Ministry of Exposing Lucifer and his Hidden Agenda



JCEmmanuel is a strong believer, in the Lord Jesus the Christ Emmanuel, and have been part of the ministry of Jeremiah 33:3 Ministries, for 32 years, simply pulling down strongholds and everything that exalts itself against the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ Emmanuel who is God 24X7, by exposing the hidden agenda of Lucifer/George Washington and their Masonic Order that leads the world into new world order of Chaos…

13 thoughts on “Ministry of Exposing Lucifer and his Hidden Agenda

  1. Hello 🙂 I have had the pleasure of coming across your blog and reading your articles :). Your blog is well formed and it appears you have put a lot of work into it, I have respect for that :). However I cannot help but notice that you are locomoting your chain in the wrong direction, kindly allow me to re-route you :). The Freemasonry topic is an abyss so pull yourself out while you can, it leads nowhere and is a intriguing distraction. They do not control anything and if they really did then any knowledge you currently have should be declared obselete, because who knows if they could have manipulated it right? Lucifer is not inherently or remotely related to christianity so stop flattering yourself. He is not even a god. Satan on the other hand is a christian character and is there to compensate for all the ‘evils’ occuring in the world, because god loves you and wouldnt hurt you… You and your organisation are astonishingly, mis-informed. The sad part is that you convinced yourself you have found something, but you have only fallen into the same mind-trap as others before you. Understand one thing very clearly, I am a Luciferian, I am not a Devil worshipper nor do I subject myself to any form of slavish worship for I believe as a self empowered human being to be free of such childish-ness. I will not attempt to argue with you or correct your castrated mindset because your ignorance preceeds you, therefore it is pointless. I am a normal human being no different to you in any way shape or form I simply seek truth. Unfortunately, you have been lied to. I will destroy religion and all abrahamic faiths that disease this beautiful Earth. Understand that I am not an internet wanna be or an anti-christ as you would call it, I am a human being just like you BUT I am aware of that which you are NOT. I humbly ask you to cease this foolishness of trying to expose Lucifer, you are only falling further into your chosen abyss, for it will come to an end be it indirectly by my hands or of others. This is not a threat do not be mistaken, I will get nowhere by fighting you and your ideology, I would benefit more from swinging at air than that (atleast its a little excercise right?). Lucifer is not a god or christian invention, he is a bringer of light and not a bearer to correct your mistake, and this is a Luciferian telling you this. I will simply show the people of the world that they have minds of their own and that their is no one after your soul, haha they actually thinks the soul belongs to their body:) how foolish. Why does it leave your body when you die then hmm? God takes it you say? oh please put in your pacifier and pay close attention. Your soul is not a commodity prized by that which has it in abundance( So called ‘god’) and sought after with no sleep by those who desire it ( the ‘Devil’ oooh I can feel that fear inside you ). Silly is this game you are playing here my friend. I need not say more as I know from the time you read that I was Luciferian you started sh*tting your pants with anger, forgetting that had I not said that, my words would appear sensible. Dont believe me? Read this comment again and forget that I am Luciferian and you will notice the second trap you fell into, Judgement, odd for a christian in my opinion, correct me if I am wrong but is there not a commandment that says you should not judge others, correct? If I am correct then you had better repent before the god that loves you, damns you. If I am incorrect then hey atleast you get to hate one more person that does not believe as you do, no offence right? because is that not your ideology? those that do not accept christ are damned to hell fire? Do me, no, do yourself a favour and try to clearly define right and wrong. you will soon realise the Labyrinth you believe to be a truthful and pure path. Get out while the exit is still in your sight, trust me, live by your decree. SEEKER

    • Greetings SEEKER, in the Mighty Name of the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, known as The I Am that I Am the furnish-er of the 10 Commandments for all mankind.

      The bad news for you SEEKER is that you cannot re-route this Ministry of excellence, which is based upon the scripture prophecy of Jeremiah 33:3, “Call unto Lord JESUS as the Alpha and The Omega, get truly born again, by His Precious Blood and then He will show you things you know not SEEKER, recall that Lord JESUS is the Spirit of Prophecy.

      As a matter of interest what is you way, I hope it is not based upon reincarnation and or the 4th chapter of the 613 Jewish Torah commandments which is titled as Circle of life and or the Jewish/Egyptian fables titled under the new age umbrella as Public Law 102-14 (7 Noahide Laws of Noah).

      In the first instance, by you informing this Ministry that you are a Luciferian will not in any way, allow any of us, to shit in our pants and or be angry at you, simply because we are making a massive impact on peoples lives, by preaching the truth because it will at all times set people free from Luciferian religion tradition and bondage, we seemed to have got your attention SEEKER at our first call but your are now fearful to repent of your sins recall Our Father God Almighty’s Word says….

      “I Am not slack concerning My promise as some men (mankind) count slackness but that all should come to repentance” meaning that all the world peoples, must come out of their new age religion, which was well orchestrated from their new world order forefathers since 1776, who have indoctrinated them all into the concept, that Lucifer is as an equal unto the Most High (Isaiah 14:14).

      Just to inform you and all others, we are sold out to The Lord JESUS and we will be as good soldiers/ pleasing Him only, refer to the scripture prophecy of 2 Timothy 2:3-5, which will be until the taking away of the Church or Bride, so get used to us SEEKER and all your goons, which should affect you and many others and or what ever you wanna be.

      We will be aggravating you Seeker and many others, for a long time to come, and will carry this blessed, yet great deliverance Ministry, to the 4 corners of this cursed earth.

      Just inform you Seeker and many other critics of this Ministry, that this Ministry belongs to Our Lord JESUS The Christ Emmanuel, Our Heavenly Almighty Father God Almighty, which includes Our awesome Holy Spirit, Our Great teacher of The Word.

      For you to say, that this Ministry, because you informed us that you are a Luciferian SEEKER, will in no way make us to shit in our pants and or anger, as we have better things to do, as you said Seeker in the beginning of your comment to this Ministry Jeremiah 33:3…..

      Hello I have had the pleasure of coming across your blog and reading your articles . Your blog is well formed and it appears you have put a lot of work into it, I have respect for that . However I cannot help but notice that you are locomoting your chain in the wrong direction, kindly allow me to re-route you. The Freemasonry topic is an abyss so pull yourself out while you can, it leads nowhere and is a intriguing distraction.

      Obviously SEEKER you are operating with a confused state of mind, to first compliment and congratulate us, and then without gaining knowledge of what we talking about, you Seeker condemn this Ministry, which shows in many ways a lack of integrity and understanding.

      One of our main features to this all important Ministry, is for us expose and pull down by the power of the anointing of the Holy Spirit Our Great Teacher of the Word of Father God Almighty (1 John 2:17), everything stronghold, that is exalting itself, against the knowledge of Our Almighty God of Israel.

      We have been dealing with Lucifer’s true sons and daughters etc, which includes all occult societies for the past 33 years, what comes to mind, which is after reviewing your comment to our all important web pages and site, is that if you were a Luciferian, you would be more sophisticated, and informative concerning the spirit of Lucifer.

      What shows your true colors, that you are a make believe Luciferian, is that you believe he is not your god and or that he is not god and or the god of this world. We ask you Seeker what is your belief as a pathetic Luciferian.

      Just to remind you SEEKER and many others, the Spoken Word of Almighty God according to the scripture prophecy reveals to you and all peoples of the world about Lucifer known as the son (sun) of the morning (Rah which in Egyptian means Lucifer) refer to Isaiah 14:12-14.

      Notice that because he Lucifer, wanted to be like God Almighty known as the Most High, but Lord JESUS manifested to the cursed earth to cast him Lucifer into his true throne room, titled as Hades the bottomless pit located in the midst of this cursed earth simply refer to 1 John 3:8.

      What shows us you are not a true Lucfierian but a make believe Luciferian is that you have no respect for your god, which will place you in bad standings within many religions, like within the Universal Order of Jewish/Egyptian Freemasonry, who base themselves upon the Scottish Rite and York Rite world empires, who believe that Lucifer is their god.

      In other words by you saying Lucifer is not a god and or a Christian invention draws a major red flag to your title as being a Luciferian, like many others who are merely lost farts because new age guru a Luciferian prophet David Spangler said from his podium in Evians France in 1991…. “Before the world peoples can enter into the new world order concept of the forefathers of 1776 led by George Washington, they will have to pledge allegiance to worship Lucifer.”

      In the next breadth David Spangler also known as the Planetary Director of the United Nations Division openly said in 1991 from P2 Murder Lodge Country of France “Before the world peoples can enter the new age movement, they will have to go through a Luciferian initiation ceremony meaning 10 years (Yod which means Lucifer) later to September the 11th 2001 catastrophe, where innocent blood was shed SEEKER.

      What about the comedy film titled as Little Nicky which was launched in Y2K (Yod 2000) SEEKER and all other critics of this all important Ministry, as the character titled as Little Nicky back track the record Chicago, which conveyed the subliminal mesage loud and clear “In the name of Lucifer innocent Blood must be shed” once again September the 11th 2001 SEEKER?

      In the Illuminati/Sanhedrin/Freemason film titled End of Days launched in 1999/2000, the Satanic Book upside down in the film read the “U” symbol equaled to the name of Lucifer, like General Albert Pike the grand supreme pontiff of universal order of Freemasonry said in his letter drafted to his One World Yod Government gathered in Paris France (P2 Murder Lodge) on the 14th of July (Tammuz) 1889…….

      “the doctrine of Satanism was and still is heresy the true and pure religion of universal Freemasonry is of a Luciferian concept and doctrine SEEKER etc and went on to say Yes Lucifer (George Washington) is God……” come on SEEKER it seems that your painted face is getting red and redder, quite embarrassing for a person who calls himself a Luciferian. Another fact that should embarrass you SEEKER and our other critics.

      How do you SEEKER as a make belief Luciferian explain what Senator Harry Reid said via a Assimilated Press report on the 7th of December 2007 that he Harry Reid sold his soul to Lucifer like President GW Bush and many others, that are part and parcel to the United Nations and its New World Order concept, surely SEEKER and other critics, of this all important Ministry, all the above is make believe and or a simple coincidence or mere facts.

      It time for you to wake up Seeker with all your mickey mouse make belief Luciferians and drink your coffee in India or where ever you are maybe America, when its hot, stop smoking the grass, rather stand on it, it will give you better eye sight and understanding to the world and its new world order system.

      What shows that you are a fake Luciferian and merely a make belief whatever, is your explanation in the first instance, that Lucifer is not a god or a Christian/Hebrew invention, this shows that you are not a Luciferian, but an idiot that is living on, some type of drug addiction, that has been operating under the rainbow new age umbrella, which is in a altered state of mind and or living in some type of rehabilitation center, drying out from your major problem of strong delusions, simply because a true Luciferian would not write as you have.

      From 33 years experience every and all Luciferian’s believe that Lucifer is their god, secondly they all believe, that he Lucifer is as their god of light and of reflections, which means he is the world’s bringer of light and or their light bearer.

      You should take the time to read author Barbara Walkers book titled as Myths and Secrets written for women, where she as a true Luciferian, not a simply mickey mouse Disney World wanna be Luciferian like you Seeker etc, describes Lucifer as being the Jewish bright morning star god titled as Shaharit and like the Egyptian’s sun of the morning calling him their Ben ben stone Benu!

      This ministry has dealt with major Luciferian’s, in the past 32 years, but you are the first make belief one, we can show you and all your fellow black and white square warlocks and witches the world names times and places, of our deliverance of former Luciferians etc and or occult societies, just to mention one, which was the deliverance of a Jewish new age queen namely Sharon Kleiser, who was a an ordained bride of David Spangler, who is known world wide as a new age prophet of Lucifer, concerning the term of Yod which means Lucifer.

      In actual fact, the deliverance of Sharon Kleiser which was within a new age witchcraft circumstance, which was by her request, after this Ministry exposed her via Radio broad cast which she was indoctrinating people via radio into the David Spangler concept of Africa having a great earthquake which would be from the top of Africa to the ending which would be in Cape Town South Africa.

      David Spangler, was prophesying that this great earthquake in 1993, which incidentally never happened in Africa, but this quake would be in a great Y formation, starting from Morocco and the other point of the Y would be Egypt, to its center point of Rwanda, to the bottom of the letter Y which was Cape Town South Africa. On live radio this ministry questioned Sharon Kleiser as a guest on 702 Radio if that letter Y quake or so meant Yod, it revealed their whole secret of Africa being converted to Luciferian worship.

      Why was the Yod Year declared from South Africa at the start of Janauary 1993, why has the new South African Flag got a green Y to it simply indicating to being a Yod/converted Luciferian nation.

      Unknown to many which includes all South Africans, the rainbow nation of David Solomon Rockefeller from 1993, was converted to a new world order Jewish/Egyptian Masonic nation from September 1992.

      Just to inform all, South Africa was known by David the Scarab Solomon Rockefeller in 1953 which became the Year of the Light from the Holy Land Israel by his power and might, declared South Africa and its nation, as his Vietnam from 1953 refer to his auto biography book titled as David written by William Hoffman.

      Unknown to many people the world over, the 1953 Year of the Light which meant that Jewish/Egyptian Freemasonry ordained Lucifer/George Washington as a one godhead and as the world’s Light Bearers and or bringers of light, which stemmed back 200 years before to the 4thof August 1753 to when George Washington at the young age of 21 years old (7+7+7) became one with the spirit of Lucifer, making George Washington as head of the Luciferian Freemason empire Mr. SEEKER etc.

      So your claim that we are misleading people and or our locomoting chain is going in the wrong direction, has to be an eye opener, to all our readers, but shows to your altered state of mind, especially when you say our Universal Freemasonry topic is abyss.

      Well SEEKER and others come out of your hiding, identify yourselves and meet with us personally, and lets see who’s God is right and wrong, please understand your indirect idol threats means nothing to us because we sincerely believe by the Blood of Christ JESUS Emmanuel we fear no evil and fear not the spirit of death, because Our God promises us eternal life, via His Precious Blood He shed at Calvary nearly 2,000 years ago, what about your light bearer SEEKER and our other critics Our Fathers Word says your destiny is the Lake of Fire which includes Lucifer the beast George Washington and the False prophet’s and all rebellious children.

      So be serious SEEKER lets see if you can direct us as you said our exit must be in our sights, which is the Kingdom of Our Father God , but please identify yourself and your associate’s of darkness, and bring on your war, that you hint at SEEKER, please name the time and place, make sure you bring all you presidents and kings etc and all their antichrist and ungodly armies, we will ruin your image boy for our major weapon of mass destruction to occult leaders is the scripture prophecy of 1 John 4:1-3 “greater is Christ JESUS Emmanuel within us than he Lucifer that is within you……..

      David Dennis Fisher the Lord JESUS talking donkey 2 Timothy 2:3-5.

  2. you look for enemies because you have nothing else to pin the evils of this world upon, the UNIVERSE is bigger than us as humans, think about that, some people in your religion follow it so dogmatically that they actually dont believe in dinosaurs becuase your retarded book says they dont, despite all evidence. the fact is that you must accept is that you are being lied to and by choosing to advocate lies and to have gone as far as making a website based on something you know really nothing about, you display your level of ignorance for all to see. the thing is it is not that we are afraid of you because, really, your ministry has nothing on us. I am just one of the few who take MY time to try and help you see some light. but as i expected like an ignorant child refusing to accept that santa claus is imaginary, you foolishly try to defend your silly organization, to what success only your god knows, as far as i am concerned religion had its chance to run the world and these times where called the dark ages, now please do not type me an essay on what you think you know of the dark ages because from your last response i can see you are the type of person that could talk underwater, so please just refrain from slandering LUCIFERS almighty name any more I humbly ask you, I also have a question…. why… have you removed my last comment? I find that extremely interesting.

  3. Now I can understand how my brothers and sisters are still able to live in the delusion that we are a free country while little babies are chopped to peices by abortion. They are blided by patriotism. Sick!

  4. I admire your meticulous volume of research and in depth knowledge that takes the reader on a journey. As I read your material the veil from my eyes was being lifted. I have a lot of knowledge about what you speak about and it’s a confirmation from Elohim the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. Because most of the time I receive so much deep knowledge and I write it all down and so often Im unable to share it with my friends at church because they don’t understand so often I feel it’s a lonely journey with God but when I read things such as your material it gives me hope and assurance that I’m not going loopy. To God be the Glory only 3 days ago The Holy Spirit led me on a path of discovery and Revelation as He always does with me…I heard someone mention Edomite a while back and it stuck in my spirit until I started to research on a deeper level I mean I know the story about 2 sons of Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob and Esau, both divided into 2 nations Israel and Edomite nation…and God is revealing a whole lot of stuff to me that is tieing into what your material is all about, it’s all falling into place. Thank God for so much for your life.

    • Thank you Grace, I completely understand you. The church needs to get revelation knowledge directly from the throne room of God and stop relying on a man behind a pulpit

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