Wow was Donald Trump right or wrong, by saying “I am not a fan of John McCain, because he has done so little for our American Veterans” recorded as a amazing “truth.”

Trump heaps scorn on war hero record of ‘loser’ McCain


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Trump Goes After Sen. John McCain’s War Record

Trump Goes After Sen. John McCain’s War Record

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Wow do the American society voters, want another brainwashed New World Order puppet President, or do they want a God Fearing man to sit upon the new age Israel America Throne (Matthew 21;42-43),

In other words Donald Trump, wants to restore his country, and our great country America if elected by the people back to its greatness.

Try and listen to his points, and his future revelations, which he has fed unto us, and more to come,

which will surface, once the race to the Republican nomination, take its course of action.

What all Americans, have to do, is simply cross the “t” and dot the “i” to what he Donald Trump has said,

especially about China (Rear Earth project etc), Japan Motor Car industry etc and Mexico etc, wow is he Donald Trump wrong or right,

about China – Japan and the illegal immagration problems coming out of Mexico, as a American Citzen I believe he Donald Trump is right.

The truth of the matter, the major secret, which undoubtedly was and still is ruining our American Society and all civilization for many decades,

was and still is the Republican candidates, which includes John McCain and many other Democrats dark secret,

which is known as the devastating 41st President of the USA GHW Bush and both Houses of Masonic Congress compromising rule of law,

known as his GHW Bush 1989 legislated rule of law, documented as Public Law 102-14 – HJ Resolution 102-14 – 7 Noahide Laws of Noah.

Which stipulates, that America and and all civilization, were not founded upon the Hebrew/Christian Israel religion,

or the Christian Israel Bible or its unconquerable 10 Commandments, that were given unto Moses the Hebrew/Christian Israel.

So, in other words, what GHW Bush/both Houses of Masonic Congress Public Law 102-14, are stipulating as a rule of law, from 1989,

that America and all civilization, were founded upon the 7 Noahide laws of Noah classed as scripturally as being Jewish Fables (Public Law 102-14) and commandments of men, who have turned from the truth of the scriptures and its prophecies,

simply refer to the questionable 613 Jewish Torah Commandments, notice chapter 4 is titled as Reincarnation – Circle of Antichrist Life – we live and live again (Titus 1:10-14),

which undoubtedly is based upon, a high form of Antichrist salvation, its time to wake up America.

Recall, Donald Trump hinted, as he said to the media or the American Society, if Jeb Bush becomes President,

by holding his head with both hands said wow or what ever…..

In other words, the American tax payers and society, have been kept in the dark from 1989,

about their puppet master and his preplanned Antichrist regime (1 John 2:18),

known once again as his Public Law 102-14 rule of law, which was secretly designed, for a myriad of Antichrist reasons.

Unknown or unrealized, this has been well supported by his brainwashed rulers of darkness,

known as his both Houses of Masonic Conress.

To add more fuel to the Presidential fire, its time to unveil the true President of the USA and the balance of the world,

the above abomination of desolation, was well orchestrated (Daniel 12:10-11), by their secret NWO 1926 Scarab puppet master.

The catch 22, to the above, is that their above NWO puppet master was secretly ordained in 1926,

as their Jewish/Egyptian Scarab leader, cleverly known, yet ordained in 1926 as The long awaited.

Jewish Sanhedrin “Messiah” Moshiach King David dead or alive (Deuteronomy 32:30-38 – 2 Thessalonians 2:3-9).

Yet also known from 1926, as the Scarab Egyptian Illuminati leader David Benu their Ben Ben Stone –

also cleverly ordained in 1927 as the Chinese Buddha King David the rock of Antichrist salvation.

Wow, this has to be a new one for the History Books, what about the mere fact, that the Jewish 1926 Moshiach Messiah David,

who was forced to ordain Father God Almighty new age America – USA within JerUSAlem in 1948, as His – The I Am that I Am Hebrew/Christian Israel.

As an American citizen, I simply believe Donald Trump was right to make this accusation, obviously there is more,

to these above accusations of this Presidential candidate Donald Trump, than to what the human eye can see,

or intellect of American voters etc, could understand.

Firstly, why was Donald Trump, ridiculled, simply because he revealled a matter of truth, that John McCain as a Senator of the USA,

and many other Democrats and Republicans, have not taken good care of USA Veterans, and that if he be elected as President would change this vital situation.

What makes this most disgusting, is how even his fellow Republican candidates are conniving to eliminate him,

especially those, who are deliberating pointing, a dirt finger at Donald Trump,

its time somebody like Donald Trump, who does not need the Antichrist David wealth or two faced support, in other words Donald Trump comes to the American baseball plate,

being free,from a yes sir no sir puppet master situation, obviously, doing his best, to unveil, some dirt hidden Congress washing, that has been

and still is affecting, not only America but all civilization.

One point that comes to mind, and should be as a major eye opener, is how Donald Trump as a contender for the American 45th Presidency Freedom of Speech. is being critised by spoon fed TV or news media puppets,

as he runs for the all important 45th President of the USA known as its Commander and Chief, wow pretty mind boggling.

2 thoughts on “Wow was Donald Trump right or wrong, by saying “I am not a fan of John McCain, because he has done so little for our American Veterans” recorded as a amazing “truth.”

    • Your entitled to your opinion as am I and I do agree with you regarding Hilary Clinton. What i like about Trump is that he is a billionaire yet he thinks like the average man. His getting the voice of the average man across to millions of people. I believe he needs to be given a chance, he can’t be bought like the many, many Presidents and Candidates before him. His unapologetic, straight forward. We have handed this country over to a bunch of nay sayers to make idle promises, i think the American nation need to change their strategy because clearly the previous one’s aren’t working

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