The major question asked 24×7 is Lord JESUS still PERFORMING MIRACLES within our Hebrew/Christian Israel hearts and Souls try reading this Derick Ernst PGA Wells Fargo Golf Championship Tournament Christlike JESUS – Holy Spirit Emmanuel Victory on the 5th of May Yod 2013 – AL 6013 faith is the name of the game!

Wow the saying Real men love Lord JESUS, manifested today the 5th of May Yod 2013 – AL 6013 as the young man Derick Ernst from California….

after winning the PGA Wells Fargo Golf Championship Tournament on Sunday, came to the plate, while being interviewed for his surprise victory, on CBS National TV,

firstly, took the initiative to blow His Trumpet in Zion, as excited as he was, to Thanked His Lord and Savior “JESUS” for his surprise victory, after capturing the PGA Wells Fargo Golf Championship Tournament, once again on the 5th of MAY Yod 2013 – AL 6013 refer to http://www.pga

What makes this a great divine revelation, for all Hebrew/Christian Israel, that Lord JESUS is within us (Matthew 28:20), meaning that if we obey His Word and His 10 Commandments and love Him Lord JESUS, especially for sharing His Precious Blood for all mankind,

to the very end of time, His promise is that He will be with us always meaning right unto the very end of time refer to (Matthew 28:20 – Revelation 17:14).

In other words the young man Derick Ernst a truly Born Again believer in Christ JESUS Emmanuel, within in his heart and soul, conquered all by announcing his sincere, honor and glory to his God Almighty, Lord JESUS as hsi Lord and Savior, which in all ways must be regarded as a fulfillment of the scripture prophecy of Philippians 2:10-11…

Well Derick Ernst, you just proved like many other men that their are real men that Love Lord JESUS with all their hearts and souls.

Well the good news, is that not only Derick Ernst is a real man for Lord JESUS, but also the coach less Professional Bubba Watson (Lord JESUS within Bubba Watson’s heart and soul is his coach) won the Masters (Green Jacket) in 2012,

which allowed him in awe to also Thanked Lord JESUS as his PERSONAL LORD and SAVIOR, whom was his victorious reason for his all important victory of the Masters.

Obviously the good news does not end there Hebrew/Christian Israel, what was Bubba Watson great secret but his personal relationship he has had with his Lord and Savior JESUS in his heart,

recall as he Bubba Watson played, the second play off hole in the Masters, which was that winning shot of the century, knowing that he Bubba Watson had the impossible second shot,

coming out of the massive obstacle of trees and pine wood rough, nor forgetting the obvious angel to the green, which makes one wonder how cool and calm Bubba Watson was before playing that great shot which won him the Masters meaning the all important Green Jacket.

Another important real man that Loves Lord JESUS was and still is Aaron Baddley the Aussie, who from the time, that he has won all his championship golf tournaments etc, Aaron Baddley in boldness and confidence has always thanked his Lord and Savior JESUS openly on National TV etc .

What becomes very interesting, I Dennis David Fisher as a real man that loves Lord JESUS was told by the Holy Spirit while watching the PGA Wells Fargo Golf Championship Tournament from Friday to Sunday that the unknown young nobody Derick Ernst would win this Golf Tournament,

knowing golf and the mere fact that Derick Ernst, was a nobody, who merely made the entry for the Tournament, laughed at the Holy Spirit and shared with others around me,

but knew the Holy Spirit knows all things, took heed and watched as Derick Ernst blundered many short putts on the last two days, which if he had made would have won the tournament on Saturday already,

but I kept my Faith within my heart not knowing that Derick Ernst was a truly Born Again Hebrew/Christian, and knew the Holy spirit was telling me something of importance, simply watched until the 18th hole as Derick Ernst threw away the Golf Tournament,

after missing some easy short putts for birdies etc from the 11th or 12th holes knowing that he was + – 3 to 4 shots behind champion Phil Mickelson etc, believed his could not win so got up and stopped watching the Golf Tournament,

yet after + – 3/4 of an hour later, the Lord JESUS said to heart Derick Ernst is ready to win the playoff which astounded me, knowing that Phil Mickelson with three holes to go was 9 under par a certain winner.

I switched on the TV and noticed Derick Ernst was waiting for the playoff and watched Phil Mickelson blunder the last 2 holes, which got my attention immediately in awe, well the balance becomes History.

The moral to the story of Derick Ernst, was taht I did not expect him to give glory and honor to his Lord and Savior Lord JESUS, which proves the point The Holy Trinity has never forsaken His people He is right at the door of His Hebrew/Christian Israel hearts and souls knocking….(Revelation 3:19-20)

Well Derick Ernst you not only won the Wells Fargo Championship Golf Tournament but in confidence you WON the greatest game of your life by putting pen to paper in the last days of Antichrist by announcing the scripture prophecy of Philippians 2:10-11..

What becomes even more interesting is that within Derick Ernst young heart and soul which describes him scripturally as a truly born again Hebrew/Christian (John 3:3-6), and as a mighty soldier for Lord JESUS (2 Timothy 2:3-5),

which proves Lord JESUS The Christ Emmanuel (1 jOHN 5:7-8 King James version only) is still active in our Born Again lives and is still performing massive miracles in our lives 24×7…

Bear in mind and as a major sign and wonder Lord JESUS as The Word (John 1:1) is still in control of His Royal Priesthood/Bride – Church known as a Holy Nation, a peculiar people but a chosen generation refer to /05/05/ernst-wins-wells-fargo.html)

This type of experience was not my first in December of 1993 the venue was the Sun City Million $1 Golf Tournament, played at the Sun City Complex in South Africa, when in the company of certain Pastors etc,

the Lord JESUS instructed my Heart and Soul to approach South African Champion Golfer Ernie Els on the second day of the tournament, while coming off the practice tee to ask him Ernie Els,

if he accepts Lord JESUS The Christ Emmanuel as his personal Lord and Savior, which he did and asked for me to pray the Salvation pray for him and his father, which I did in the Mighty Name of LORD JESUS – The Head Cornerstone of the Universe (Matthew 21:423)..

As Ernie Els excepted Lord JESUS as his personal Lord and Savior as he walked off to the first tee, the Holy Spirit instructed to tell him that he Ernie Els would win the American Open Golf Tournament in 1994.

As recorded in History Books Ernie Els won the American Open Golf Tournament in June of 1994, three years later in February/March 1997, I met Ernie Els at the Doral Open Golf Tournament played in Miami Florida USA, which we reconciled about his victory in 1994.

meaning Lord JESUS prophesying that he would win the American Open, Ernie Els asked for me to pray with him once again, saying that he Ernie Els was having a bad start to the new Year of 1997,

after praying with him and counselling with him in the Mighty Name of Lord JESUS, Lord JESUS told my heart Dennis David Fisher to tell him Ernie Els, do not worry Ernie, Lord JESUS said, you will win the American open again, as recorded in the History Books Ernie Els won the American Open again in 1997.

In other words Derick Ernst shocked the world of Golf on the 5th of May 2013 – AL 6013 by been lucky to play in the Wells Fargo PGA Golf Championship Tournament, secondly, his recorded first win of a PGA Tournament,

which might I say was merely by the divine power and authority of the awesome Holy Spirit, simply because of Derick Ernst faith in Christ JESUS Emmanuel (Hebrews 11:6)…

which resulted in a massive victory for all Hebrew/Christian Israel, to realize if Lord JESUS BE FOR US WHO CAN BE AGAINST US…refer to Luke 21:34-36.

In other words Derick Ernst blessed us Hebrew/Christian Israel, and revealed a might sign of victory to come in the end of days for all truly Born Again Hebrew/Christian Israel by announcing via CBS National TV News Report…

which is once again part and parcel to the scripture prophecy of Philippians 2:10-11 – 2 Peter 3:9… which allowed once again that he Derick Ernst proudly and confidently allowed every Hebrew/Christian Knee to bow

and every Hebrew/Christian tongue to confess that Lord JESUS to the very end of time was and still is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, which once again was after he Derick miraculously captured his first major PGA golf tournament in North Carolina,

based upon the glorious theory of once again, yet simply Derick Ernst thanked Our Lord JESUS for his victory in a playoff on the 18th hole at the course of Charlotte North Carolina Green Mile Golf Course!