Be careful not to vote simply because the Ephesians 5:16 prophesied nearly 2,000 years ago redeem the days for they are evil!

Do not vote Hebrew/Christians Israel for the new age Antichrist Luciferian/George Washington Yod Government system known as the rulers of darkness of this world simply pay attention to Ephesians 6:10-12  

Simply have you not heard the good world news report which stemmed from nearly 2,000 years ago….

Lord JESUS the outsider of the two horse race between good (Lord JESUS The Christ Emmanuel) and evil (Lucifer – Isaiah 14:12-14) won the world Presidency – Head Cornerstone (Matthew 21:42) and Most Worshipful Master of The Universe title undoubtedly nearly 2,000 years ago refer to Matthew 4:1-11

Which unknown or unrealized due to ignorance of the Word of Father God Almighty (Mark 12:24) Matthew 4:1-11 was the rematch of the first illegal world war found in Genesis 4:1-11,when the father of lies namely the spirit of Lucifer (Baalim) within Cain murdered The Holy Trinity’s Righteous Abel refer to the scripture prophecy of Matthew 23:35.

Please Hebrew/Christian Israel don’t waste your time voting for the Antichrist and his rulers of darkness of this world….

They are brainwashing and obviously preparing all the people of the world to rebel against the 10 Commandments and The Word of Father God Almighty (John 1:1 – Revelation 1:11)….






Which allows them as New World Order believers that the spirits of Lucifer/George Washington are as an equal unto the Most High (Holy Trinity) refer to Isaiah 14:12-14….

Which then by the peoples choice of electing the unholy trinity Lucifer/George Washington within their Antichrist new age son of perdition David the Jewish/Egyptian Scarab Rockefeller/Sassoon to make war with the Lamb refer to the scripture prophecy of Revelation 17:13-14.






For the end result to the third world war (Ephesians 6:12) which undoubtedly is a Victory for the King of Kings JESUS Emmanuel The awesome Christ – Messiah (Isaiah 9:6) by simply referring to the daily good news within the King James Bible only meaning the scripture prophecy of 1 JOHN 5:7-8….

Which as a rule of law stipulates…. There are only three that can bear witness in Heaven The Father of True Light known scripturally as The I Am that I Am – The Word (John 1:1) Lord JESUS for the Bible tells us so and The Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit refer to 1 John 2:27) and these three are One Godhead known as THE HOLY TRINITY – EMMANUEL…

Secondly 1 John 5:8 prophesied There are only three that bore witness upon the cursed earth,The Spirit – Water and Blood, and these three agreed upon the earth as One Godhead Father Son and Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit) refer to Matthew 3:16-17…..

Which undoubtedly enabled The Alpha and The Omega the awesome King of Kings and Lord of Lords JESUS The Christ Emmanuel to annihilate the unholy trinity of The Antichrist and His New World Order followers and their belief in The Apotheosis of George Washington/Lucifer into their true Presidential throne room of The Lake of Fire refer to Revelation 20:12-15 (Revelation 19:19 to 21) simply refer to Romans 6:23….

The wages of Luciferian/George Washington Sin (The Apotheosis of George Washington/Lucifer) leads all to spiritual and then physical death and destruction…

Simply be advised if you X (slain and risen Egyptian/Jewish god head known as Osiris) that Democratic and or Republican ballot card you will under the scripture prophecy of 1 Samuel 15:23 Rebellion of the Word of Father God Almighty is as the Luciferian Sin of Witchcraft (Galatians 3:1)

Recall the scripture prophecy of Deuteronomy 32:37…..
THUS SAITH THE LORD GOD OF HEBREW/CHRISTIAN ISRAEL we are your gods and “rock” in whom you trusted in!





Notice the rock image located secretly within the street address of the questionable 777 United Nations Prayer or meditation room simply known as the George Washington/ Luciferian Rosetta Stone – rock image found in 1799 after or before George Washington died on the 14th of December 1799 titling him as the World’s Rock of their salvation Masonic Jewish/Egyptian rule of law refer to Contemporary Freemasonry held in the Holy Land in 1953 refer to edu/dryfoo/Masons/Reports/israel.html… 

Unknown or untold 1953 from the Holy Land Israel it became “The Year of the Light” which undoubtedly meant that the spirits of Lucifer/George Washington who became one on the 4th of August 1753 from lodge #4 Fredericksburg Virginia, were and still are the Light Bearers (Microprosposs -Macroprosposos) of the free world  


2 thoughts on “Be careful not to vote simply because the Ephesians 5:16 prophesied nearly 2,000 years ago redeem the days for they are evil!

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    • Attack Against Iran’s Nuclear Facilities with Conventional Weapons Will Only Delay Nuke Program is hog wash Iran President mentions over and over about their New World Order theory which became a rule of law from September the 11th 1991 via GHW Bush and both Houses of lying Masonic Congress, firstly the true meaning to the New World Order is that they believe the spirits of george washington/lucifer are as an equal unto the Most High (1 John 5:7-8 King James version only) how do the world peoples answer unto the Jewish/Egyptian NWO Apotheosis of George Washington/Lucifer).Undoubtedly there is more to this than to what the human eye can see or intellect can understand simply refer to Revelation 2:9 AND 3:9 the Jews who call themselves Jews are liars they are the synagogue of Lucifer – Satan the devil they are the enemy of the Cross of Lord JESUS from behind closed doors all Jews believe Lucifer/Shaharit is god and christ refer to Isaiah 14:12-4

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