Ritual Dance inside a Masonic Order – Eyes wide shut

This is how the Masonic Order keeps Judges, Magistrates, Attorney’s, Celebrates under their thumb. After this riutal is done, sex orgies break out and it is video tapes and kept as evidence over a person’s life. So when the Masonic Order, orders one of their members to do a deed like, muder someone, rob, steal and destroy a person, rituals like this are held over their heads and basically by this time, they are suck drunks and into such witchcraft that they just submit. Remember OJ Simpson how he was let off for murder. The trial went on for ever and ever, couldn’t he just have been cleared earlier simply by seeing if the glove fit him earlier? The Masonic Order do this to for many reasons, one is for them to distract the masses from what they are doing behind closed doors



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