The World last super picture of Lord JESUS sitting in the midst of of His twelve disciples at a Masonic squared table is the greatest lie of all time!

In other words the last super picture of Lord JESUS sitting with 6 disciples on either side of Him is simply a fake and or a mere phallicy.

To prove the point it must be understood the Universal order Freemasonry/The Church of Nicolaitans, has at all times copy catted the Lord JESUS while he was upon the earth…..

to be more specific why do you think the Universal Freemason altar indicate to a point within a circle of life guided by the two linage lines of Moses to Enoch refer to picture below            To confirm examine the George Washington Apotheosis diagrams 

In other words, Lord JESUS never sat at a squared Masonic made table, during the last supper, but sat as a True point of  Light within the midst of his 12 disciples, which announced Him Lord JESUS as True Light Bearer meaning the only Bright Morning Star of the world……

The  picture shown to the world known as a graven IMAGE of Lord JESUS sitting in the midst of his twelve disciple is made fake like

Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci

Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci art print

In other words, the above last super was nothing else but a surmise, but not a true reflections of the last Super of Lord JESUS and His 12 Disciples.

In all fairness the above last super of Lord JESUS nad His twelve disciples was a Masonic Universal Luciferian concept and blasphemous which was based upon a true Masonic square table of a Luciferian – Satan the devil last super below


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