What a disgrace to the honorable Martin Luther King Jnr. prophesy vision of I had a dream of whites and blacks coming together as a one unconquerable American nation – Note the NAACP – Eric Holder etc have disrespected the honorable Martin Luther King Jnr by photo shop Him with a Marijuana Addict Trayvon Martin Hoodie a major eye opener

How do the NAACP and the late Trayvon Martin family and supporters, who claim that Racial Discrimination (Apartheid) was the answer to the 6 white women Jury of the George Zimmerman/The late 17 year old child Trayvon Martin murder Trial.

In other words if it might be said the NAACP and its questionable followers known as protesters, who have many white folk marching with black protesters throughout America which does not add up to their Racial – Apartheid Discrimination theory.

Needless to say the term Racial Discrimination (Apartheid) spells out that the white people of America definitely ordered, this Jury decision of self defense, because they hate black or African Americans etc 24×7, and deliberately set the stage of Racial Discrimination because of their hatred

knowing that white Americans, voted in the African/American 44th President of the USA Barack Hussein Obama for two terms knowing in their hearts, that they hate blacks and or colored people,

which does not once again make sense after crossing the “t” and dotting the “i” to this Racial Discrimination (Apartheid) claim that is now causing unnecessary chaos in the country of milk and honey.

What supports that there is something amiss to the above Racial Discrimination (Apartheid) SCHEME, which has a raise a major red flag to its validity, which now places a bad light of a massive false and unwarranted claim in America, of Racial (Apartheid) Discrimination CRY…

Another fact which eliminates this pathetic claim is how our American forces black and white men and women fight hand in hand against terrorism, together in brotherly love which once again eliminates this pathetic Racial Discrimination claim,

To add more fuel to the fire how does the NAACP – Eric Holder and his Rat pack of trouble makers simply explain in America about the black and white supports of their multi racial major sports arena’s etc,

we have whites and blacks mixing in thousands, supporting their teams etc, which once again proves the monster of Racial Discrimination eliminates the pathetic NAACP – AL Sharpton – Eric Holder – Jesse Jackson – Trayvon Martin family/certain network TV talk hosts like namely Sunny Hostin – Pearce Morgan etc

and other news media, well supported by their brainwashed supporters claim, that the white women of the Sanford Jury etc acted in a Racial Discrimination (Apartheid) manner, with their decision of self defense.

Lets look at some more facts and evidence which eliminates Racial Discrimination (Apartheid) in the land of milk and honey, notice how the supposed to be hateful white people of black Americans,

just in Miami Florida meaning the Miami Heat NBA Championship victory, which viewed in black white and color TV and newspaper reports, how whites and black etc came together and loved one another and the understanding that color of the skin does not count which once again eliminated Racial (Apartheid) Discrimination claim…

If it might be said, the main problem of this pathetic Racial Discrimination (Apartheid) cry, which is based upon the mere fact that Trayvon Martin’s family, friends, attorney’s etc, after listening to the 911 tape, came to the conclusion that it was Trayvon Martin calling for help, before being shot on the night of the 26th of February 2012,

but after evidence and facts were shown and demonstrated the facts were proved that it was George Zimmerman crying for help as the late Trayvon Martin obviously operating under the influence of Marijuana,

attacked George Zimmerman as a questionable 17 year old child and in self defense shot him Trayvon Martin which then eliminates this event being as a white against black hate crime.

The moral to the story the name blame should be put on Mr. Marijuana and not white hatred of black or colored people think Americans to what Martin Luther King Jnr prophesied I had a dream of whites and blacks loving and participating together in America as a One nation country.

Notice how the trouble makers of the NAACP etc photo shop the honorable Martin Luther King Jnr in a hoodie which even His own family rejected which clearly explain to what extent the NAACP etc will go to…refer to http://abcnews.go.com/US/trayvon-hoodie-edited-martin-luther-king-jr-viral/story?id=19701116


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