A picture says IT ALL!

October 11, 2012

I’m posting a picture here , then a diagram and finally a link to a wiki. Please compare the pic with the diagram, read the article on the wiki then draw your own conclusions. I recommend study them both closely. Especially the symbols, costumes and structures.

2011 world day of prayer assisi

the structure of freemasonry
The structure of freemasonry diagramthe pope with world religious leaders

wiki link



Compare the above with the Apotheosis of George Washington/Lucifer Mural in the high ceiling of the Rotunda Building in the Capitol Building in Washington DC
which was based upon 

I thank you for your comment and information which is spot on, concerning the Roman Catholic Church and its Babylonian empire but there is a missing link to its power and authority in the new age.

The two diagrams undoubtedly tell the true story of the rise of the antichrist (1 John 2:18) system within the Roman Catholic Religion which brings in the Pergamos saga and or the Babylonian priesthood in the new age.

Notice the Roman Catholic picture explains Jacob and his 10 (United Nation) sons born from Leah and concubines which relates to the York Rite of Freemasonry (New York City) which in always relates to the dangerous term of Yod which is the 10th letter of the Hebrew/Jewish alphabet.

Notice the York Rite of Universal Freemasonry has 10 steps to the all seeing eye of Osiris – Horus obviously a major eye opener to rise of the City of Babylon, in the new age.

Bear in mind the Word of Father God Almighty forewarns us all meaning Hebrew/Christian Israel to pull down and expose every stronghold (2 Corinthians 10:3-5) that is exalting itself against the knowledge of the Holy Trinity (1 John 5:7-8 King James version only).

Undoubtedly the Roman Catholic Church who are working hand in hand with the Church of Nicolaitans Jewish/Egyptian Universal Freemasonry simply refer to Contemporary Freemasonry within the Holy Land Esau (red hairy one) Israel.

The John exposure which was nearly 2,000 years ago, of the Lucifer’s (Satan the devil) Seat of Power which at the time was incidentally, with in the questionable Esau Israel, known as the Holy Land Israel to date.

In other words John description of Satan Seat was merely within the hidden agenda of Jewish/Egyptian Freemasonry Rock Temple known as King Solomon’s Quarries…

which today is based under the Muslim Dome of the Rock, but today this king Solomon’s Quarries which in this modern day and age is now within America New York City known as the United Nations, which now pulls the strings of The Roman Catholic Church 24×7 and all other religions. Recall Father God Almighty says in Acts 7:48-49 tha He does not dwell in King Solomon’s Temples and or Temples made with mans hands meaning Masonic – Church of Nicolaitans Luciferian Temples of Sin.

What needs to be understood is that since John statement concerning the Pergamos and the Babylonian priesthood a lot has progressed since, meaning the questionable antichrist system (1 John 2:18 – 1 John 4:3), known as a Luciferian New World Order, unknown to many due to ignorance this NWO Rock foundation system is found in the scripture prophecy of Ezekiel 8:10-16.

Another explanation is to refer to Deuteronomy 32:30-37 which took its course of action fromthe Rock image 666 altar temple known as King Solomon’s Quarries which hosts the Seat of Power of the Most Worshipful Master which is based on the dangerous term of term of Yod elevated above this seat of Luciferian power (Matthew 5:18 jot equals unto Yod).

Obviously,this term of Yod is known in the new age in complete secrecy as being Lucifer’s conspiracy plan of establishing his New World Order (Isaiah 14:12-14), which was well supported then by the Roman Catholic Church and its secret Babylonian conspiracy system refer to the God Father Part 3.

The Roman Catholic Church was and still is used as a mere diversion from the truth of the scriptures and its prophecies by the Jewish/Egypian Luciferian concept of Universal Freemasonry which is simply based vast amounts of idolatry and upon the questionable Jewish Fables (Public Law 102-14 – 7 Noahide Laws of Noah) and the Commandments of men (613 Jewish Torah Commandments.

Recall to what got Pope John Paul the 1st killed within a month,after he declared a investigation into the Roman Catholic Church/Vatican Finances and its Mafia Masonic ties which was well connected to the Universal Order of Freemasonry and its Mafia – Masonic Jewish/Luciferian Sanhedrin – Egyptian Luciferian Illuminati ties.

Simply meaning to the rise of the Antichrist System, refer to the film or movie End of Days the true picture drawn always tell the true story which is found in the scripture prophecy of Daniel 12:10-11 (Matthew 24:15 and or Matthew 24:24) which simply known as the Abomination that leads all the world to New World Order Desolation refer to Jeremiah 11:9-10 – Exodus 20:5.

The main concern of the Roman Catholic Church is their secret support to the apotheosis of Universal Freemasonry (Church of Nicolaitans – Roman Catholic Church etc) sublime faith initiative conspiracy plan.

I am fully aware of the Roman Catholic Church and its Babylonian empire I was brought up in this ungodly antichrist religion,which today gives me the upper hand.

I have mentioned them and their occult actions in the vast amounts of my blogs which is their secret practice of sin of Luciferian worship well disguised by their Catholic type religion one of the eye opening situations….

is the Egyptian Obelisk lodged within the circle of life Vatican complex of its Bee Hive (Union) complex which is the same as the Mulsim Dome of the Rock in the Esau Israel.

Which is also a type and shadow of the Washington DC Capitol Dome of the Rock Building and its 666 Rock Image Egyptian Obelisk titled as George Washington Monument that measures 555ft in outer height yet 111 ft under the ground which adds up to 666 a coincidence or fact.

Due to much ignorance, the Capitol Building- Rotunda Building hosts the Abomination of Desolation titled since 1865 the 10th of March as the Apotheosis of George Washington/Lucifer obviously in its high ceiling.

Bear in mind the word apotheosis literally means to raise a person to the rank of a god and or as a icon – a Jewish/Egyptian christ like figure….

Another important fact of the Roman Catholic Vatican is the range of 12 smaller obelisks located at the Vatican, which conveys a clear message of the Illuminati/Jewish Sanhedrin.

The main Luciferian/George Washington Obelisk which acts as a point within a Luciferian sun circle of life, and or Rah/Shaharit light, which can be seen from an ariel view, as a point within a sun circle of life simply located within the Bee Hive (Union) complex of the Vatican.

What becomes even more Interesting about this Sin of Luciferian 666 – 999 worship and its high form of New World Order new age witchcraft, is that the Roman Catholic Church like all the other antichrist religions celebrate X Mass Day on the 25th of December each year since the Year of the Light 1953….

Bear in mid Lord JESUS was not born on the 25th of December nearly 2,000 years ago but according to scripture prophecy it was on the 18th of April (Nissan – Hebrew New Year), but the Roman Catholic Church advertise the rebirth of Tammuz and his mother Semiramis (mother and Child)

Recall George Washington Masonic nickname was and still is Tammuz refer to Ezekiel 8:13-16. What is also interesting about the Roman Catholic Mother and child celebration is that George Washington mother names was Mary and she had a little lamb called George Washington Tammuz.

In other words the 25th of December simply hosted every December is based upon the antichrist rebirth of George Washington/Lucifer spirit as Tammuz – Santa Claus and Father Christmas for Europe simply meaning as the world’s Light Bearers and or X Mass Tree life.

Note this tree of false light is decorated with the thousand points of Fiat Lux (Let there be Light) Light, which stands along side the graven image of George Washington/Lucifer phallic symbol (Leviticus 26:1)of the Egyptian Masonic Obelisk (Leviticus 26:1) at the Vatican.

The pictures above are very important but the Roman Catholic Vatican picture relates more to the Apotheosis of George Washington/Lucifer mural hidden in the high ceiling of the Rotunda Building



5 thoughts on “A picture says IT ALL!

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  2. Thank you. Very important interesting information here. I’m not so well versed but I do understand we are still in a babylonian captivity of sorts. It’s my understanding that the entire conglomerate is controlled by the Jesuit General: aka, the black pope. Do you have information concerning this theory?

    I do know at the time John penned the Revelation of Jesus Christ, satans seat was at pergamos, which interestingly had become the pontifical seat of the babylonian priesthood after they were moved there by the greco-persians? They also set up a pontifical in Rome and the two merged in 133 bc, with Rome becoming the head of the babylonian priesthood at that time. After they crucified Christ, they hijacked Christianity and being the anti-christ liars they are, began proclaiming themselves to be god in the place of our True God YHWH. Please correct me or inform me if you have more information or if I have any information wrong. Thank you.

    • A very good question about the babylonian captivity simply refer to the scripture prophecy of Acts 7:42-43 42 Then God turned, and gave them up to worship the host of heaven; as it is written in the book of the prophets, O ye house of Israel, have ye offered to me slain beasts and sacrifices by the space of forty years in the wilderness?

      43 Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon (Earth and become world Babylon from the 4th of August 1753),meaning to their H/Q of Babylon which is the Red Planet Mars simply to where Father God Almighty created Adam from the red earth of the red Planet Mars Adam name means red earth that is were at the present the Battle of Armageddon (Revelation 16:13-16) is occurring at present refer to Ephesians 6:12 not a physical battle but a spiritual one george washington/lucifer spirits are trapped at the moment on the red planet Mars, recall how California in 2012 once again celebrated as their NASA Masonic unmanned Space Module landed upon the Red Planet Mars which is to try and return george washington/lucifer (Apotheosis of GW/Lucifer) spirits back unto the earth or International Space Station Alpha which means Adam/Lucifer to george washington/lucifer as the Omega. .

      Simply due to ignorance and or the rejection of Father God Almighty’s Word (John 1:1) -10 Commandments and its knowledge (Hosea 4:6) the New World Order conspirators known scripturally as the rulers of darkness of this cursed earth – world (Ephesians 6:12) have secretly captured the world peoples into their trap of babylonian capitivity once again…How do the world peoples explain george washington/lucifer (Isaiah 14:12-17) Apotheosis of GW/Luicfer which led to the holy numbers and their manifestations of 111 – 222- 333- 444- 555 – 666 – 777 – 888 – 999),which started from the September the 11th 1777 Battle of Brandywine saga (The Three Great perils for America) which started the rebuilding of the Nimrod Tower of Babel but in another form meaning the george washington/lucifer – Nimrod establishment of world Babylon – America as its world H/Q, which eventually led to the City of Babylon (ISS) from November Y2k (Yod 2000), which became inhabit by American – Magog/USSR – Gog on the 4th of November Y2K (yod 2000).In other words the raising of the City of new age Babylon was led from USA America known as Magog and USSR -Russia known as Gog (Revelation 20:7-9 and or Ezekiel 38 and or Zechariah 5:1-11 well supported by The United Kingdom(Europe) refer to Revelation 2:13-15 which links – South Africa – France – and obviously the Red hairy one Esau/Cain holy land israel to prepare the New World Order believers to make war with the Lamb JESUS The Christ Emmanuel (Revelation 17:8-14)undoubtedly also refer to the Antichrist weapon of Mass Destruction known as Contemporary Freemasonry in the red hairy one Esau/Cain holy land israel…http://web.mit.edu/dryfoo/Masons/Reports/israel.html

      which clearly as a rule of law ordered to established the new age City of Babylon upon the earth and within outer space known as george washington/lucifer Celestial Lodge and or their 8 pointed blazing Star god Remphan (Acts 7:43). In other words by Lord JESUS prophesying the meaning as the secret Yod Government (Matthew 5:18 jot equals unto yod)was born on the 11th of February 1732 to re-establish the Nimrod Tower of Babel, but in the new age term of The City of Babylon in the night sky called today as International Space Station Alpha (ISS)

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