Hebrew/Christian Israel has all to do with Hebrew/Christian Abraham to Issac to Jacob undoubtedly Israel has nothing to do with the Jewish/Egyptian Masonic Israel meaning their physical Israel – which is based upon “Is” which means Isis the moon goddess, like “ra” which equals to the sun god or the son of the morning namely Lucifer/Shaharit, like “el” relates to Elohim/Aloyhim and or Ishmael!

For of all ignorant people of The Word of Father God Almighty – Israel does not means Jews or any other creed religion or race.

But in all ways ISRAEL relates to Jacob whom Father God Almighty loved, but hated his twin brother Esau the red hairy one “the false Israel” refer to Malachi 1:1-3.

In other words Jacob because of his grandfathers Abraham Blood Covenant  with Father God Almighty (Jeremiah 11:10) Jacob was called Israel, which became a household name like Hebrew/Christian Israel by The I Am that I Am demand of His Word for a myriad of reasons.

Bear in mind Isaac and Jacob were not born in the physical Israel, as most are made to believe, scripturally they were both born in North east of Africa, like Abram bastard son Egyptian/Hebrew Ishmael who was born in Kenya east Africa refer to Genesis 14:13 etc….

According to Genesis 12:14-20 The Lord God of Hebrew/Christian Israel plagued Egypt and its leader Pharaoh because of Sarai Abrams wife and Pharaoh commanded Abram and his wife Sarai and all that they had to leave Egypt  

According to Genesis 13:1 Abram went out of Egypt and went into the south bear in mind the physical Israel is North east of Egypt which has to be the eye opener to the birth of the bastard Egyptian/Hebrew Ishmael who was born in Kenya which was south of Egypt simply North east of Africa. In other words it also answers to the birth of Issac the promise and then to Jacob/Esau who were also born further south of North east of Africa/Kenya. 

Pay attention to the mere fact that Hebrew/Christian Israel originated back to Isaac to Jacob who originated back to Abraham the chosen Hebrew/Christian Israel which was by the Blood Covenant made with Father God Almighty which led to the Blood Covenant of the Lord JESUS The Word (John 1:1),who became the sacrificial Lamb of Father God Almighty many years later.

What needs to be understood the physical Jewish Israel today which originated back to Joseph the 11th son of Jacob the Hebrew/Christian Israel who was sold by his 10 United Nations brothers to Ishmaelites who sold Joseph the Hebrew/Christian Israel to Potiphar an officer of Egyptian leader Pharaoh.

According to the scripture prophecy of Genesis 41:41-53 it must be noted that Pharaoh/Lucifer King of Egyptian/Jewish – Hebrew Israel who then anointed Joseph the Hebrew as his Pharaoh/Luciferian sun god Rah/Shaharit leader based over all Egypt/Jewish Israel to date

Here comes the major question to be asked why is the Muslim Dome of the Rock upon the Holy Mount of the physical Jerusalem/Israel.

What becomes even more interesting, was how the 70 ancient houses of rebellious Luciferian Israel were based upon son of the morning worship Rah/Shaharit Luciferian worship refer to Ezekiel 8:11-16…..

another confirmation of the last statement, is  how do all explain Contemporary Freemasonry in the Holy land Jewish Israel refer to http://web.mit.edu/dryfoo/Masons /Reports /israel.html……

Unknown or unrealized Contemporary Freemasonry in the Holy Land Israel was based upon King Solomon Quarries which was based in the Holy land Israel who operated under the first degree of Universal Freemasonry
























which came about after he King Solomon rebelled against the Word of Father God Almighty and opted to marry Pharaoh/Lucifer’s daughter Naamah which placed the Jewish Israel into the trap of becoming a proverb and a byword refer to 1 Kings 9:4-9.

Bear in mind Jeremiah 34:9 distinctly prophesied that there is a difference between a Hebrew and a Hebrewess and his brother a Jew

Recall Lord JESUS prophesied as The Alpha and The Omega the blasphemy of those who call themselves Jews yet are not but are of the synagogue of Lucifer – Satan the devil and in the scripture prophecy of Revelation 3:9 the Jews who call themselves Jews yet are not and they do lie…..

meaning they are merely masquerading as Jews but are Luciferians transformed as Jews which makes them of the father of lies known as their spiritual god of light Lucifer (John 8:44).  

The physical Jewish/Egyptian Masonic Israel is based upon Osiris sun god worship but the Hebrew/Christian Israel worship is based upon the Blood Covenant of Father Abraham and Father God Almighty which was Lord JESUS The Christ Emmanuel.

Recall when Isaac asked his father Abraham about the sacrificial Lamb that they had to sacrifice upon the Mountain of God Almighty; Isaac father Abraham prophesied that Father God Almighty would provide the sacrificial Lamb known as JESUS The Blood Covenant Lamb of Father God Almighty refer to Revelation 17:13-14. 

Directly after Abraham nearly sacrificed his only son of life Issac unto The I Am that I Am all must pay attention Father God Almighty provided the Luciferian ram in the thicket to be sacrificed called today Baphomet/Lucifer the false light of the world the father of lies      


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