Pay attention Hebrew/Christian Israel to why the Yod One World Government and The United Nations leaders as encouraging and supporting the innocent blood being shed in Syria…..its all to do with the Spoken Word of Father God Almighty refer to Revelation 19:10 The Spirit of Prophecy Lord JESUS The Word (John 1:1)

To start the balling rolling what must be understood is to what General Albert Pike known also as the grand Supreme Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry said in his letter addressed to his One World Government leaders gathered in Paris France in 1889…..
The doctrine of Satanism was and still is a heresy, the true and pure Universal Freemasonry religion was based upon a Luciferian concept and doctrine Yes Lucifer (George Washington) is God…..
But said in his next breadth Adonay the God of the Hebrew/Christian Israel is also God, but Lucifer/George Washington as the Yod Godhead and christ like figure are fighting against Adonay for the freedom of all mankind from the Blood Sacrifice,death and resurrection of Lord JESUS THe Christ Emmanuel….
Yet due to much ignorance of the Word of Father God Almighty, many peoples do not realize that the slaughter of human blood in Syria, is a deliberate action of the Antichrist spirit (1 John 2:18 – 1 John 4:3), which was bound by the spirit god Lucifer known as the father of lies and a murderer, which was from the foundation of the world refer to Matthew 23:35
The answer to the above mass slaying of innocent blood in Syria is found in the scripture prophecy of Daniel 12:10-11 which allowed the spirit of Antichrist to bring about the abomination that leadeth all peoples to desolation The Apotheosis of George Washington/Lucifer the answer is obviously, for a myriad of Biblical reasons.
One of the very first reason to why innocent human blood is being shed in Syria,which allows the Antichrist spirits to perfect their New World Order game plan found in Exodus 20:5 and Jeremiah 11:9-10…
Unknown or unrealized or due to ignorance of the spoken Word of Father God Almighty Syria was the place to where Paul known then as Saul a Luciferian Pharaoh serpent Ouroboros worshiper 
who  was converted to Hebrew/ Christianity by Lord JESUS The Christ Emmanuel, which was on the road to Damascus Syria!
Secondly, another important fact to consider, to why Syria and its people are being used as gunuie pigs, which means the innocent slaying of human blood in the streets of Syria etc………
Unknown or unrealized yet simply as rumored for over a century, the Syrian desert is also proclaimed to be, as being the place to where the Muslims/Islamist believe, that their prophet Mohammad would re-appear soon.
Another important  fact that also has to be taken into consideration, was that not only did Paul receive his conversion on the road to Damascus Syria, but that Paul after escaping out of the window of Jerusalem, after contesting his Faith Christ JESUS with his father and mother etc, he then escaped from Jerusalem and the he Paul spent 14 years in the desert of Syria under the mighty hand of the Lord JESUS refer to 2 Corinthians 12:1-8
In other words this experience for Hebrew/Christian Israel Paul,  was like Hebrew/Christian Moses Israel, who was cast into the Egyptian desert, to die by the order and hand of  Pharaoh and his son Ramses……
In both cases the Lord God Almighty of Hebrew/Christian Israel, delivered and saved both of His sons of true light  Moses from death in the Egyptian desert, and then Paul from the Syrian Desert.
What was interesting about the above situations was that Pharaoh (Lucifer in the flesh) knew by casting Moses into the Egyptian desert, he Moses would die (Hebrews 2:14),  but Moses as the chosen of Father God Almighty to deliver His Hebrew people from Egyptian slavery survived by The Word of Father GOD Almighty and His promise and Blood Covenant made with Abraham Isaac to Jacob (Hebrews – Christianity)…..
In other words Moses survived this Luciferian/Pharoah death, by the grace and mercy of the Living Godhead known as The Holy Trinity (1 John 5:7-8 King James version only) due to him Moses the Hebrew/Christian Israel being born to the promise of The Blood Covenant of Abraham which undoubtedly promised to the delivery of the Hebrews  from Egyptian slavery…….
Needless to say Paul deliverance form darkness to the glorious Light of Lord JESUS The Christ Emmanuel (2 Corinthians 4:4) which was a type and shadow of Moses which in the instant of Paul’s conversion which was on the road to Damascus, allowed him Paul known beforehand as Serpent Ouroboros Luciferian worshiper Saul….
to be delivered by The Word (John 1:1) of Father God Almighty,  which allowed him Paul later on, to spend 14 years in the Syrian Desert refer to 2 Corinthians 12:1-8 for the Holy Spirits purpose and pleasure….
In other words, due to the Lord of Hosts -The I Am that I Am knowing Paul like Moses, before they entered into their mothers wombs (Jeremiah 1:4-5), due to them being chosen as a Royal Priesthood, an Holy Nation, a peculiar people, but as a chosen generations…..
which undoubtedly allowed both Paul and Moses to survive Luciferian/Serpent god Ouroboros – Pharaoh death (John 10:10) but  by the power of the hand of The Almighty Alpha and The Omega Lord JESUS The Christ Emmanuel….
 who incidentally allowed Paul, like Moses to become new creatures in Christ JESUS Emmanuel The Spoken Word of Father God Almighty (1 John 5:7-8 King James version only) which meant for them Paul and Moses  to come from Luciferian darkness to His glorious Light OF Lord JESUS The Christ Emmanuel refer to 2 Corinthians 4:3-4…….
What becomes interesting about Paul’s experience within the Syrian Desert for 14 years, which undoubtedly allowed Paul under the hand and guidance of the Holy Spirit (1 John 2:27 KJV) to write the 66 Books of The Word (John 1:1) of The I Am that I Am.
Unknown or unrealized Paul’s personal relationship with the Holy Trinity in the desert of Syria, for 14 years which also allowed him Paul to understand the strategy of his and Hebrew/Christian enemy which was Luciferian worship refer to Matthew 23:33.
In other words Paul like Moses benefited in all ways to learn the strategy of his enemy like Moses, which was Lucifer Satan the Devil which allowed him Paul and Moses the Hebrews/ Christians Israel, the right to set all Hebrew/Christian Israel peoples free from the new world order Luciferian/Pharaoh Yod Serpent Ouroboros worship.
In all fairness the above new world order Luciferian/Pharaoh Yod Serpent Ouroboros worship was undoubtedly  based upon the scripture prophecy of Isaiah 14:12-14….
which simply announces the spirit god Lucifer and his unholy trinity’s religion tradition and bondage simply refer to diagram of unholy trinity of the serpent god head of Lucifer the father of lies etc
In other words, this experience allowed him Paul under the anointing of The Holy Spirit (1 John  2:27) for 14 years without human interference etc, meaning while living in the Syrian desert, for14 years, to be able for Paul to write the Word of Father God scriptures and prophecies from Genesis to Revelation.
It must be understood that Saul before being converted to Paul by the Holy Spirit on the road to Damascus Syria was known to be the most learned man worldwide obviously well trained by the Luciferian Jewish Sanhedrin and or the Egyptian Illuminati councils….
to be as the next Antichrist Luciferian Jewish/Egyptian leader (1 John 2:18- 1 John 4:3) who’s main objective was to destroy the Church and or Bride of Lord JESUS The Christ Emmanuel – The Alpha and The Omega (Revelation 1:11)
What all must understand, that Paul was the most learned man world wide at the time, known then as Saul of Tarsus, simply before his conversion on the road to Damascus Syria, in other words he Saul (Paul) was anointed before hand by the Jewish Sanhedrin as the next antichrist Luciferian/Pharaoh leader……
Nevertheless, Saul (Paul) was chosen from Luciferian birth (1 John 3:10) like Cain (Jude 11), to promote and lead the world to the Luciferian New World Order conspiracy plan, found in Jeremiah 11:9-10 (Exodus 20:5)…..
which undoubtedly conveyed a clear message that he Lucifer as the spirit god of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4 – Ephesians 2:2) was as an equal unto the Most High from the time of his fall heavens unto the cursed earth or ground refer to the scripture prophecy of Isaiah 14:12-14.
Even though Saul before being converted to the “Spirit of Prophecy Paul” he had the authority and power to destroy the Royal Priesthood (Church – Bride) of The Holy Trinity (1 John 5:7-8 KJV)…….
which was based upon The Word of The Living God (John 1:1) of Hebrew/Christian Israel from day one, which was on the road to Damascus heading towards Tripoli Syria……..
the catch 22 was that Lord JESUS knew him Paul before he entered into his mothers womb (Jeremiah 1:4-5) but allowed Paul as Saul to head the Sanhedrin NWO Serpent worshipers, for the benefit of the Hebrew/Christian Israel so that he Paul as Saul, who was the most learned world wide…..
to be able to learn the strategy of the Hebrew/Christian Israel’s enemy, known as the Jewish Sanhedrin/Egyptian Illuminati Stone builders (Matthew 21:42) the builders of the Luciferian New World Order game plan found in the scripture prophecy of Isaiah 14:12-14……
What has to be remembered was that Paul when Saul as a young boy (13 years old) stood with his Father a member of the Sanhedrin who ordered and chanted the future crucifixion of Lord JESUS The Christ Emmanuel on the 30th of Adar (March) end of Hebrew near year simply nearly 2,000 years ago.
Bear in mind Paul as Saul meaning as a young boy witnessed the only true Light of the world and true Son of the Living Father God Almighty (Matthew 3:16-17) of Hebrew/Christian Israel, meaning Lord JESUS as The appointed Head Cornerstone of the Universe  (Matthew 21:42) – the Most Worshipful Master of The Universe …….
 crucifixion upon the Mount called Golgotha the place of the Skull, to his glorious death which allowed Lord JESUS to become the blood sacrifice for all mankind…..
which would allow
after His glorious resurrection back unto the Father of True Light – The I Am that I Am, which allowed for the Church or Bride to be returned to HIS glorious kingdom simply without spot and wrinkle, yet in victory via His Precious Blood.
 to be redeemed back unto the “Majestic Father God Almighty’s of Hebrew/Christian Israel new Jerusalem.”
 which undoubtedlyfrom the Yod Luciferian/Pharaoh Serpent Ouroboros Skull and Bones Tomb # 322, on April (Nissan start of the Hebrew New Year – Esther 3:7 KJV) the 1st nearly 2,000 years…..
known from then by the New World Order conspirators (Jeremiah 11:9-10) titled as the Jewish Yod Sanhedrin/Egyptian All seeing eye of Osiris the sun god Rah known as The Illuminati   .
In other words Paul as Saul before his conversion on the road to Damascus, witnessed as a young man (13 years old) the crucifixion, the death and the resurrection of the Lord JESUS which was nearly 2,000 years ago.
Which was based upon the all important yet precious blood sacrifice of Lord JESUS as the only Son of The I Am that I Am (2 Corinthians 4:4) who fulfilled the scripture prophecy of Isaiah 9:6, and His resurrection from the Luciferian Skull and Bonesman Tomb # 322, as Lord JESUS The Alpha and The Omega……
Unknown to many due to ignorance of the Word of Father God Almighty (Lord JESUS – John 1:1), on the road to Damascus Syria after Paul as Saul the Luciferian serpent Ouroboros worshiper (sex demon Dagon) was struck from off his horse…….
which included his whole army behind him, who  were ultimately dismantled to the cursed ground, by the voice from Heaven known as Lord JESUS The Alpha and Omega who said Saul Saul why do you persecute Me….
what becomes interesting Saul who became Paul was in the first instance by the voice of God Almighty blinded etc delivered heart from serpent Luciferian worship etc simply cast down to the cursed ground as dead…….
yet Saul who became Paul via the Spirit of Prophecy (Revelation 17:10) on the road top Damascus Syria, proclaimed after his fall to the ground from his horse “Lord Lord.”
In other words Paul realized the voice of the King of Kings Lord JESUS bear in mind Saul to Paul simply as a young  boy standing along side his Jewish Sanhedrin father witnessed the trial and conviction for Lord JESUS TO BE CRUCIFIED TO DEATH….
Which meant Paul then came to remembrance of the crucifixion blood sacrifice and resurrection of Lord JESUS known by many as the King of Kings JESUS of Nazareth refer to Revelation 11:7-8….
which stipulates that He Lord JESUS was spiritually crucified in Egypt and Sodom……

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