedia article on Seven Laws of Noah:

    Revelations 20:4

    “And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony for Jesus and because of the word of God. They had not worshiped the beast or his image and had not received his mark on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years.”

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