Pay attention Hebrew/Christians the 18th of April (Nissan) has arrived it was the true birth date of our Lord JESUS which was three days after world taxation say which is known as the 15th of April (Nissan) which was nearly 2,000 years ago

The proof of the all important birth of Our Lord JESUS born on the 18th of April (Nissan) which was nearly 2,000 years ago which is simply found in the scripture prophecy of Luke chapter 2 from verse 1 to 8 which stemmed from the scripture prophecy of Isaiah 9:6…..

“A child shall be born unto you WORLD,  a Son shall be given unto you new Israel (America – USA – Jerusalem), the USA Government as the new Israel will be upon His shoulder and He shall be called Wonderful Councilor and Mighty God…….”  .

What has to be taken into consideration, was that Mary was well (great) with child meaning at her last of her 9 month of pregnancy, as she intended this rule of law ceremony with her husband Joseph meaning world taxation day held on the 15th of April nearly 2,000 years ago refer to Luke chapter 2 verse 5.

In all reality, it was 3 days after world taxation day, that Mary gave birth to the Hebrew/Christian Messiah (Christ anointed one – Isaiah 9:6), recall worldwide taxation day, even until this very day and year of 2012, is always held on the 15th of April (Nissan – Hebrew New Year).

The bad news is that all Hebrews/Christians, were and still are made to believe and or brainwashed – minds desensitized into the concept, that Lord JESUS was born on the 25th of December nearly 2,000 years ago, but that was and still is not true and impossible for a myriad of reasons…..

(1)the first being that the 25th of December it was and still is winter time in Israel and people could not travel in the severe winter in Israel to pay taxes and or whatever other reasons, as recorded in the book of Esther 3:7-8 April (Nissan) was known as the springtime and the new beginning to the Hebrew New Year, yet March (Adar) was known as the end of the Hebrew New Year.

(2) Secondly as the Book of Luke stipulates that the Sheppard’s, were tending their flocks in the springtime (April – Nissan) when they saw the sign of the Hebrew/Christian Messiah – Christ child that was born on the 18th of April (Nissan) nearly 2,000 years ago.

It must be remembered that the Sheppard’s are indoors in the winter etc in Israel, but remember what Lord JESUS prophesied according to Matthew 24;24…..

“That if possible His very elect shall be deceived by the false prophets and the false christ’s….”

Unknown or unrealized the Universal Order of Freemasonry (Church of Nicolaitans) downgraded the Word of Father God Almighty (John 1:1) and Revelation 1:11 and His 10 Commandments and deceitfully created their own Masonic Jewish/Egyptian christ like figure in the new age refer to Jude 4 simply because they were part and parcel to Jude 11……

Woe unto the world peopels because they have all gone in the ways of Cain ………,

which from the new age movement, became as the time of George Washington’s birth, which was by the Luciferian ritual of counterfeiting Isaiah 9:6 which was on the 11th of February 1732……..

In other words, this new age concept known as the sin of Luciferian witchcraft, allowed them Universal Freemasonry also known as the Church of Nicolaitans (Revelation 2:6) known scripturally as the rulers of darkness of this world (Ephesians 6:12)….

set the stage, of the rebirth of their Masonic Christ namely Tammuz (George Washington) in 1732 refer to the scripture prophecy of Isaiah 14:16-17 (Matthew 5:18 jot equals unto Yod (Die U) like Tittle equals unto George Washington (Tammuz) as the son of Luciferian life and as Lucifer only begotten son of life known as his Tree of Life (X Mass Tree)…..

What needs to be also taken into consideration, is that George Washington was known as their Worshipful Master (20th of December 1788) and or GW was secretly declared after his death on the 14th of December 1799 as being Universal Freemasonry Fatherhood of God……… which then allowed them from  the 25th of December each year to declare his rebirth from the bottomless pit as their Masonic Christ child Tammuz (son of life – tree of life) transformed as Santa Claus and as Father Christmas for Europe. .

In other words, this deception was secretly established, from the time George Washington died on the 14th of December 1799, but what must be understood was that GW was born in the first instance on the 11th of February 1732…..

by simply adding his death date of the 14th (December) to the his birth date of the 11th of (February) it undoubtedly equals unto the 25th of December X Mass Day – Santa Claus and or Father Christmas for Europe.

Another important fact which undoubtedly answers to the birth of the Masonic Christ child Tammuz (GW) was not George Washington’s mother not called Mary, like Lord JESUS but here comes the catch 22 please observe the worldwide nursery rhyme,,,,

Mary (Washington) had a little lamb (namely George Washington) his fleece was white as snow every where Mary went the lamb (George Washington) was sure to go……

Recall the scripture prophecy of Revelation 13:8 distinctly prophesied nearly 2,000 years ago……

“And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship the NASA Masonic conspired Beast titled as Tammuz (July) George Washington/Lucifer…..

The New World Order Masonic godhead titled as Yod – Annuit Coeptis – Die U also known as the new age Santa Claus and Father Christmas (X Mass) for Europe…….”

Just to add more fuel to the New World Order fire and concept that the spirit of Lucifer within George Washington as a one world Government godhead are as an equal unto the Most High (1 John 5:7-8 King James version only)…….

Denver Internation Airport Mural

This new world order idea would allow them the rulers of darkness of this world (men of the old world renown) which is scripturally prophesied to make war against the Lamb of Father God Almighty (The I Am that I Am) namely Lord JESUS known as The Alpha and The Omega (Revelation 1:11) refer to the scripture prophecy of Revelation 17:8-14….

Pay attention these events are classed scripturally as the Abomination of Desolation spoken by the prophet Daniel refer to Daniel 12:10-12 (Matthew 24:15)……..

Recall what David Spangler the Planetary Director of the United Nations said from his new age Evians France podium in 1991…..

“Before the world peoples can enter into the new world order of the forefathers of 1776 they will have to pledge allegiance to worship Lucifer/George Washington as their new age godhead and as their Masonic new age christ like figure.”  

In that same year of 1991 yet on the 11th of September known as 911 and or as 111, the thousand points of new age movement light namely GHW Bush, known as the 41st President of the USA which was known as the new Israel from 1948……

declared from his new world order New York City podium, that the New World Order conspiracy plan of the forefathers of 1776 was made as a rule of law from the 11th of September 1991 which meant that the spirits of Lucifer/George Washington well disguised as their In God we Trust godhead Annuit Coeptis – Yod – Die U were as an equal unto the Most High simply refer to Isaiah 14:12-14

The Apotheosis of George Washington/Lucifer made as a rule of law from 10th of March 1865 by both Houses of Masonic Congress led by General Albert Pike the Grand Supreme Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry………

Bera in mind the word apotheosis literally means to raise a person like George Washington the spirit of Lucifer within him from the 4th of August 1753 from lodge #4 Fredericksburg Virginia to the rank of a god and or a icon  a christ like figure  titled as Tammuz (Christ child) – Santa Claus – Father Christmas and as the Pharoah/Luciferian Tree of Life ……  


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