Wow its time to wake up Hebrew/Christian Israel refer to Matthew 28:20!

Did Lord JESUS as our Alpha and Omega, not come back as promised, which was after His ressurrection, recall before He ressurrected to His Heavenly Father of True Light,

He told Mary in Agape Love, do not touch Me, I have not yet ascended unto My Father.

But simply refer to scripture prophecy Mark 16:14, when He Lord JESUS as the Head Cornerstone of the Universe (Matthew21:42) in His Holy Form,

undoubtedly walked threw the wall of where His chosen Government meaning His 11 disciples were hidding in fear.

Obviously this has to be regarded, as He promised, I’m coming back (I will never forsake you – Matthew 28:20) and then in love power and might,

He Lord JESUS The Christ Emmanuel upbraided them for their hardness of hearts, meaning once again He Lord JESUS anointed and appointed as His Hebrew/Christian Israel Government,

meaning His 11 fearful disciples….

Which then as He prophesied and or instructed them….

To Go into the all the world, and preach the Gospels to every creatures……

Incidentally Paul was always the 12th disciple, or could it be said, the number 1 Lord JESUS disciple,

but due to ignorance of The Word (John 1:1 – Revelation 1:11), Lord JESUS had placed him Paul (Jeremiah 1:4-18) operating as the Antichrist Saul, in the Antichrist enemy camp (1 John 2:18 – 1 John 4:3).

So, that He Born Again Paul, operating as Saul, could learn about their strategy of the coming Luciferian New World Order conspiracy plan of the Luciferian bound forefathers (Jeremiah 5:30-31).

In other words, while Lord JESUS was upon earth, He already knew Paul was His Number One disciple, but had to discover,

who turned the Grace of Father God Almightyinto lasiviousness (Jude4).

Just to add more fuel to the New Wolrd Order Luciferian Yod fire (Matthew 5:18), we discover their the forefathers of old strategy,

by simply referring to scripture prophecy of Jeremiah 11:9-10…..

Jeremiah 11:9…And the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob (Hebrew/Christian Israel by Blood Covenant) said unto me….

A conspiracy (New World Order – Isaiah 14:12-17) is found among the men of “Judah” and among the inhabitants of “Jerusalem.”

UNKNOWN due to ignorance of the Word, America – USA became the New Age Hebrew/Christain Israel in 1948,

meaning that the new age Antichrist movement (1 John 2:18) believe New York City USA, from behind their closed doors is Jerusalem.

Please notice the center 3 letters of JerUSAlem, USA tells the true story of Matthew 21:43.

Jeremiah 11:10…. They are turned back to the iniquities of their forefathers meaning Luciferian New World Order worship (Isaiah 14:12-17), which refused to hear My Words;

and they went after other gods namely todate The Apotheosis of George Washington/Lucifer/Shaharit, known secretly as the Jewish morning star god – Egyptian sungod Rah to serve them:

Notice how the forefathers placed the curse upon their children of the 3rd and 4th generations….which stems back to the scripture prophecy of Exodus 20:5……

which beyond a doubt was and still is part and parcel of the 10 Commandments of the I Am that I Am.

Here comes the big question, why are the Churches etc not preaching Exodus 20:5 to their congragations,

because it was prophesied, that the children of the 3rd and 4th generations became haters of Me – The I Am that I Am (Exodus 20)

In other words this Apotheosis of George Washington/Lucifer/Shaharit, is the prophesied abomination of desolation, spoken of our Lord God Almighty Emmanuel, the God of Hebrew/Christain Israel….

refer to Matthew 24:15 – Daniel 12:10-11…

Pay attention the above Scripture prophecy of Jeremiah 11:10 ends with..

The house of counterfeit Esau/Cain/Core Israel and the house of Judah have broken My Blood Covenant (JESUS) which I made with their forefathers….


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