My Exaltation of our Lord JESUS is a never ending story in my life Dennis Fisher because He is awesome unto His Word! Read all about our magnificent Holy Trinity Godhead, who is still performing miracles for His Royal Priesthood – Bride – Church, to date 2015

In the very first instant, I just want, to exalt Lord JESUS our Hebrew/Christian Israel Alpha and Omega, scripturally also known as our King of Kings and Lord of Lords (Phillipians 2:10-11),

for the miracles He has performed in my life, since obeying His rules and regulations of the Bible, meaning to be Born Again (John 3:3-7)

In 1991, He performed one of the greatest miracle encounters for me, simply by me trusting in Him Lord JESUS, as my Savior, Lord and as my Head Cornerstone (Matthew 21:42).

The moral to this great miracle below, was based upon how Lord JESUS saved one of my racehorses lives, named Lady Lance, which was after she basically drowned in a swimming pool.

Needless to say, this has to be one of most prestigeous highlights of my life, which meant, that He Lord JESUS as our Alpha and Omega is always there for us, no matter what! (John 3:16)

Nevertheless, because He Lord JESUS cares for us 24×7 (1 Peter 5:7-8), what becomes reality to this scripture of prophecy, which beyond a doubt means Lord JESUS as our The Christ Emmanuel (1 John 5:7-8 KJV only), cares for us,

but forewarns us His Royal Priesthood, a Holy Nation (Hebrew/Christian Israel) a peculiar People, but a pre-ordained chosen Generation, that our adversary,

namely the spirit god of this world namely Lucifer (Isaiah 14:12-17 – Ephesians 2:2 – 2 Corinthians 4:3-4) also known as Satan the devil, is as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

According to Jeremiah 17:7 which prophesied…… that Blessed are the men women and children that trusteth Him with all their hearts and souls, but in Jeremiah 17:5….

The God of Hebrew/Christian Israel via His Blood Covenant made with Hebrew Abraham to Isaac to Jacob prophesied that….

cursed are all men women and children, who trusteth in man and maketh his arm their flesh, who’s hearts have departed from the Lord God Almighty of Abraham Iisaac and Jacob…..

In other words, this below miracle means and promises all believers and saints of The I Am that I Am, that if mankind trusteth in Him Lord JESUS fully,

HE THEN WILL PERFORM MIRACLES in ourlives, but especially miracles within us, as His believers 24×7.

Nneedless to say, this miracle story is based upon, faith hope and trust, based upon the mighty name of Lord JESUS, but it must be understood that this miracle stemmed way back to 1991,

it was a incident, that has been within my heart, with thanks from 1991 to date 2015.

And only now, I chose, to share it to date, because in the very first instance, of this miracle, I was and still are being persecuted for my belief in Lord JESUS, and His awesome unconquerable Word,

by the sons of Antichrist (1 John 2:18) known to operate the world by their secret light bearer referring them to the ungodly giants of Universal Freemasonry – scripturally known as Church of Nicolaitanes – United Nations (Revelation 2:6 – Proverbs 6:13 -16).

Bear in mind, the above is not a new concept but an ancient one, and what needs to be brought to the last supper, is that all these sons of false light of the Antichrist, scripturally known as his rulers of darkness,

to simply control this world, they have to persecute the Church or Bride, so they merely dress up in Sheep’s clothing (2 Corinthias 11:12-14) knowing that they are merely wolves, operating with two faces

and make people world wide believe, that they are God Almighty sheppards, always acting as being holy than thou.

Their main mission was and still is to destroy Christian/Hebrew Isarel Abel to Sheth(Numbers 24:17), which has been for nearly 6,000 years, its been declared as a ancient spiritual war.

Undoubtedly this Dennis Fisher persecution for the Word sake, which came about, after I became truly born again and saved (John 3:3-7) in 1976.

Needless to say, what limited me to share the following miracle, was that the works of the High authorities of the self Governing Antichrist Masonic bodies of Horse Racing, have taken the intiative to persecute me,

because of my Love for Christ JESUS Emmanuel and simply because I refused to join their hierarchy handshaing empire, which to date has allowed me to expose them after seeing them eye to eye.

Obviously, my persecution increased, once I started exposing and pulling down their strongholds world wide, which brings into the equation, that horse racing from 1978 had a secret and hidden agenda namely Interstate Act of 1978.

Unknown or unrealized, this Rat Pack venture was secretly led by the late Sir Graham Beck – deceased July 2010/the late Sir Harry Oppenheimer – deceased 2002),

and started its process from the Jockey Club of South Africa in 1979, based upon in-house corruption and foul plays acts etc.

There was no stopping this ungodly execise, due to the mere fact, that it was controlled or pre ordained by these secret self Governing Antichrist Masonic bodies titled under the rainbow umbrella of Masonic Usury.

Simply unknown to the masses, these high authorities, not only in the Horse Racing Industry, but in many aspects of life, due to their Antichrist nature (1 John 2:18), meaning known as 33rd degree Freemasons, who all started as the Sons of the Demolay, Jobs Daughters, Daughters of the Nile etc,

to the powerful Eastern Stars male and female, which starts from a young age, who are undoubtedly were taught to hate The Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob (Exodus 20:5).

Which unfortunately allows them to persecute the church or Bride known scripturally as Hebrew/Christian Israel 24×7 world wide and its believers and followers.

In other words, any persons like myself, who exalts The Holy Trinity daily, no matter where, they are secretly doomed, in this world, and or marked or numbered secetly, by the rulers of darkness of this world (Ephesians 6:12).

Why, why, do you think the Word prophesied in Jeremiah 5:26….

Thus saith the Lord God Almighty For among My people are found wicked men they lay awaite, they set a snare, a trap and they catch men Universal Order of Freemasonry

that is why its is important for all believers to remember the scripture prophecy of Ephesians 5:16…

Redeeming the time, for the days are evil, simply saying the world and its system is fulled with Antichrist (1 John 4:3 – 1 John 2:18) and its evil Masonic mischief and behaviour.

Many times, what was said to my face, by certain high rankings officials and certain owners, who were obviously coached by High Authorities of horse racing (Jockey Club of South Africa) industry,

that my exalting of my Lord JESUS, on their private property racetracks, was a no no, and I would pay for it in the long run, which I openly, said to their faces,

I rebuked you in the mighty name of Lord JESUS, saying, you need to clean out your own dirty houses and or your Jockey Club Masonic Jewish/Egyptian Temples, it stinks with the smell of sulphar.

Secondly, due to my 36 years to date of exposure, of their ungodly or could we call it, their Antichrist cheating behaviour, which was and still is effecting,

millions of great horseman and obviously the general public, known as tax payers lives world wide and obviously the innocent racehorses world wide.

Real men love jesus

In other words, the below miracle was limited from press or television reports world wide, because the press and tv reporters, especially the racetrack Tv reporters, were order by the high authorities,

not to print or televise anything Trainer Dennis Fisher (I was a professional Born Again Racehorse trainer from 1981/2), did or would say or in the case of his winners on their private property racetracks,

what comes to mind, is that they were simply afraid of The Holy Spirit that was inside of me, which allowed me and my stable grooms and other spectators, to glorify our Lord JESUS – Abba Father God Almighty or our awesome Holy Spirit, at our winning ceremonies….

once again they did not like the name JESUS glorified on their networks or private property racetracks.

To be more precise, concerning the unbelieveable miracle below, which once again happened in 1991, which once again involved one of my racehorses in South Africa named Lady Lance.

As a matter of interest, this Lady Lance miracle, was after just having returned from America in February 1988 to South Africa…….

Greatest winner of my Dennis Fisher Born Again Hebrew/ Christain life time Horse Racing career which was in the 50 years of being a Horseman. The name of the Horse was Lady Lance, a filly owned by my best friend/family  Costa Saava, the jockey was W Mawaing run in Johannesburg South Africa, in 1991

Greatest winner of my Dennis Fisher Born Again Hebrew/ Christian life time, of my Horse Racing and business career, which was based upon a 50 years basis of being a Horseman. The name of the Horse was Lady Lance, a filly owned by my best friend/family Costa Saava, the jockey was W Mawaing, the race was run in Johannesburg Vall Turf Club South Africa, once again in 1991.

What made this a very, meaning a very special win picture, was that it was based on a near tradegy, 5 days before this miracle win

An unbelieveable, yet awesome miracle story, which was by the grace faith mercy and hope of The I Am that I Am – Lord JESUS The Christ Emmanuel – Holy Spirit.

To start the ball rolling, which obviously was unknown to many horse racing fans and enthusiasts world wide to date, due to the Jockey Club world wide Masonic mischief, meaning the high authorities of horse racing,

5 days before this horse race in South Africa, which Lady Lance won fine fashion, an unfortunately near tradegy took its course of action, she was drowned at a veterian clinic swimming pool.

To be more precise her Lady Lance training schedule, due her bad front legs, was to swim once again at a local veterian Clinic 3 times a week, which was difficult task, because we had to van her,

about 15 miles there and back, to the clinic, which was owned by a South African vet Dr. Mike Ross.

On all the other pervious swims, I gave her, meaning 6 swims at this clinic, before this near tradegy, I would swim Lady Lance with my African assistant Zulu etc, by applying my American way of swimming her,

which was with a shank, also known as a lead rope, which simply attaches itself to the Halter.

This particuliar day, meaning 5 days, before her scheduled carded race, Dr. Ross challenged my of swimming method of my racehorses.

Dr. Ross instructed his associate vet Joe Bester and their African assistant, to swim my prize winningfilly, their way, which at that point of time was very questionable,

but I had no option, but I warned them before hand, that their way would end in a disaster.

Simply because of their modern day instruments or equipment used on her would be strange and frightening to her usual swimming by myself,

and obviously Dr. Ross was obviously ordered by the high authority handshakers of Horse Racing, firstly to try to degrade my American method,

or was it merely part and parcel, to prove my American training ways wrong, or was it that Dr. Ross was influenced by the high authorities of horse racing,

who had ordered a secret Mafia type vengence against me and my racing Christain/Hebrew Stable, which has been hanging over my head, for over 30 years or so.

As I watching and praying to the Lord JESUS with my assistant born again African assistant Trainer Zulu and exercise rider Brandon and few other grooms,

on the second round of the swim, the vet Joe Bester and his African assistant, mistakenly flip or rolled her upside down, meaning her head and top of the body were submersed under the water,

with her 4 feet sticking up out of the water, which allowed them the vet and his assistant to freeze, and left them in a dead type panic.

I sceamed in the Mighty Name of Lord JESUS continually, asking for my Lord JESUS to save her,  because I knew if any horses head and top part of the body, were submersed under the water, like she was,

meaning within 30 seconds, the lungs would fill up with water, and she would die instantly, meaning she was a goner nmae to be placed in the history books.

I then dove into the pool, with my Grooms and Brandon Weise my excercise, noticing the vet and his assistant who took off running, away in fright,

we then pulled her to the ramp, in the upside down position, meaning her head was still submersed under the water and we flipped her over onto her 4 feet and then the Lord JESUS great miracle took its magnivacient action,

remembering that by this time, her had been under water for at least 3 minutes, death was written all over this situation,

but by His righteousness, grace and mercy, Lord JESUS known as the Lion of Judah mighty hand, took its course of action, via the evidence next seen and as she stood on all four feet, she miraculouisly blew the water out,

that was within her mouth and or whatever, or within her nostrils.

Wow, this above action, could only have been, by the power and authority of the Almighty Hand of Lord JESUS.

It was like she knew, how to hold her breadth, or was it that the angels or Lord JESUS Himself used His Mighty Hand, to perform this miracle, which had disaister written all over it.

What must be said from previous experiences, of horses heads been under the water for 30 seconds or so, which led to death instantly, I sincerely believe, with all my heart, that Lord JESUS saved her, because of my faith in Him.

My golden rule was, I would lead my born again grooms etc, in prayer every morning and even at feed up time. meaning prayer for all our 60 horses and we would lay hands, on all the horses under my care,

especially before they galloped or went swimming and before they raced.

But here comes the answer to the above, before I was told, I could not swim Lady Lance that day, because Mike Ross the Boss was there, operating in a controlled mind set, I deliberately prayed out loud for Lady Lance,

that was before she enterted pool, under Dr. Ross associate vet and his African helpers hand.

Wow, what a adrenalin rush, to see her alive and well, I screamed and cried with joy and exalted Lord JESUS, Father God Almighty and The awesome Holy Spirit (1 John 5:7-8 KJV only), with exaltation for 3/4 of a hour,

and then rebuked Mike Ross, his vet Joe Bester etc, who were incidentally then hiding within their clossed doors, to their clinic, afraid to come out, knowing how mad I was.

Clinically they drowned this execellent filly Lady Lance, in their Alberton Johnanesburg South Africa swimming pool, by their inexperience or selfishness or whatever could be said.

What makes this, one of greatest miracles ever seen world wide, which the press and television, turned a blind eye to, simply because they were ordered not touch it,

because the hierarchy of the Self Governing Masonic Body of the Jockey Club of South Africa, had issued a secret vendetta against me Dennis Fisher from 1981/2,

which was to rub or eliminate me Dennis Fisher out of the horse racing industry, or even to the extent of the business world.

We have so much evidence and proof, which was also based upon death threats, against my wife Cynthia and 3 year old daughter Tarryn, which occurred and or surfaced in America in 1986.

In other words, the hierarchy of Horse racing, like my father were Jewish and all high ranking Freemasons, meaning that they were unbelievers in Lord JESUS The Christ Emmanuel,

but had a secret and hidden agenda to their secret godhead, which allowed them all to hate, The I Am that I Am (Exodus 20:5 – Jeremiah 11:9-10).

Just to add more fuel to my fire, because of my Love for The Holy Trinity, and my outspokedness of their ungodly mannerisms of corruption and cheating within in their H/Q which started from 1978 to 2015.

The press and television, was a no no for Dennis Fisher, which once again was ordered meaning do not record or report anything Dennis Fisher asks for or says, he wants to turn our racetracks into this Christ religion,

but in the meantime unknown to the masses world wide they wer operating under the Jewish Luciferian Universal Freemasonry religion.

Greatest winner of my Dennis Fisher Born Again Hebrew/ Christain life time Horse Racing career which was in the 50 years of being a Horseman. The name of the Horse was Lady Lance, a filly owned by my best friend/family  Costa Saava, the jockey was W Mawaing run in Johannesburg South Africa, in 1991

Greatest winner of my Dennis Fisher Born Again Hebrew/ Christain life time Horse Racing career, which was in the 50 years of being a Horseman. The name of the Horse was Lady Lance, a filly owned by my best friend/family Costa Saava, the jockey was W Mawaing,race run in Johannesburg South Africa, in 1991

Recall the Lord JESUS as our Head Cornerstone of the universe prophesied…if you trust in Him, He will be with us until the very end of time, performing miracles in our lives.

Well this true story above did not end here, the big problem then started, with the high and mighty yes sir no sir Stipendary Stewards and their Local – Head Executive Stewards, who all called me,

to scartch the horse Lady Lance from her scheduled race in 5 days, which obviously came after the vet Dr. Ross told them of this near death encounter.

Firstly, after I rebuked the vets and their help etc badly, and then these men of high standards, who needed to remember I was a Faith JESUS character, and knew the survival of Lady Lance,

was a History Book miracle, to be recognized world wide, which placed me on the war path them, for showing disrespect unto my Godhead,

What made this even more interesting, in my horse racing life, I could not handle, any body hurt my children known as my racehorses, or even my born again grooms,

I would fight to the limit in the mighty name of Lord JESUS.

But the cowards, meaning the vets etc, who hid behind closed locked doors, to this date, who have never meaning the vets, apologised, from 1991 to 2015, for their pathetic action that day,

what was sad, by the Stewards, was that we all make mistakes, but known by me and others integrity has to always take it course in incidents like this.

But the bad character part in the horse racing and business world, is the sly term of Vested Interest, which opens the door to the dangerous term of manipulation.

In other words, what raises a major red flag, was that they being vets knowing what a dreadful and terrible experience Lady Lance went through, they never even came out to try and even assist their mistake,

in any way or even to ask, if they could help us in any way, to assist her Lady Lance and utter disgrace.

Nevertheless, even though the Lord JESUS performed one of the greatest miracles ever, concerning saving Lady Lance life, as a born again soldiers we do not cry, but move on or we march on, which I did.

An important factor was that we then walked her for about 30 minutes and then loaded her, onto my horse trailer and wenthome to my training establishment, meaning a farm or in a America called a Horse Ranch.

As I got home my phone was ringing off its hook, my wife had told me the Head Steward of the Self Governing Body of the Jockey Club of South Africa, firstly apoligizing for the near fatal accident,

but are advisng me, that she Lady Lance, had to be scratched immidiately from her scheduled race in 5 days.

Which I refuted and told them that she will run and win that programmed race.

And simply told them, that you all meaning you stiffnecked South African Jockey Club Rat Pack should glorify and honor my righteous God Lord JESUS and His miraculous action, and informed that after she wins, I want them to bow down to the Hebrew/Christian Israel Godhead.

I told them all, that I had and will observe her with integrity, meaning Lady Lance actions and behaviour, and explainned once again to them, that this was a miracle and I found nothing wrong with her.

They were adament, because their books and rules and vet report said, she clinically died and I told them, do you know Lord JESUS let me give you His tollfree telephone numberJESUS The Christ Emmnauel, dial it and ask Him to explain, and then put the phone down on them.

What must be understood, the Stewards in South Africa and even in America which includes the hierarchy of the Elite Blue Blood Breeders, are mostly very antichrist, meaning they do not believe in Lord JESUS, at all,

but in this case, which had to be classed as a great world wide miracle firstly in horse racing, which they did not want to witness, because they feared, it could have had bad a consequincess or turn around,

if the Lady Lance collapsed of heart failure etc in the race etc, it could have caused a major catastrophe, possible injuring other horses and obviously the lives of jockeys race riding in the race.

But I told them, once again, my Godhead was in control the evidence was shown on the day of the near tragedy, she was in good health, it was like it never happened, obviously if she showed me any signs of stress or whatever, I gave them my word, that I would scratch her immediately,

And obviously I repeated their rule to them, as her trainer and according to their rules and regulations, I am held responsible for her well being and would take full responsibility for her Jockey

and other horses and jockeys contending in this carded race, that was if she dropped down dead etc.

The great news Lady Lance, never missed a beat in her next 4 days of training, her heart rate etc pulse rate perfect, no temperture, no signs of any stress, knowing that my Lord JESUS had taken full control of the sistuation.

What made this even more exciting, was that in all fairness, she drank her water and most of all, ate her food, like a roaring lion, and love to play scrum rugby with me, which we always did .

Nevertheless, what becames very sad, was that this horse racing miracle should have been put down, in the Horse Racing History Books, as being one of the greatest horse racing stories ever told,

which even to date should be told unto all children, which proves how great the God of Abraham Isaac to Jacob (Israel) was and still is, meaning this was and still is, a greater story than the horse wisper story.

In other words, here is a truth, that has been hidden away, because it involved the Lord JESUS exaltation, which from my heart was the greatest horse race winner ever seen,

or that I had ever trained meaning Lady Lance in 1991, but I must admit in my 50 years as being Horseman, I have even more Christ JESUS Emmanuel miracles of winners and placed horses,

ranging from South Africa to North America. but the amazing fact, all have received no press or television reports and the major question must be asked why?

Well for the next 4 days it was hell for me, the Stewards and vets wanted to examine the horse, at my private property traing facility (Farm), but I chased them a way,

obviously in my own rights, I was like a vet and also had an unknown Equestrian old timer meaning a friend vet, who examined her thoroughly, cheching for water in her lungs etc but nothing, an amazing miracle.

Then came race day, which I told the Stewards, that when she and I arrived at the racetrack, which the normal procedure, would be for me to hand her over to them, for their vets to check her throughly.

and expected them to follow procedure, they took a long time as I watched with my owner Mr. Costa Savva and assistant trainer.

They adimit she was fine, looking in good health, but they still wanted me to scratch Lady Lance, and becuase I said no, she is going to win this race, which would prove the greatness of my Almighty Godhead,

I asked them, if she won would they allow me to tell the story to world, via their controlled press and tevelision, which obviously would never happened, because of my religion JESUS The Christ Emmanuel.

The bad news, they threatned me with their attorneys based drafted letter before the race, which was based upon their legal terms, that if the horse died in the race and harmed the jockey in any way

and brought down other horses and jockeys, I would be held responsible, which I agreed to sign in “confidence” with my best friend meaning Costa Saava the owner.

The amazing fact, was that I told them and their self righteous attorneys, that they, were going to see my God Lord JESUS in action, they basically laughed and said I must keep my church mannerisms in the church,

They also said this is a racetrack, and I laughed back at them, saying every day is a church day for me, and if I wanted to exalt my Lord JESUS on their private property racetracks or even within their H/Q,

who is going stop me, not even the President of South Africa will beable to stop me.

I told them. to watch out to what they said, and told them their Antichrist behaviour was not impressive, but for told them boldly, that my God Lord JESUS within my heart and all other believers,

are at every race meeting and racetrack in the world, what are you going do to threw Him off your racetracks and call Him God Almighty as a trouble maker and laughed and walked out of their plush Stewards quarters.

Unknown, via the Bookmakers, my horse Landy Lance was the favorite in the early betting at odds of 2/1, but the rumors spread of her near drowning by the vets, that she drifted out to 16-1.

But here comes the straw that broke the camels back,  Owner Greg Sadie, who had his own horse running in my race and his assoiciates the Freedlenders, while having lunch before the race,

loudly said Dennis Fisher I have bet your horse Lady Lance to win $600,000.00, obviously not knowing anything about the near drowning of Lady Lance, prior to this carded race,

what made this bad news, was that Greg Sadie had bet against his own horse in the race, which was trained by his nephew Gary Alexander,

who became the favourite, and evidently ran second to Lady Lance.

But this added more fuel to the fire, and knew this would cause a massive inquiry with the Stewards, after my horse Lady Lance won.

Needless to say, Lady Lance and jockey W Mawing won a fine fashion, and obviously after the race in the winners enclosure in the mighty name of Lord JESUS being as our Alpha and Omega,

we all meaning my grooms and I and many others, worshipped Lord JESUS in a majestic way.

The Stewards had inquiry concerning Greg Sadie, winning the money on my horse etc, but I said to them gentleman it is time for you to repent and come back to your first love Jew or Greek or whatever,

to my God, who is alive and well and walked out, as a proud born again Hebrew/Christian Israel, obviously with my signed papers, that nobody got killed or injured, laughing at them, meaning the high and mighty.

They hated my our Lord JESUS, which led to another encounter after the above, which forced me to kick their Jewish Synagoue known as their Jockey Club of South Africa apart, because they insulted me with a fellow friend and Trainer Graig Benton,

once again simply because of my belief in the Lord JESUS.

This even took its toll in a America but I dealt with it via The Holy Spirit within my heart, they tried ever way to disgrace me, but it reversed onto them in the end.

I have always had a clean record in the Horse Racing industry for the past 45 years, that even goes with the Police Departments in South Africa and America (FBI).

One encounter which was a disgrace of all time in 2005, I won with a horse at Laurel Park Maryland

Owned and Trained Winner by Dennis Fisher known as Private Event (Jockey Chris Russell) at Laurel Park Racetrack in 2005

Owned and Trained Winner by Dennis Fisher known as Private Event (Jockey Chris Russell) at Laurel Park Racetrack in 2005

which the Florida Stewards via the Late Sir Graham Beck (South African known as Mr.Horse Racing world wide),

known as the puppet master and his 4 Rat Pack horseman, connived with the Maryland Stewards and its questionable hierarchy, to deliberately disqualify Private Event form this great win, due to vegence and a vendetta issued in 1986.

In other words, they cleverly connived a first time ever for me born again believer in Lord JESUS namely Dennis Fisher, which was based upon a 45 year clean record.

Notice they used the feeble execuse of a high dosage of bute 5.7, which amazingly after the race produced a high positive drug tests results of Bute, which allowed them as a secret self Governing Masonic body, to cleverly disqualify Private Event.

What becomes interesting, is that them operating as a Government unto themselves, which ment, whether they did good or evil, they would only have to answer unto themselves,

hello trustworthy wagering public/tax payers etc, which includes the American and International Simulcasting audiences its time to wake up.

In all fairness, Churchill Downs/Calder former President’s Thomas Meeker and Ken Dunn and thier puppet Stewards and racetrack vets illegally ruled off my horse Private Event from the Florida Circuit,

so I chose to take him and some other horses up to Maryland etc, to prove them wrong once again in the mighty name of Lord JESUS, but did not realize the late Sir Graham Beck,

also known as Mr. Antichrist horse racing guru’s illegal vendetta followed me.

This was after I proved them wrong in black and white, at Calder Racetrack who were conducting White Collar Crimes to the 10th degree,

but here comes the straw that broke the Jewish/Egyptian camels back, Calder Racetrack like Kentucky Downs in Kentucky, were secretly owned in 1990 – 1997  by the late Sir Graham Beck and the late Sir Harry Oppenheimer and their 4 horseman known as their Rat Pack.

The bad news was, they were secretly cheating and or stealing the trustworthy wagering public’s hard earned monies from right in front of their very own eyes and under their noses etc refer to


Lord JESUS was Y symbol which means Yod onto the cross well orchestrated by the Antichrist Jewish/Egyptian Yod Governemnt Matthew 5:18

Lord JESUS was Y symbol which means Yod onto the cross well orchestrated by the Antichrist Jewish/Egyptian Yod Governemnt Matthew 5:18



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