Jewish students are feeling the dramatic rise in discrimination on American college campuses. The harassment and discrimination must end. Sign & Share the petition to defend Jewish students on campus:

Jewish/Hebrew students in America, have to come to realization, as from 1948, America – USA (JerUSAlem) was secretly declared, by the New World Order Yod conspirators, as being Abba Father God “Elohim” new age Jacob Israel.

In other words all Jewish/Hebrew students need to accept Lord JESUS The Christ Emmanuel as their Lord and Savior, they need to get out from the brainwashing of the Antichrist,

known secretly as the Jewish 1926 Moshiach Messiah, named David dead or alive “rainbow umbrella.”

To confirm the last statement, all Jewish/Hebrew students, need to simply refer to the questionable chapter 8 of the 613 Jewish Torah Commandments, made as a secret rule of law from 1953.

Another important fact, Jewish/Hebrew students, need to pay immediate attention to the secret, of the Antichrist (1 John 2:18), who is presently masquerading as the Hebrew/Jewish Messiah David (Jeremiah 34:9),

his secret is known as his Contemporary Freemasonry, that occurred in and from the counterfeit Esau/Cain known as his Holy Land Israel from 1953, which he declared as being his secret The Year of the Light.

The Word of Abba Father God Almighty declares America (USA in JerUSAlem) as His Hebrew/Christian Jacob Israel which evidently occurred from 1948, to confirm that simply refer to Malachi 1:1-3…..

The I Am that I Am (Exodus 20:5) prophesied, that He hates Esau (The Church or Synagogue of Nicolaitanes – Revelation 2:6) as the counterfeit Holy Land Israel,

but loves America (USA within JerUSAlem) as His Jacob Hebrew/Christian Israel, also refer to Matthew 21:42-43…..

I Lord JESUS as The Head Cornerstone of the Universe, prophesied nearly 2,000 years ago according to Mmatthew 21:43, that H would rend the Kingdom of The I Am that I Am (Exodus 20) from you counterfeit Esau/Cain Israel (Jude 11)

and shall give it unto a new nation (USA within JerUSAlem) who shall bear good fruits etc….

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