Who’s report do you believe The Report of the Lord God Almighty or The Antichrist system

Are Hilary Clinton/President Obama as members of the New World Order conspiracy plan from 1776 etc, telling the truth about the Florida Pastor video that has caused tremendous chaos in the Muslim world or is it that both houses of Masonic Congress meaning Republicans – Democrats rule of law which was established in 1865 secretly known as The Apotheosis of George Washington is in the making .

Recall the word apotheosis literally means to raise person to the rank of a god or an icon….

meaning a Masonic christ like figure and in the case of the Muslims are the New World Order/United Nation conspirators trying to convince the Muslims that George Washington is their new age Mohammad and for the Jews as the new age Moshiach.

Recall new age guru Benjamin Creme prophesied in the 1980’s “The Christ is now here.”

Yet David Spangler the Planetary Director of the United Nations said from his new age platform in 1991 from Evians France (P2 Murder Lodge)…..

Before the world peoples can enter the New World Order concept, of the forefathers of 1776, which was led by General George Washington, they would have to worship, the spirits of Lucifer/George Washington as God and Christ. 

Hello that seems more like to why the chaos has erupted in the Muslim world.

Pay attention that the Muslim ball started rolling, from Tripoli Libya and then Egypt, based in North Africa, which then ended 4 Americans lives and the destruction of the US Embassy in Libya.

What comes to mind is that in 1796 George Washington signed a treaty with Tripoli etc refer to http://en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Treaty_of_Tripoli which stated clearly direct from GW…….

that by no ways or means did he based the American Constitution and its Government, upon the Christian religion – Bible or 10 Commandments of the I Am that I Am.

Once again the answer has to be asked, what did GW base the American Government and its constitution on, but secretly upon Luciferian worship .

Remember recently in December of 2007 via Assimilated Press report; Majority leader Senator Harry Reid said openly that he sold his soul to Lucifer and President GW Bush etc a major question mark  refer to http://assimilatedpress.blog spot.com/2007/12/senator-harry-reid-sells-soul-to.html 

What is interesting about the chaos in the Muslim world is they are attacking and protesting against the hand of America that has been feeding them.

What has to be a major eye opener to the fact of Chaos within the Muslim world at present, has obviously to do with the downgrading of their Prophet Mohammad or are the Masonic hierarchy of America/United Nations etc trying to brainwash the Muslim world that the spirit of George Washington is as their rebirth of Mohammad.

Recall the Apotheosis of George Washington is ripe to be launched in 2012, what about the Hebrew/Christian when are they going to wake up simply read the scripture prophecy of Revelation 18:8-14.

The beast risen by the NASA Masonic Conspiracy into its seat of power authority, is ready to make war with the Lamb of Father God Almighty JESUS The Christ Emmanuel refer to Revelation 17″13-14

In other words, there is undoubtedly more to this chaos, which has led to extreme violence in the Muslim World.

How do the New World Conspirators explain the Contemporary Freemasonry that was practiced in the Holy Land Israel in 1953, which clearly orchestrated the major plan of establishing the questionable Year of the Light as a rule of law, which had a subliminal message to it that the spirits of Lucifer/George Washington were and still from the 4th of August 1753 as the light bearers of the world

The Beast image of 1993 known as Year of the Yod displayed at the Denver International Airport via its range of new age Murals


In other words this beast image displayed at the DIA was based upon the spirits of George Washington/Lucifer as the world’s Yod godhead,  which was applicable  for all religions creeds and races, which meant once again that the spirits of Lucifer/George Washington were  the bearer of all light for all mankind, from the 4th of August 1753 ceremony.

Unknown this above 4th of August 1753 ceremony was secretly held in Lodge #4 Fredericksburg Virginia, which was based upon to when George Washington at the young are of 21 years old (7+7+7) became one with the spirit of Lucifer, which then ordained GW as the Worshipful Master of the Universe and light bearer.

Unknown or unrealized this rule of law was well orchestrated from 1753, yet 200 years later in 1953 – the Jewish Rabbi’s – some type of Christian Pastors etc and obviously secret Muslim Masonic leaders, declared George Washington/Lucifer’s spirits as their light bearers…….

cleverly naming it as The Year of the Light in 1953 which was also the birth of the United Nations within America as the new age Israel simply refer to Contemporary Freemasonry held in the Holy Land Israel web page http://web.mit.edu/ dryfoo/Masons/Reports/israel.html 

What is even more interesting and eye opening was the Contemporary Freemasonry in the Holy Land Israel web page,which clearly shows the Jews- some type of Christians Masonic church or whatever and Muslims sharing a lodge in Jaffa……

Which now becomes a eye opener of all time to the violence in the Muslim world at present which has ushered in                           New World Order chaos that was formed in 1776 by the forefathers which was that the spirits of George Washington/Lucifer were as a n equal unto the Most High (Isaiah 14:12-14).   

What needs to be understood from 1953 the Year of the Light, George Washington/Lucifer’s spirit was secretly known from behind hierarchy doors of Universal Freemasonry as being their Fatherhood of God and as the Brotherhood of all mankind the true picture drawn always tells the true story Hebrew/Christian Israel…… 


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