Lawnwood Medical Center
Address: 1700 S 23rd St, Fort Pierce, FL 34950
Everytime my husband goes into this hospital, we fear he won’t becoming back, not because of his disease but because of the care given on the 3rd floor, the death trap floor!
My husband has been care for by the best nurses in this country in Broward County, and what an utter shame to have to associate these nurses on the 3rd floor with those in Broward’s an utter shame.
The nurses in Broward inspire, care, are compassionate, loving, gentle and kind….THESE on the 3rd floor of LAWNWOOD MEDICAL CENTER shouldn’t be called nurses…they truly embarass the rest of the wonderful nurses my husband and I have come to love and adore! – So it was with great discomfort that I had to write this review on Google but it’s the truth and I haven’t even put down the half of it.

If you have ever heard of the HORROR stories regarding Lawnwood Hospital…I beg you please take heed. If you haven’t yet heard of the HORROR stories regarding Lawnwood Hospital and their nurses, please find out before you take your LOVED one’s there. It’s a death trap! Your loved one might not make it out that hospital due to the UNCARING nurses, who laugh at their patients when they are in pain…when you report it to the case workers, they don’t bother calling you back. They are rated 10 out of 10 for their “I don’t care attitude!” – I don’t care about the patients, I don’t care if your dying, because you will die here anyway, I don’t care because my smoke break is more important than your timely medicine, I don’t care, because what can you do – sue me.

My husband has leukemia so he is admitted there often, especially to the 3rd floor if ever anyone is admitted there it is a death trap. They can’t even take him a cup of water, I have to take him water from home.

The nurses, staff and management don’t care about the patients…they just care if you can pay or not. They will misdiagnose you, just to admit you to send you to the death trap floor. Please get a second or even a third opinon. They wanted to have an emergency surgery on my husband to remove his appendix, we both had to protest, it landed up being a bladder infection.

Then there was the time the Medical ICU section, also on the 3rd floor sent my husband home, even after we protested that he was still dizzy and couldn’t even stand…he landed up collapsing on the front lawn of our apartment. So I called Moffit to see if they would transfer him there, they weren’t able to, so all I could do was call 911 and have them take him back to the hospital they just discharged him from half an hour later. And the head nurse quickly calls me to offer his “sympathy” or hopes that I wouldn’t report it so he wouldn’t get fired. No fear there because the case worker is an utter ….well you know “itch”

My husband red blood levels drop and needs to be transfused, once his hemoglobins drop to 8 the decline happens rapidly…hey those nurses don’t care. Nurse Portia today made up some ridiculous lie about there being a nationwide shortage of platelets – that was her excuse for not giving my husband his platelets at all, so if he knicks himself he will bleeds to death…and then she just left to go home before checking in on my husnband at 6:30pm before the nurses change shift like she said she would…she just left my husband hanging and went home. So an order from the doctor came in at 8am this morning, they only started giving my husband the first pint of blood at 2pm – which take 4 hours, they make him wait another 3 hours then they give him platelets….and it might be 11pm before they give him his second pint of blood…so he might only finish with an order that was given at 8 am this will only finish at 3/4am the next day