Major question to be asked by American citizens and tax payers, why won’t the American Government and its Banks not help Detroit from its bankruptcy state but note how the American Government support billions into foreign countries like Egypt – Libya – Afghanistan – Iraq – South Africa etc


Wake up from the nightmare Commander and Chief what nightmare Detroit citizens and its all important city need Government support according to the rule of law of the Constitution!

How does one explain the American Government will let their own people known as its loyal tax payers etc suffer, yet on a daily basis, monthly and yearly basis,  support foreign countries, with billions of American dollars, obviously something is amiss, its time to wake up American Tax Payers,th (32)130718130808-detroit-protests-bankruptcy-620xaWow what in the name of hell is happening to American citizens in Detroit Michigan as Retirees and city employees say they can’t accept cuts in their pension benefits.

“How am I supposed to live without my pension?” said David Sole, 65, after a protest in Detroit last month. Sole retired from the city’s water department in January after 22 years.

In other words Detroit City Michigan being one of the major Cities of the States of Michigan America, known for hundred of years of being the major motor car manufacturing industry etc, is being treated with disrespect,

which all Americans (tax payers) sincerely believe, is being side stepped by its own American Government due to its bankruptcy claim refer to 

Come on Mr. President and both Houses of Congress simply obey the rule of law of the Constitution of the United States and help the City of Detroit “We the People.”   


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