The answer to the detrimental In God we Trust via the American currency – refer to honorable Jesse Ventura check $1 bill difference

The Mystery sign of the “In God we Trust” located on the graven image of the owl god Molech George Washington Annuit Coeptis E Pluribus Unum USA $1 BILL has many subliminal messages to it

Firstly the Latin terms of Annuit Coeptis – E Pluribus Unum – Novus Ode Seclorum are the catch 22 to the In God we Trust obviously unknown or due to much ignorance the Latin term of Annuit Coeptios means in English…..

He Lucifer/George Washington as The Apotheosis of the Universal Order of Freemasonry (Church of Nicolaitans) sublime faith initiative declares the spirits of Lucifer/George Washington as their god which evidently was by the under taking of the people……..

to the dangerous Latin term of E Pluribus Unum which has numerous occult Luciferian messages to it, like in English – Out of many Luciferian sons of light and life shall come one who shall build in the new age the City of Babylon.

Novus Ode Seclorum means in English order of the ages a New World Order that the spirits of Lucifer/George Washington as Annuit Coeptis (Apotheosis of George Washington/Lucifer) are as an equal unto the Most High (Isaiaih 14:12-14).

Bear in mind the word apotheosis literally means to raise a person to the rank of a god and or as a icon – a Masonic christlike figure namely George Washington with the spirit of Lucifer within him as Tammuz which means son of life /tree of life/Santa Claus and or Father X Mass for Europe

In other words, the question must be asked to what god are they insinuating or relating when stipulating In God we Trust which is found upon all the USA $1 bill and all its currency…

The major question to be asked once again what god are thye refering to but the godhead of Universal Order of Freemasonry/Church of Nicolaitans…..

which is based upon the spirits of Lucifer/ George Washington who are from the 20th of December 1788 known secretly as the Most Worshipful Master of the Universe.

In other words the New World Order currency of the forefathers of 1776 – are clearly conveying subliminal message of ungodliness and or antichrist Mr honorable  Jessie Ventura but hear comes the mind blower of all time…..

the detrimental meaning to the term In God we Trust relates secretly in all ways to the dangerous terms of Microprosposos/Macroprosposos….

which in turn pays honor and tribute to the Universal Freemasonry’s god of light and reflections.

Notice the Microprosposos/Macroprosposos graven image forms the 13 six (6) pointed stars of the Jewish Star of David and or King Solomon’s seal known as the (28th degree of the Knights of the Sun Symbol….

which is located above the Mysterious Annuit Coeptis – E Pluribus Unum – Yod/Mythical Bird’s Head, known as the Phoenix # 999.

Pay attention to its tail feathers which form the 9 forms of light which relates to the 9 letter name of Jerusalem and or the Jewish Menorah turned upside down 

Recall they the New World Order conspirators believe George Washington/Lucifer from 1776 was God and their Masonic Christ In God we Trust  refer to The Apotheosis of George Washington/Lucifer hidden in the high ceiling of the Rotunda Building


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