What does the name Jacob mean – Roth is red

Undoubtedly Jacob means Hebrew/Christian Israel which stemmed from his grandfather Abraham BLOOD RITUAL (Blood Covenant) that was done with The I Am that I Am according to Genesis, which then followed its course of action as a spiritual prophecy rule of law unto Isaac the promise (JESUS) which then announced Jacob as the Hebrew/Christian Israel, via the Blood of Lord JESUS bear in mind over and over Father God Almighty prophesies That I Am that I Am the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob   

Unknown Roth is red undoubtedly indicates to the red hairy one Esau who was ordained as the counterfeit Israel simply refer to the scripture prophecy of Malachi 1:1-3 why would Father god Almighty prophesy as a rule of law that He hated Esau (Jude 11) the red hairy one known as the counterfeit Israel but loved Jacob his twin brother and called him Jacob by spiritual prophecy as His Hebrew/Christian Israel recall Adam names means red earth – indicating to the red planet mars Lucifer’s domain refer to Revelation 16:13-16 The Battle of Armageddon takes it place on the Red Planet Mars  

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