What is this disgusting rule of law known secretly as Public Law 102-14 (7 Noahide Laws of Noah) which says that America and all civilization were founded upon the 7 Noahide Laws of Noah and not The Word of The I Am that I Am and His awesome 10 Commandments refer to Titus 1:14 as a warning to all Hebrew/Christian Israel

How do both Houses of Masonic Luciferian/Cain Esau Apotheosis of George Washington/Lucifer Israel Congress explain their conniving of the disgraceful act of legislating in 1989 Public law 102-14 (7 Noahide Laws of Noah) as a rule of law.

Untold or unrealized Public Law 102-14 deliberately admits that America and all other civilization were founded upon the 7 Noahide Laws of Noah and not the 10 Commandments and or The Word of Father God Almighty (The I Am that I Am).

What Blasphemy but activates the scripture prophecy of Daniel 12:10-11 the abomination that leads all the dark countenance New World Order world to desolation and the order of chaos (Jeremiah 5:30-31 – Jeremiah 4:22)

Yet all should pay immediate to the scripture prophecy of Matthew 21:42-43 which undoubtedly prophesied that our Lord JESUS as the Head Cornerstone initiated America – USA (JerUSAlem) as His new age Hebrew/Christian “ISRAEL”

In other words the rebellion of the false Esau Luciferian/Cain Israel refer to Jude 4 and Jude 11 which was of prophesy of Matthew 21:42-43, simply established in the new age Public Law 102-14 to con the masses into their trap of their 1776 forefathers New World Order (Isaiah 14:12-14) conspiracy plan which then simply allowed them to remove 1 John 5:7-8 King James version only from other Bibles and world peoples hearts and souls….

Recall 1 John 5:7-8 King James version only prophesied nearly 2,000 years ago There are only three that can bear record in Heaven The Father of True Light – The I Am that I Am, The Word Lord JESUS The Alpha and The Omega (John 1:1) and The Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit) and these three are One Godhead of Righteousness which continued by saying there only three who could bear witness upon the earth The Spirit The Water and The Blood and these three agreed upon the earth as One Godhead refer to Matthew 3:16-17…

But for the USA Congress and its United Nations (70 ancient Houses of Luciferian rebellious Masonic Esau/Cain Israel) to establish George Washington/Lucifer as their apotheosis of their Universal Freemasonry – Jewish/Egyptian Church of Nicolaitans refer to Contemporary Freemasonry in the Holy Land Esau/Cain/Luciferian Israel as vital evidence….

which simply allowed the New World Order conspirators (Jude 4) to remove 1 John 5:7-8 (KJV only) from all other Bibles which would allow them to set up their unholy trinity of Lucifer/George Washington/modern day antichrist namely David Solomon the Jewish/Egyptian Rockefeller/Sassoon as their godhead and modern day christ like figure.

Which allow all New World Order believers to believe in their Ouroboros serpent godhead spirit of Lucifer/George Washington – David their Rockefeller/Sassoon as their only Yod Government leaders (Matthew 5:18 jot equals unto Yod) known as the three that can bear record in their Masonic Luciferian heaven and upon the cursed earth.

This would allow them the Yod – United Nations/American Government leaders to prepare their New World Order peoples for the Battle of Armageddon recorded in Revelation 16:13-16…..
Another confirmation is found in the scripture prophecy of Revelation 17:8-14 which would allow all New World Order conspirators to make with the Lamb Lord JESUS The Christ Emmanuel….

which then brings in the Public Law 102-14 into the end time equation refer to ….

The U.S. Congress officially recognized the Noahide Laws in legislation which was passed by both houses.

Congress and the President of the United States, George HW Bush, indicated in Public Law 102-14, 102nd Congress, that the United States of America was founded upon the Seven Universal Laws of Noah, and that these Laws have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization.

They also acknowledged that the Seven Laws of Noah are the foundation upon which civilization stands and that recent weakening of these principles threaten the fabric of civilized society, and that justified preoccupation in educating the Citizens of the United States of America and future generations is needed.

For this purpose, this Public Law designated March 26, 1991 as Education Day, U.S.A.

In other words Education Day activated the start of Matthew 24:15 which announces The Abomination of the Apotheosis of George Washington/Lucifer that will lead all the world peoples to desolation

recall Matthew 24:24 Lord JESUS prophesied nearly 2,000 years ago that if possible His very elect will be deceived by the false prophets and false christ’s like the old man of renown Methuselah the Tree of false life and light numbered 187 (death and destruction) secretly named George Washington/Lucifer/Tammuz…

Recall General Albert Pike also known as the Grand supreme Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry said in his letter drafted to his Yod One World Government leaders in 1889 a hundred years before 1989 (Public Law 102-14) obviously a 100 years before 1789 to when George Washington/Lucifer spirit became as the 1st President of the Esau Jewish/Egyptian Israel namely The USA.

Of importance it was on the 30th of April (Nissan – Hebrew New year) 1789, yet on the 14th of July (Tammuz – George Washington) 1889 General Albert Pike admitted to his 33rd degree Universal Order of Yod Masons that the doctrine of Universal Freemasonry – Church of Nicolaitans (Revelation 2:6) Satanism, was a heresy….

But General Albert Pike went on to say and or acknowledged with extreme confidence in this 14th of July (Tammuz) 1889 letter to his Yod Universal Government leaders that the true and pure religion of Universal Freemasonry was of a Luciferian doctrine and concept admitting Yes Lucifer (George Washington/Tammuz as his only new age son of life – tree) is God….

But in the very next sentence of his 1889 letter to his Yod Government leaders which answers all things to their New World Order conspiracy battle of the ancient war between good and evil

Yes Adonay the God of Hebrew/Christian Israel is also God…..

but Lucifer/George Washington – Tammuz as their New World Order godhead known as Yod, is fighting against Adonay, for the Freedom of all mankind from the Blood Sacrifice and Death and Resurrection of Lord JESUS (Matthew 3:16-17)…..

The Majestic Christ JESUS Emmanuel known as The Alpha and The Omega (Revelation 1:11) – The Word of The I Am that I Am – John 1:1 is the thorn in their New World Order conspiracy side.


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