Wake up the Yod Government known as the United Nations – USA are ready to launched their golden number 666 reverted equals to 999

  1. Who’s report do you believe Hebrews/Christians Israel the report of the LORD JESUS The Word (John 1:1) of The I Am that I Am and His awesome 10 Commandments and or the Antichrist system (1 John 2:18) known as the ancient and now as the new age American (1948) Esau the red hairy one Israel…..In other words, due to a bombardment of ancient and new age misinformation, the ancient and new age Israel…See More
    What has to be interesting about 666 and 999 is that if you times 666  x 3 it equals unto 1998,
    yet if you double 999 + 999 it also equals unto 1998 
    the bad news for all New World Order conspirators was that Bill Clinton known as the United Nations G7 (Jewish Yod 7) leader also known as the 42nd American President of the Jewish/Egyptian Esau/Cain Israel (Jude 11) said from the steps of the City Hall of Cape Town South Africa in 1998…..
    I saw You Lucifer/George Washington as our Yod Godhead come from darkness to Light (Fiat Lux -Let there be light) via national Television
  2. Dennis Fisher
    October 3 

    Denver International 1993 Yod Airport Mural depicting Bill Clinton’s 1998 I saw you Lucifer/George Washington Yod Beast godhead  come from darkness to light

    666 (6 photos)
    Photo: Look how bold the anti-christ is becoming, went to the local walmart and this car with this message on the front of their car, but 666 boldly stated on the back on the car
    Photo: One has to wonder if this is the main mission of the government to usher in the mark of the beast 666
    Photo: These are the idols the children are worshiping today Selena Gomez boldly states on her shit, what she stands for :(
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    • Heather Smith mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    • Dennis Fisher Recall the 666 numbered rock graven image altar is found in the old Esau Israel King Solomon Quarries Temple but the reverse of 666 is 999 known as the Rosetta Stone or graven image Rock image found in the United Nations King Solomon Temple in the new age Esau Israel based in America. It is known as the rock image within the United Nations prayer or meditation room
    • Dennis Fisher Recall King Solomon was the first man to receive the 666 of gold into his right hand after he gave the Queen of Sheba all her desires and Hiram Abiff King of Tyre 22 old cities refer to 1 Kings 10:14 etc
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