Television and Press reporters are like Ostriches with their heads in the sand concerning the George Zimmerman Trial proclaiming self defense of killing the late Trayvon Martin who was operating in an altered state of mind and being equipped with a weapon of mass destruction known as his Marshal Arts degree

Come CNN news reporters etc the late Trayvon Martin on the night of the 26th of February 2012, in the first instance was operating with an altered state of mind, of a high degree of marijuana on the night concerned of his death, when shot by George Zimmerman in the questionable self defense claim.

Bear in mind, as facts and evidence were shown, that the late Trayvon Martin was loaded with high positive test of marijuana which stemmed from the post mortim report of the Medical examiner.

Another important fact to consider, is the late Trayvon Martin was equipped with a secret weapon of mass destruction, equivalent to a gun like that of George Zimmerman, undoubtedly known as his Trayvon Martin’s registered marshal arts degree possibly a 6th dan in Karate


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